The 3 Artificial Christmas Tree Shapes

Finding a Christmas tree for your home isn’t easy. After all, it’s the star of your holiday décor. There’s a lot to consider. Price point, color, lighting, and foliage, to name a few. In this post we’re letting you in on one of the most important factors: Christmas tree shape.

There are three tree shapes: full, slim, and pencil. We break down all the things you need to know about them in this nifty guide from Treetopia.

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday home, but deciding how to decorate it can be a challenge. Be inspired by these design ideas and give your Christmas tree the stylish and festive look you’ve always wanted.

1. Traditional Look

When it comes to Christmas tree decorating, traditional red-and-green is a classic look that will never go out of style. For a great back-to-basics look, start with a lush green Christmas tree with a full silhouette, such as the Treetopia Alexander Fir Christmas Tree. This tree is available pre-lit with clear lights, which spares you the trouble of having to install your own lights.

Treetopia's Alexander Fir Christmas Tree with clear lights

Decorate it with an eclectic mix of ornaments using a predominantly red-and-white color palette. Make sure to choose glass ball ornaments in solid colors, and use iconic holiday décor staples like Santa, candy canes, snowflakes, and stockings. Sprigs of winterberries, clip-on poinsettias, and red-and-gold ribbons add texture to your tree, making it look warmer and more inviting.