Tried and true christmas tree ideas for small spaces

Just because you have small digs it doesn’t mean you can’t wow with your holiday décor. When done right, your Christmas decorating scheme can make your space cozy, cheery, and bright. That’s what the season is all about, right?

Get the ball rolling with these decorating tips and Christmas trees for small spaces.


Everybody wants to live in cozy, spacious houses. But do you know that studios and small apartments can be spacious as well? Treetopia shows you how you can open up space even in the tiniest of homes with these clever tricks:

1. Use a Room for Two Purposes Instead of One

One of the best ways to make the most out of a limited space is to use it for more than one purpose. Some people, for instance, set up their home office in the living room, while others have their workout space in the bedroom.

Tables can serve many purposes. To make the most of them, at the same time maximizing space, hold both the dining area and the library in a single room. Not only is this combination practical, it looks charming too!

Table and chairs beside a bookshelf