December 2, 2016

For the fourth year in a row, our Design Council was a resounding success! 10 expert designers and decorators showcased their family’s most treasured holiday traditions through an eclectic show of colors and trees in all shapes and sizes. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our blogger partners and take another look at how they celebrated Christmas in All Shapes and Sizes.

Jennifer Perkins

oh christmas green artificial christmas tree

Jennifer Perkins kicked things off on the Treetopia blog with sparkling vintage jewels that were perfect for the color-changing LED lights of her Portland Pine. (more…)

November 28, 2016



You may think that if you have seen one white tree you have seen them all. Well, you would be wrong. There are slim, potted, pencil, flocked white trees and more. Try and guess which one is mine and get a chance to win one (1) $100 Gift Card from Treetopia! (more…)

November 28, 2016

The holidays have arrived in style! Keep up with the latest Christmas decorating trends by joining our 3rd Annual Grand Chic-mas Giveaway for a chance to win one of 12 stylish ornaments from Treetopia.

Treetopia Giveaway

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November 25, 2016

The ultimate Christmas gift is not going to be wrapped under the tree this year. Instead, it is coming from none other than the media streaming superstar Netflix as they launch a Gilmore Girls revival on November 25th. Ever since the news became official in May, countless Stars Hollow wannabe’s have been eagerly anticipating the 4-part series, written by original creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

With the news of the release, we have been feeling nostalgic for the holiday traditions of the residents of the quirky little town. Who can forget the epic Thanksgiving when Lorelai and Rory managed to fit four holiday meals into one day? And, the way Lorelai described the first magical snowfall of the season? Thinking about these Gilmore Girls events made us wonder how often the holidays were discussed in the beloved series.

While each of the original seven seasons has something akin to a dedicated holiday episode, it’s surprising how little the women address the main event! To satisfy our curiosity, we dug a little deeper and looked at each holiday episode from the show’s run, comparing how many times the word “Christmas” was used in the script versus the word “holiday”.

Check out the chart to see the breakdown.

The Ultimate Gilmore Girls’ Holiday Greetings Tracker

Gilmore Girls Script

It turns out that everyone’s favorite mother-daughter show showed a preference for “Christmas” over any vague mention of the “Holidays”. Both words appear at least a handful of times throughout the years, but the script definitely favors Christmas cheer in the final season. While neither Gilmore seems to say the words much in the first 6 seasons, a single episode in the final season has actors saying “Christmas” 47 times!

No matter which holiday you celebrate this time of year, we hope you will be spending your December days surrounded by loved ones and enjoying everything the joyous holiday season has to offer.

UPDATE: Lorelai and Rory are sticking to their old ways in the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life revival. After sorting through the four seasons of the mini-series, we discovered that the word “Christmas” was used a total of 10 times in the script for the reboot, while “holiday” was not spoken at all.

November 25, 2016

snowy spruce flocked Christmas tree

Courtney, the DIY expert and party planning authority behind Crafts by Courtney, combines her love of the Sunshine State and her new hometown, North Carolina, for Day 5 of Design Council 2016. Her Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas tree is decked in coastal themed ornaments for refreshing contrast. (more…)

November 25, 2016

oh Christmas tree for Design Council

Amanda, the decorating guru behind Amanda Katherine, reached deep down her memory vault for the final day of Design Council 2016. She’s keeping a long-standing family tradition by decorating her Oh Christmas Tree with handmade ornaments.


November 24, 2016

Pencil Christmas tree for Design Council 2016

Sarah, the obsessive DIYer and super mom behind All Things with Purpose, finds the perfect tree for their family’s favorite Christmas tradition. Similarly, her Mia Pencil Christmas in a teal and neutral color theme is a fitting way to end Day 4 of Design Council 2016.  (more…)

November 24, 2016

design council treetopia

Jessica, mom on a mission and the DIY Diva behind Mom 4 Real, shares her family’s Christmas tradition of making peppermint candies to give away for the holidays. Her Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree sprinkles Day 4 of Design Council 2016 with the red and white colors of the iconic treat!  (more…)

November 23, 2016

skim milk pencil Christmas tree

Fondue night at the Flamingotoes household on Christmas day is always a blast, with Bev and her husband celebrating with their two amazing kids and a couple of crazy cats. Bev, the master crafter behind Flamingotoes, pays tribute to her family’s warm and festive tradition with a farmhouse inspired Skim Milk Pencil Christmas Tree.


November 23, 2016

twinkie chan christmas in all shapes and sizes

Twinkie, the crochet queen behind Twinkie Chan, takes her love of food-themed decor to Day 3 of Design Council 2016. Her crocheted popcorn garland and Christmas pickle barely scratch the sugar-coated surface of her awesomely decorated Lively Lavender Christmas Tree. (more…)