Christmas is just around the corner, so the chance of coming across a home that isn’t decorated is slim. While some homes display classic and elegant décor, there are some people who would prefer to personalize their décor by displaying weird Christmas decorations. If you’re looking for ways to embrace some weird and wonderful ideas for your home this Christmas, Treetopia has some ideas for you.

Cartoon-inspired Décor

Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations

Go with decorations inspired by cartoon characters in Christmas gear to fill your home with lighthearted fun. It would certainly be a weird but wonderful sight for an adult’s home to be filled with youthful amusement.

Dried and Preserved Food

You can go natural this season by hanging an array of handmade preserved fruits on your Christmas tree for an oddly delicious display. The frosty sugared fruit will not only sparkle under the lights – it’ll also provide a quick snack for anyone who can’t stand to wait for Christmas dinner. If you think that’s not weird, just put yourself in the shoes of people who prefer to display traditional ornaments.

Wicked Christmas

wicked witch of the west legs Christmas decor

Have a wicked Christmas by displaying ornaments crafted into the likeness of your favorite villains. Add some weird Christmas ornaments into the mix to make your décor all the more unique by not being too Christmas-inspired. Be sure to practice your evil laugh to demonstrate to your guests when they enter your home.

Buggy Ornaments

butterfly ornament

If you love insects or simply love to creep everyone out with bugs, you can display insect ornaments in your home. It’s up to you whether you want elegant and beautiful insects to crawl all over your tree, or a creepy crawly infestation that will surely make anyone cringe upon entering your home.

Laugh out Loud Décor

inflatable hanging santa

Since the Christmas season is already a season of smiles, turn it into a full-blown season of laughter and merriment. Think about ways to elicit laughter from anyone who passes by your home. It can be as simple as displaying funny or weird Christmas ornaments or something more intricately planned that will garner a response from passers-by before they realize the trick.

Since there’s a little bit of weirdness in everyone, it’s not difficult to incorporate weird Christmas decorations in the home. Just embrace your inner weirdness and let it take the lead in your Christmas decorating.

If you have suggestions on how to decorate your tree or house with “weird” as concept, please share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Olivea Iverstine Reply

    I really, really love the blue tree with rainbow ornaments. It’s made me rethink the design if my entire house!

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