Are you doing an Instagram #bestnine? It probably comes as no surprise to you that all nine of mine in 2016 were pictures of my gorgeous Treetopia trees. I’ve got a couple. Okay, I’ve got A LOT.

I find myself giving advice on how to store your Christmas tree all the time. People wonder where I put all of mine. Well, the truth is my house is kinda busting at the seams with tinsel!

how to store your christmas trees in closets

I wouldn’t have it any other way, but as the Treetopia Brand Ambassador, I have a lot of trees in my life. The closet in my husband’s office is where I store my fall and Halloween trees. What does he need a closet for anyway? His drum kit looks fine stacked up in the middle of the room.

store christmas foliage in extra closet space

How much space does my son really need? Clearly, my wreaths deserve a shelf of their own in his room. Yah, and maybe the entire other side of this two door closet is floor to ceiling trees and ornament bins. Maybe. Look he does not have a lot of clothes; don’t judge me it’s fine!

Treetopia christmas tree storage bags
Treetopia Christmas tree storage solutions

So, if you’re wondering how to store your Christmas tree, consider investing in a storage bag made especially for this purpose. I need about a dozen Treetopia tree storage bags in my life. They have them wheeled, upright, and tote bag-style and they even have tree seat belts! Think of how many more trees I could cram in each of those closets if they were all snug as bugs in rugs.


A messy attic filled with Christmas decorations
Before using Christmas Tree storage bags
how to store christmas trees the right way
After. Voila!

My attic, which houses most of my holiday decor, used to look like it was hit by a Christmas tornado. Boxes, bins, trash and tinsel. I was in need of some serious help. Oh wait, what’s that—organization and compact tree storage? The thing I love about my On a Roll Tree Storage Bag is the fact that it can fit more than one tree. Even with my largest 7′ tall trees inside, there is still room for mini trees in the bag’s crevices. Yes, my dreams have come true!

Ornament crates in an attic
Check out my neat stacks of Christmas Ornaments in my attic.

Tip: It’s not just trees you need to store, but ornaments, too. Check out my post on how to store Christmas decorations.

Now. I just need more of these handy dandy tree storage bags. Like a lot more of them. Hey, Treetopia are you listening? You know my address, help my closets, please! I’ll take a few extra tree storage bags since you’re sending packages anyway. Please. Pretty please.

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