It’s never too early to start looking for a centerpiece to make your holidays merry and bright. If you’re looking for one in classic green, a unique color, or fun pattern, you’ve got a lot of options. At Treetopia, we answer tons of questions on holiday decorations, but the most common one by far is: “When is the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?”

best time to buy a Christmas tree on sale

The smartest move is to watch for artificial Christmas tree sale events whether you’re shopping online or at the nearest retail outlet. This way, you get the best prices for a quality Christmas tree. Before you click that “Add to Cart” button, let this post show you how and when you can get the top deals throughout the year. We also share other helpful tips on finding the colorful tree of your dreams.

When do Christmas trees go on sale?

Christmas Clearance

Buying a holiday centerpiece is the last thing on most shoppers’ minds after the season. That’s why holiday décor prices drop after Christmas. If you’re looking to save time and money, this is one of the best times to hunt down bargains. You might even score highly realistic—and usually pricier—artificial Christmas tree on sale.

Hold on to the Christmas spirit a bit longer and shop for next year’s tree. Investing in one now lets you plan your decorating theme ahead. This leaves you more time for bonding with friends and family during the holidays. Don’t miss out on this artificial Christmas tree sale!

Black Friday

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday, one of the biggest sales of the year. In fact, many say it’s the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree. Since it’s close enough to the holiday season, you get to pick from the latest products with stellar discounts.

Best time to buy a Christmas tree is on Black Friday

After a wonderful Thanksgiving, take advantage of the Black Friday Christmas tree deals. This will help make your December celebrations just as memorable. The funds you save can go to extra special gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Cyber Monday

Recently, shopping for Christmas trees online has become more of a norm, according to a survey we conducted. If you missed out on Black Friday, don’t worry because you can still get great deals right after Thanksgiving weekend. Cyber Monday is another chance for online shoppers to enjoy huge discounts.

Cyber monday is the best time to buy a Christmas tree

Grab a cup of joe, go online, and prepare for one of the best times to buy an artificial Christmas tree. Take advantage of Cyber Monday deals and shop without having to leave home. Here’s an insider tip: some retailers extend special offers—enter “Cyber Week!”

Christmas in July

Are you going to miss out on another chance to celebrate your favorite holiday? We hope not! It’s also considered by many as the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree.

Christmas in July is when Christmas trees go on sale

Check out Christmas in July deals for a gorgeous centerpiece you can use twice a year (or more). Savvy shoppers like you know to plan early. Take advantage of this artificial Christmas tree sale. Get first dibs on the best holiday décor and host an epic Christmas in July party.

How do I buy an artificial Christmas tree at the best price?

rows of colorful fake Christmas trees

First things first, determine what kind of Christmas tree you want for your home. There are several factors to consider, and below is a quick rundown:


One of the most important thing to consider is height. If you have a low ceiling, consider a tree that’s 4 to 5 feet tall. If you have a lot of headroom, then consider one 8 feet and up.


Think about your tree’s shape and choose one that will suit the width of your decorating area. Remember you need space to lay out your presents and enjoy the festivities with your family. Treetopia offers various tree profiles: full, slim, pencil, flatback, corner, and upside-down.

Color, Cool Tech, and More

You might be looking for a tree in a specific color or pattern. Or if stringing Christmas lights isn’t your cup of tea, you’ll want one that’s pre-lit. Treetopia offers quality artificial trees in vibrant colors. And that’s not all. A range of fun patterns, including rainbow or zebra stripes and ombré will take your your holiday display from plain pretty to hue-nique.


Once you’ve nailed down what you need in a holiday centerpiece, set a budget and look for options. Check out different online retailers or head to the mall for some window shopping. While some come cheaper, quality should be a priority.

You may be spending more than you intended but think about what you’re getting in return. Easy setup features or innovative lighting technologies can make a world of difference. In short, be flexible when it comes to budget but resist the urge to go overboard. Take time to think about each of your options and steer clear from impulse buying.

treetopia colorful christmas trees

Price isn’t the only consideration when buying an artificial Christmas tree. A good rule of thumb is to look for customer reviews and photos. These will give you an idea of what to expect beyond what you see on the computer screen or window display. Of course, there’s a tree-mendous variety to choose from. If you want to narrow down your choices, take our Colorful Tree Finder Quiz:

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When is the worst time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

On the flip side, the answer is “Never.” Here’s why: your favorite retailers offer items on clearance throughout the year. Chances of scoring a unique find are high. It’s likely (but not guaranteed) that some of these won’t be available in the future.

The great deals during these sales let you choose from a variety of options at discounted prices. A quality artificial tree will last for years with the proper care. Maximize its use by decorating it for other special occasions. This might be news to you, but year-round Christmas tree decorating has become a thing.

Tip: Stay tuned to our social media channels to get dibs on new arrivals and other deals. Or head straight to the website. Snag a new holiday centerpiece as early as now to avoid shipping delays this season.

We hope this post answers your question on the best times to buy an artificial Christmas tree and then some. Share this if it helped you get the best bang for your buck on the holiday centerpiece of your dreams.


  1. Tina Smith Reply

    Getting the tree up and making it look just like my childhood tree with my mom and aunt’s ornaments are the best. I think this year I’m going with a skinny tree.

  2. I bought an artificial tree for the first time last year. It is so much easier and cleaner to have one for me. Although I do miss the smell of pine. I like to save money and I’m glad I did buy an artificial with the high cost of real Christmas trees this year.

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