Halloween trees are becoming increasingly popular as a decorative holiday piece. As a Halloween treat, we’ll show you how to dress up your Treetopia Tuxedo Black Tree in spooky decorations that match your stylish Gothic design scheme for October 31st.

black tree with clear lights from Treetopia
Dark and mysterious: Tuxedo Black Tree from Treetopia

One of our most popular trees, the Tuxedo Black Tree has a striking and elegant appearance that makes it the center of attraction at any gathering. Dressed in sleek, jet-black needles, this tree is the natural choice for chic fashionistas or lovers of Goth culture.

Goth Gist

Goth fashion is generally marked by being dark, mysterious, and complex. It often exhibits a profusion of lace, black velvet, and other Victorian-style accents. The Addams Family, The Crow, and A Nightmare Before Christmas are films often mentioned as popular examples of this genre.

Deathly Decor

plastic spider in web
Adorn your tree with this Halloween favorite

To make a chic Halloween Tree that would make Morticia Addams or Jack Skellington proud, decorate your spooky black tree with ornaments such as black cats and spiders. Fake cobwebs with rubber spiders give your tree an aged and seriously creepy look.

Goth style often extends to the morbid, and skulls are a common Goth fixture. Decorate with garlands of tiny white skulls to show off your dark sense of humor. Other macabre items, such as shrunken heads and voodoo dolls, are fair game too.

Top off your tree with a plastic bat with outstretched wings. Another tree topper idea is a black raven, which evokes Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling tale of madness.

Strange Lights

The Tuxedo Black Tree comes complete with bright clear lights to help illuminate your unnatural ornaments. To heighten the eerie mood of your Halloween home, complement these clear lights with red or violet bulbs.

Orange lights may detract a bit from the Goth theme, but they can be used if you prefer a more whimsical, eclectic look.

Classic Colors

Scarlet and purple are trademarks of Goth aesthetic, so you’ll definitely want to adorn your Tuxedo Black Tree with these colors to balance out all the blacks.

red ornaments
For a splash of color: Plain Jane Red Christmas Ball Ornaments from Treetopia

Sift through your Christmas ornaments early, and choose bright violet ribbons and shiny red Christmas balls  for a gorgeous burst of color. Another good option is to use red and purple silk rose heads.

Silver Linings

frosted silver ornaments
For a chilly atmosphere this Halloween: Glitter Frosted Silver Sleigh Bell Ornaments from Treetopia

Silver jewelry depicting religious or supernatural images are a must for any red-blooded Goth. Embellish your tree’s branches with shimmering accessories, such as silvery figurines, Christmas balls, frosted silver bells, and even good, old-fashioned silver tinsel.

Dark, dashing, and mysterious, Treetopia’s Tuxedo Black Tree has all the right elements to make your sinister vision of a fashionable Goth-inspired Halloween come true.

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