As the cool days of spring march closer towards summer, many of us dream up of wonderful ways to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. If you plan to host a holiday get-together, dressing up your home for the occasion sets a cheerful ambience for your family or friends.

Hanging Old Glory in your home is definitely a must, but to create a truly unique display of admiration for our heroes, you’ll want to go above and beyond the usual Memorial Day decorations. Putting together a patriotic-themed Christmas tree is a fun and easy option, and the results can be so memorable you’ll want to make it a personal tradition.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Treetopia red-and-white tree
Treetopia’s Candy Cane Christmas Tree

When it comes to color palettes, only good old red, white, and blue will do. Treetopia’s Candy Cane Christmas Tree sports playful sugar and peppermint swirls that resemble our flag’s red and white stripes, making it a natural choice for our theme.

To complete our color trifecta, go through your holiday storage boxes and gather all the blue-hued Christmas balls. Whether they’re beaded, metallic, or made of fabric, they’re all fair game. Remember, however, that the material and finish of your décor do not matter as much as the shade of blue they come in. Bright, jewel-toned blues will pop out more than light or pastel blues.

Pile of shiny blue Christmas balls
Re-use shiny blue Christmas ornaments for Memorial Day

Hang these blue ornaments all around the tree, placing larger-sized ones on the bottom and smaller ones on the top. Be sure to position them against the white stripes of the tree for maximum visibility. While the amount of ornaments on a tree is usually a matter of taste and preference, it’s best to decorate moderately for this revered holiday.

Set of 4 Treetopia red sleigh bell ornaments with star design
Treetopia’s Rusty Red Sleigh Bell Christmas Ornaments

Stars are essential to our tree tribute, and there’s a good chance you’ll have some star-shaped ornaments. If not, visit your favorite retail, craft, or Christmas specialty store and choose flag-colored stars of different sizes, textures, and material. Add even more variety into the mix with ornaments that feature star-inspired images, like these Rusty Red Sleigh Bell Christmas Ornaments.

Complete your memorial tree with a selection of other appropriate ornaments. Miniature replicas of the American flag, vintage bald eagle medallions, decorative dog tags, and stars and stripes ribbons or bows all play up the patriotic look really well. Check out shops that offer ornamental US soldier figurines or miniature military paraphernalia as these will make an incredible addition to an incredibly inspiring tree.

True Blue Tree

Treetopia blue Christmas tree with clear lights
The Treetopia Basics – True Blue Tree

The Treetopia Basics -True Blue Tree is another excellent option for a creating an eye-catching Memorial Day vignette. The vibrantly tinted needles of this slender tree evoke the promise of loyalty and vigilance that the blue portion of the American flag represents. Its dark, solid color also gives you an opportunity to use shiny ornaments.

First, decorate the tree with shimmering red and silver tinsel garland to mirror the stripes of our flag. Whether you hang the garlands close together or in alternating order, try to drape them in equal loops for a graceful, formal appearance.

Set of 4 Treetopia ball ornaments covered in white knitted fabric
Treetopia’s Snowball White Knitted Christmas Ornaments

Next, search through your ornament collection and pick out all the white, silver, and bright red Christmas balls. These Snowball White Knitted Christmas Ornaments from Treetopia are covered in knitted fabric that adds texture to any holiday tree. Hang Christmas balls randomly, but again, remember not to use too many, especially if you’re adding other types of ornaments later on.

Again, stars ornaments play an integral part of this theme, so much that you may even opt to use them exclusively. Those made with silver or embellished with crystals will give your Memorial Day display added drama and impact.

Lipstick Red Christmas Tree and Snow White Pine Christmas Tree

Treetopia red tree and white tree, prelit with clear lights
Treetopia’s Lipstick Red Christmas Tree and Snow White Pine Christmas Tree

Keep in mind that all these American-inspired decorating ideas can be adapted to other suitably-colored trees. Treetopia’s Lipstick Red Christmas Tree and Snow White Pine Christmas Tree are lush and beautiful, and both are versatile to use for Christmas and other special occasions.

This Memorial Day, dress up your favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and create a stirring symbolic salute to the service and bravery of our country’s heroes.

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