Labor Day is just a week or so away and everyone is eager to make the most out of their well-deserved day off. If you’re planning to celebrate at home with family and friends, sprucing up your place with Labor Day decorations will help make your get-together more festive and enjoyable. Read on and learn how our selection of colorful Treetopia trees can help you create a truly unique Labor Day display.

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes Christmas Tree
Our Stars and Stripes Christmas Tree is the most obvious choice for patriotic holidays. The blue foliage is even pre-strung with star-shaped LED lights to recreate the American flag. Since the tree speaks for itself, you won’t even need ornaments. Of course, you can still decorate it with miniature flags or hats to take it up a notch.

Fun and Flashy

Ruby Red Christmas Tree
Just like for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, patriotic adornments are the order of the day. The Treetopia Ruby Red Tinsel Christmas Tree features deep-red foliage made of reflective tinsel needles, making this tree a sparkling representation of the flag’s red stripes.

Such a dazzling tree doesn’t need much embellishment to stand out, but its fierce and fiery appearance is perfect for those who love putting together bold, flashy displays.

Lay down the groundwork by hanging a variety of traditional white, blue, gold, and silver Christmas ball ornaments. Choose a mix of different sizes, textures, finishes, and materials to make this tree as lively and kinetic as possible.

Next, load up the tree with all the patriotic décor you can muster. Think miniature American flags, tri-colored ribbons and bows, and stars-and-stripes baubles. Stick in a few homemade cardboard rockets and an Uncle Sam hat tree topper to create a Labor Day spectacle that really knocks it out of the park.

Classic Americana

Basic White Christmas Tree

For those with more conventional tastes in decor, the Treetopia Basics – White Tree is a dream to decorate for Labor Day. Designed with a slim figure filled with lush white needles, this versatile tree has a crisp and radiant appearance that makes it suitable for any space and any occasion.

To dress up this tree, start with a flag-inspired garland. You may use a ready-made red, white, and blue ribbon garland, or you can fashion your own pom garlands. These little bursts of cheer are easy to make and their handmade quality provides a personal touch that makes your tree more special.

The next step is to add bright red, blue, and gold accents. Sift through your ornament collection for Christmas balls, finials, stars, and even bell -shaped pieces. Craft a few of these colorful paper pinwheels and insert them throughout the tree. A big gold star tree topper completes the look.

A Subtle Salute

True Blue Christmas Tree

The Treetopia Basics – True Blue Tree is a wonderful choice if you adore the idea of a subdued Labor Day showpiece for your home. This tree’s vivid blue needles are lovely to look at, but its hand-strung premium lights are what make this tree magical.

When switched on, these clear lights shine bright to simulate the star-spangled blue field of Old Glory. Hang a few basic red or red-and-white ball ornaments on its branches and you’ll be amazed how such a simply decorated tree can capture the spirit of Labor Day so beautifully.

Visit the Treetopia site and choose the perfect tree that will make your Labor Day celebration truly inspiring and memorable.

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