Halloween is one of the few holidays that lets you be as crazy and creative as you want to be with your home decor. If you’re looking for a stylish treat to make your Halloween decorating extra special, then here’s a delightful trick for you to try. We’ll show you how to turn your heartwarming Christmas tree into a heart-stopping centerpiece that’s guaranteed to turn heads on Halloween night.

1. Black is Boo-tiful!

Treetopia Basics – Black Tree

Are you dying to turn your home into a house of horror?  With its sleek silhouette and jet black needles, the Treetopia Basics – Black Tree makes an excellent choice for a skeleton-inspired tree.

Treetopia black narrow tree with clear lights
Treetopia Basics – Black Tree with spooky skeleton ornaments

As seen in this customer photo, our tree’s black foliage provides beautiful contrast to white and silver decorations. Embellished with hanging skeletons, plastic spiders, and metallic ball ornaments, this tree is as dark and dapper as the Jack Skellington figure that flanks it.

Silver skull mask with black Santa cap as tree topper
A sinister silver skull mask makes a sleek tree topper

A shiny chrome skull mask as a tree topper completes this Halloween tree’s cool and creepy look.

Black Tiger Christmas Tree

With its gorgeous black needles complemented by an array of brilliant orange lights, the Treetopia Black Tiger Christmas Tree has a fashionably fierce look that makes it a natural choice for a  spooky Halloween tree.. If you or your guests have very young children, consider turning down the fear factor and opt for a kid-friendly display instead.

Treetopia black tree with orange lights
Treetopia Black Tiger Tree with fun and happy Halloween ornaments

Here, our customer shows how bright and colorful Halloween ornaments can transform this tiger of a tree into something cuter and cuddlier. Trimmed with cartoony ghosts, orange bats, and smiling vampires, this black tree will replace shrieks of fright with squeals of delight.

2. Orange You Glad It’s Halloween?

The 100% Orange Christmas Tree

Commonly associated with Halloween and the fall season, orange is a lively color that’s a lot of fun to decorate with. Designed with a full figure and vibrant sunshiny foliage, The 100% Orange Christmas Tree from Treetopia is perfect for those who enjoy the look of classic Halloween décor.

Treetopia orange tree with black Halloween ornaments
Traditional Halloween fun with The 100% Orange Christmas Tree from Treetopia

In this photo sent by a happy Treetopia tree-owner, our orange tree takes a spooky yet stylish turn with dark skulls and a few black ball ornaments. Play up this striking black-on-orange palette by adding other traditional Halloween decorations, like bats, witches, cats, and jack-o-lanterns.

Candy Corn Christmas Tree

For many people, Halloween is a time when candy is king! Displaying layers of white, orange, and yellow foliage, our Candy Corn Christmas Tree is an eye-popping, giant-sized version of a traditional Trick-or-Treat favorite.

White, orange, and yellow tree with Halloween decorations
Treetopia’s Candy Corn Christmas Tree is a tempting Halloween treat.

This charming multi-colored tree looks appropriately festive with little owls, happy pumpkins, and a kooky witch’s hat as a tree topper. To give your own candy corn tree a sinfully sweeter appearance, try decorating it with a few candy bars, rainbow lollipops, fluffy Peeps, or transparent goodie bags filled with jelly beans.

We’d love to know how you’re decorating your Christmas tree for Halloween. If you have photos, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to share them on the comment section.

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