We've Got a Tree for Fall

If our previous article has you dreaming of fun and unique fall décor, then consider using your favorite Treetopia Christmas tree as the design focal point of your home. Dressed with the right ornaments, these stylish trees become stunning fall centerpieces that instill the invigorating essence of the season into your favorite room.

Harvest Tree

100% Orange Tree
100% Orange Tree

Revel in the beauty of autumn with a tree overflowing with Mother Nature’s bounty. Fall’s bumper crop of fruits and vegetables offer an array of colors and shapes to make your display an absolute feast for the eyes, especially to foodies and vegans.

The Treetopia 100% Orange Christmas Tree’s full shape, lush foliage, and warm autumn shade make it the perfect base for a harvest-inspired tree. Using transparent nylon wire and hot glue, attach simple loops to artificial apples, pears, grapes, gourds, and peppers, and hang them on the branches. Use decorative fruits and vegetables covered with silver glitter for extra shine and glitz.

Use faux sunflowers, yellow maple leaf sprays, and burlap ribbon bows to provide added bursts of color and texture. A friendly scarecrow tree topper completes the rustic look of this harvest-themed vignette.

Woodlands Tree

Chocolate Truffle Tree
Chocolate Truffle Tree

Autumn brings a buzz of activity in the woods as forest creatures scurry to prepare for winter. Images of cute, fuzzy animals make a woodlands-style tree a heartwarming sight that’s totally irresistible to nature and wildlife lovers.

With a full silhouette filled with rich brown-hued needles and natural pinecones, the Treetopia Chocolate Truffle Christmas Tree makes a charming home for our furry and feathered friends. Decorate it with a variety of animal-shaped ornaments, like squirrels, raccoons, and deer. Clumps of Spanish moss make tree branches more attractive and comfortable for your owl and bird ornaments to perch on.

These ornaments can be made of wood, glass, fabric, or any other material. Choose realistic depictions for authenticity or go with cartoony likenesses for a bit of fun and whimsy.

Country Glamour Tree

Cranberry Crush Christmas Tree
Cranberry Crush Tree

If you want an autumn display with a bit more sophistication, turn to the Treetopia Cranberry Crush Christmas Tree. Designed with elegant maroon foliage and hand-strung clear lights, this tree is exactly what you need to make your fall home look fabulous.

Gold, copper, and bronze ornaments bestow this tree with fall’s rich color palette while giving off a luxurious sparkle. Metallic orange accents also work well and provide added shine. Try to limit decorations to simple balls or to season-specific shapes, such as maple or oak leaves.

Top off your tree with gold organza mesh or floral pattern ribbon. Create a bow and secure it to the top of the tree, and then run strands of ribbon down the tree vertically for a neat, symmetrical look.

Visit the Treetopia site and fall in love with all the gorgeous possibilities our trees can offer your home.

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