Pastels and white are usually associated with this holiday. These spring colors are fresh and easy on the eyes. This year, why not decorate your home with a fabulous Easter tree? Here are crowd-pleasers from Treetopia’s colorful Christmas tree selection.

Pink easter tree and bunny toy
Easter tree and DIY decorations by Jennifer Perkins

Pastel Pink

Pink is such a lovable shade. It’s the perfect addition to your Easter display. The Pretty in Pink tree features a full profile, soft-pink needles, and matching pink lights.

Pink easter tree with pink lights
Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

If pastel pink isn’t your cup of tea, another option is the Rose All Day tree. It’s a stunner with shiny needles colored like bubbly pink champagne.

rose-colored Easter tree
Rose All Day Tree

Tip: Pink trees aren’t just for Easter, but are amazing ways to decorate all year-round, too. Read this post for more inspiration.


Classic Easter Egg Décor

There are tons of ways to decorate a pink Easter tree. It all depends on you. One idea to play up the sweet aspect of a pastel pink tree is to dress it up with Easter eggs.

easter egg tree ornament with a bunny inside
Yarn-covered egg with a pompom bunny by Jennifer Perkins

Start off by selecting plain Easter eggs in pastel colors that work well with pink like mint green, pale yellow, and sky blue. Artificial egg decorations are available online or at your nearest craft store. Many of these either come pre-strung or with holes to make threading ribbon, string, or fishing line easy.

Feel like getting creative? Make your own egg decorations using yarn, fabric, or even recycled materials. Decorate your eggs however you want but stick to a pastel palette to get that classic Easter colors effect.

Tip: For creative and adorable DIY Egg ornaments, read this post for more ideas.

You can decorate your entire Easter tree with these basic eggs or mix in fancier ones . Whatever you choose, remember to stick to your pastel color palette. This way, you’ll have a heartwarming Easter display.

Baby Blue & Lavender

These cool and modern hues turn up the style factor in any decorating scheme. Plus, they add playful pops of color to any space.

Treetopia blue tree with clear lights
Baby Blue Christmas Tree

A Baby Blue Christmas tree makes for a unique centerpiece that’s fits right in with the classic Easter palette.

Treetopia lavender tree with clear lights
Lively Lavender Christmas Tree

If you prefer something more subtle, consider a lavender Christmas tree. It has a delicate violet tint that makes it a great match for homes with soft and serene spaces.


Go Eclectic!

Dive into your storage closet and pick out pastel or frosted Christmas balls to reuse. Other complementary colors are yellow and orange.

closeup shot of a bunny ornament for an Easter tree
DIY bunny ornament by Jennifer Perkins

Trim the rest of your tree with Easter-themed decorations like eggs, chicks, carrots, and of course, bunnies. Ornaments with kiddie designs are sure to get a thumbs-up from your younger guests. If you want to make things even more interesting, try combining these with modern, edgy décor for an Easter tree like no other.

Make it Monochromatic

Decorate your purple Easter tree with assorted ball ornaments in a muted monochromatic palette. Steer clear of jewel-tones. Stick to soft shade like mauve, orchid, and medium purple.

Next, doll up your tree with Easter-themed décor in rose pink, powder blue, and even the signature robin egg blue of Tiffany’s. Then, add a few silver accessories like metallic icicles or vintage rings for sparkle and shine.

Easter White

While not a pastel color, white is a neutral one. It’s one of the most versatile—a blank slate that you can fill up with all the pretty hues. Keep this in mind when using it as an Easter tree.

plain white easter tree
Winter White Christmas Tree

Let your imagination run wild because any color scheme you choose will stand out, including soft pastels. The Winter White Christmas tree is a good choice because of its full profile. You can load it up with Easter-themed ornaments or keep it to a bare minimum. Either way, it’s a surefire hit.


Bring in the Easter Bunny

white bunny easter tree
Jennifer Perkins decorated this white tree to look like the Easter Bunny.

Decorate a white Easter tree with ball or egg-shaped ornaments in pastel colors. Then, get creative and make some Easter bunny ornaments. Here are a few to get you started:

Tip: A white Christmas tree can be used for other occasions as well. Check out our guide for ideas

We hope this post helps you decorate your pastel-colored or white tree with fun-tastic decorations. Share it with those who are looking for creative Easter inspiration!

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