Christmas – the holiday so nice, it has to be celebrated twice. Christmas in July is perfect for those who adore the Yuletide season, and can’t wait to experience the cheerful sights and festive spirit all over again. One of the best parts of this amusing summer event is setting up a Christmas in July tree and decorating it in a suitably tongue-in-cheek manner.

It’s perfectly okay to display a traditional green tree or a colorful, contemporary one for this celebration. But if you really want to make an impression, there’s nothing like a Catalina Breeze Palm Tree to show that you own the occasion!

Treetopia Catalina Breeze Palm Trees

Featuring lush, green foliage and realistic brown trunks, this threesome of palm trees captures the joyful ambiance of Christmas as well as the easy-going vibe of summer. Since this 6-foot set of trees is conveniently wrapped from top to bottom with premium clear lights, let’s get started on the ornaments.

You may choose to adorn your trees with summer-inspired pieces, like seashells, surfboards, sunbursts, or other beach-themed accents such as these ones from our previous article.  However, decorating these palms with conventional or classic Christmas ornaments really plays up the irony and results in a more impactful spectacle.

Treetopia Catalina Breeze Palm Trees with multicolored ornaments and tree skirt
Decorate your Catalina Breeze Palm Tree with your favorite holiday accents

Gather your most colorful holiday balls, ornaments, and finials, and hang them carefully on the tips of the palm fronds. Reindeer, Santa Claus, felt stockings – feel free use anything that screams “Christmas!” Finally, complete this tree’s merry mixed-up look by covering its base with a coordinating, multicolored sarong or tie-dye blanket.

Treetopia Catalina Breeze Palm Trees with lights switched on
Gift-wrapped boxes help create a convincing Christmas scene

With a fully decorated Catalina Breeze palm, the fun doesn’t stop even when the sun goes down. Switch on the lights and this tree becomes a mesmerizing sight that will dazzle your guests with the magic of Christmas and the beauty of the tropics.

Keep in mind that the branch structure and density of these palms are different from those of a standard Christmas tree, so it’s best to choose small, lightweight, and shatterproof décor.

A winter-themed look is another great way to go. Simply deck your palm trees with white and silver ornaments, twinkling snowflake accents, silver tinsel, frosty snowmen figurines, or crystal clear icicles. Cover up its faux sand base with a tree skirt made with soft fake white fur to simulate the look of snow.

With the right artificial palm tree, there’s no need to fuss over other Christmas in July decorations. Our Catalina Breeze Palms have a playful character and a remarkable versatility that makes any special event or occasion more fun and memorable.

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