What goes up must come down. That is also true for Christmas decorations. As much as I wish I could keep my Christmas trees and decorations up all year long, I at least rest assured knowing that everything is stored safe and sound.

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There are three main components of proper holiday decoration storage: tree bags, ornament boxes, and wreath cases. Lucky for you Treetopia has them all!

Christmas Tree Storage

Once all the holiday decorations are put away, it is time to think about ideas for storing the actual Christmas tree.

Once all the holiday decorations are put away, it is time to think about ideas for storing the actual Christmas tree. Treetopia has several different styles of artificial Christmas tree bags, including a standing one. You don’t need to take apart your tree so you can store it in this type of bag. Here’s a quick video to show you how the Take A Stand Tree Storage Bag works for Christmas tree storage for after the season.

Almost all are on wheels and several will hold multiple smaller to medium sized trees or one large tree.

There are several things to consider when storing artificial Christmas trees. One of them is the temperature of the storage area. A room that gets extremely hot in the summer (like the attic) isn’t a wise choice. Your tree’s foliage may lose it’s bright color. This can be especially frustrating when you own a colorful Christmas tree.

Tip: Check out our post on Christmas tree color maintenance for more information.

You might think that a tree storage bag isn’t absolutely necessary. True. There are DIY options, but these won’t give your tree the protection that it deserves. Christmas tree bags are made from long-wearing material. Some are water-retardant while others come with straps for extra security. With all these features, you’ll find that it’s a worthwhile investment to keep your tree looking fab for years to come.

Christmas Ornament Storage

Ornament storage with Jen Perkins and Treetopia

Before you can put your tree away for the season, you have to store your ornaments. It’s taken me years to collect all my vintage goodies. I’m not going to throw them willy-nilly in a bin and hope for the best. Oh no. I pack my Christmas ornaments in double stack storage boxes that have slots with adjustable sizes. I prefer to sort my ornaments by color and style making decorating easy year after year.

Christmas Wreath Storage

How to pack and store a Christmas wreath

Not just trees, don’t forget to store your Christmas wreath the right way. Dust and damage affect wreaths just like they do trees and ornaments. Choose larger bags that will hold wreaths all covered with ornaments and decor.

We all wish it could be Christmas every day, but alas. Next year will be here before you know it and with the help of a Christmas tree storage bag, ornament box, and wreath case it will look just as gorgeous in the years to come as it does today.

By Jennifer Perkins

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  1. I have a beautiful red Christmas tree from here I got years ago. I’d love to get another. Best place to get them from. Live this blog too. So much info.

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