DIY extraordinaire Jennifer Perkins is based in Austin, Texas. She’s the mother of two amazing kids and has been married to her best friend, Chris, for over 10 years. Her blog is a fabulous resource for all things crafty and kitschy. She’s known for hosting out of this world Halloween parties. Get to know more about her decorating style, thoughts on love, and fabulous wreath and Valentine tree decorations for the Day of Hearts in this exclusive interview.

Valentine's Day tree and wreath decorator Jennifer Perkins
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

What are the little things that can make or break your design?

I like a full tree with several layers and textures. I almost always start with tinsel and build out from there. Next I go in with solid colored balls. From there I will I add something custom or funky and then maybe something springy on top of that. Layers. It is all about the layers.

A matching pink Valentine's Day tree and wreath

In what way do small decorating touches make an impact?

I like to try and add something handmade, vintage or personal to each tree I decorate. This way I know no one else in the world will have a tree or wreath just like mine. My Valentine’s Day mantel has all of the above. My wreath is slathered with vintage kitsch, my Pretty in Pink Tree has Valentine tree decorations made of clay and my hot pink tree displays family pictures.

pink valentine wreath on top of a fireplace mantel

Which tiny accent can’t this tree/wreath go without?

I love the tiny Valentine ladies on the Pretty in Pink tree. I made these last Valentine’s with pipe cleaners and heads from an artist named Lisa Kettell last year. They are not the most obvious decoration on the tree, but they are one of my favorites.

How important are the little things in a relationship?

The other day my husband was at work and I wanted a cup of coffee in the afternoon. I realized I had no idea where the coffee filters were. In other words, I wake up every day to coffee he has made. I was frustrated I couldn’t make coffee but, more importantly, it made me pause and reflect about all the little things my husband does in our relationship like make coffee.

Framed family photos add a personal touch to this pink Valentine's Day tree

What are the little things that you appreciate about your spouse?

My husband is not only a great spouse he is a great parent. I appreciate that he wakes up early and takes our daughter to school. He makes lunches for our son. Every Saturday we wake up to cinnamon rolls. If left up to me the kids teeth would never get brushed. It might not seem romantic, but these little things mean so much.

What small Valentine’s gift or gesture is most memorable to you?

One year my husband painted me a piggy bank from a ceramic studio. We were saving money for our record label at the time.

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Are you thinking of decorating a tree or wreath for Valentine’s Day? If so, let us know how that goes by leaving a comment below.

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