While we can all appreciate the classic red and green colors of Christmas, why not go for something different this year? Go for a little more black, or a whole lot of pink? Twist the stems up a bit—and then maybe the trunk, too! In true Treetopia fashion, we’ve lined up some of our quirkiest and most unique designs for your avant-garde enjoyment.

Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree

Color Burst Rainbow Christmas Tree

We love talking about this tree, mostly because everyone else does, too. This fabulous splash of color has all you could ask for in a conversation-starting, eye-catching, mood-setting centerpiece. Decide if you wish to embellish it with ornaments or leave it in its ready state — either way, this tree can do your holiday décor no wrong.

Pink Frosting Flocked Christmas Tree

Pink Frosting Flocked Christmas Tree

Here are three rather well-argued reasons for why you should love this tree:

  1. It’s pink.
  2. It is pink.
  3. Its lights are a matching (you guessed it!) pink.

If you can’t get enough of the bright and beautiful color we all know and love as “pink,” then you will absolutely adore this tree. On the other hand, if you’ve never used the color in your life and are looking for a way to shake things up, this tree was made just for you. Either way, this rosy beauty brings frosty cheer to any Christmas festivity.

Black Gold Ombre Tree

Black Gold Ombre Tree

Black goes with anything, and the Black Gold Ombre proves that you can pull off a daring but gorgeous tree if you happen to want something other than more conventional Christmas color schemes.

This avant-garde Christmas tree starts with a golden base, transitions to bronze, and finishes with a black tip—just waiting for the perfect tree-topper. Adorn it with ornaments, or let it take on the season bare and proud. The Black Gold Ombre is sure to draw the attention of your guests and more than a few compliments

Candy Corn Christmas Tree

Candy Corn Christmas Tree quirky christmas trees

Maybe you feel a little nostalgic for Halloween, or maybe you have a serious sweet tooth and just can’t get enough of a candy-laden Christmas. Simply combine sections of an orange, yellow, and white tree to get this quirky candy corn set-up. Feeling a little creative, switch out one of the colors for another like Jennifer Perkins did with her DIY candy corn tree. Either way, try out yet another of our crowd favorites for your quirky Christmas setup.

Silver Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree

quirky christmas trees Silver Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree

When you’ve got a tree called the “Dazzling Diva,” you know you’ve got a winner. This here diva is a true performer, stretching and turning its trunk to support a silhouette that captivates you from every angle. One of our most daring designs, the Silver Dazzling Diva Christmas Tree takes a literal twist on things. Not content on shaking up foliage color and design, we’ve twisted this tree on its slender but truly durable trunk.

How about you? If you think we’ve left out one of your favorite quirky Treetopia pieces, leave us a comment below.

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