If holiday decorations made up the cast of a movie, then Christmas trees would be the star. And, the supporting characters would be your Christmas wreaths and garlands. These complete the holiday scene you’re directing and add festive touches to your interiors.

Wreaths and garlands can be used as accents for different celebrations around the year, too. They come in different sizes and colors to suit the space your decorating and the look you’re going for. The question is how do you pick an artificial wreath or garland that’s right for you? Let this comprehensive guide enlighten you.

Types of Wreaths and Garlands

You might be familiar with the traditional greenery hung on doors or mantels. But, did you know that there are other types of wreaths and garlands to consider?

According to Embellishments


The main advantage of bare wreaths and garlands is they give you the ultimate flexibility to decorate. Without the bells and whistles, they’re usually less expensive than their embellished counterparts, too. Some are even meant to be bare; they look gorgeous without any decorations.

Bare Tinkerbell Silver artificial Christmas wreath and garland by Treetopia
Decorating theme and image by A Kailo Chic Life


When you’re all about convenience, you can go for an embellished wreath or garland. There’s a wide variety to choose from whether you’re looking for something flocked or one decorated with pinecones and berries.

Treetopia green wreath and garland
Decorating theme and image by Nissa-Lynn Interiors

According to Material Used

Similar to Christmas trees, there are three materials commonly used for wreaths and garlands: PE, PVC, and tinsel.

Treetopia Addison Spruce wreath

Realistic PE

PE or polyethylene is a premium material used for greenery. It’s injection-molded to precisely mimic the hues, form, and texture of tree needles (like fir or spruce). Artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands with the most realistic foliage—such as Treetopia’s Addison Spruce Wreath—are mostly made of PE and supported by PVC for fullness.

Treetopia No. 2 Pencil Christmas wreath

Classic PVC

Most greenery in the market are crafted with durable PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic. This classic material is usually preferred because it’s affordable and long-lasting. Check out our No. 2 Pencil Wreath, which is made of 100% PVC foliage.

Treetopia Tinkerbell Silver Christmas wreath


Tinsel wreaths and garlands (like the Tinkerbell Silver Wreath) are made of PVC, too—just a sparkly variety. The only difference is that the needles are coated in shiny film. This gives them their trademark metallic look.

DIY Wreaths and Garlands

Crafting these means there’s no limit to the materials you can use. You can sew fabrics, wield wires, glue together Christmas balls—use anything, really. Be as imaginative as you can be!


According to Lighting Options

Traditional Incandescent Lights

Like Christmas trees, you can also find wreaths and garlands that are conveniently pre-lit. Most of them have warm clear lights, but you can also find more playful variations with colored bulbs or multicolored light strings.


LED Lights

If you want something brighter, go for a wreath or garland with LED lights. Aside from the brightness, LEDs are known to be energy-savers and last longer than traditional bulbs. They also come in clear, colored, and multicolored variants.


TIP: When decorating with Treetopia’s pre-lit wreaths and garlands, consider spaces that are near an electrical outlet.

Christmas Wreath and Garland Decorating Considerations

So, with all the options available, how do you narrow down which wreath and garland you should buy? Start by thinking of the area you want to spruce up. Then, you’ll have a better idea of what type of foliage suits the space. Aside from the types, think about size and the accessories you’ll be needing, too.

Wreath Sizes

Wreaths are usually hung on doors, above fireplace mantels, and on dining room or kitchen shelves. We recommend average-sized wreaths from 24 to 30 inches in diameter for these areas. You can also set a decorated wreath on your dining tabletop. If so, make sure there’s enough space for place settings around the wreath. For double doors and other similar mirror-image areas, you can find a set of two identical wreaths.

Treetopia Tuxedo Black Wreath decorated as black cat for Halloween
Decorating theme and Image by Jennifer Perkins

Garland Lengths

Garlands, meanwhile, brighten up entryways, ledges of a fireplace mantel, and staircases. You might want to add some holiday cheer to your bedroom by decorating your headboard. Garlands that are around 9 to 10 feet, such as Treetopia’s Balsam Spruce garland, in length would be ideal for these areas. You can also use a couple of garlands for long staircases.

Treetopia Balsam Spruce garland draped on a staircase railing
Decorating theme and image by Nicole Sometimes

Accessories Needed

Get the appropriate wreath and garland hangers so that you can display your decorations without damaging walls and surfaces. There are several choices out there, including those that won’t require you to drill holes or deal with sticky adhesives.

Treetopia's Balsam Spruce Christmas wreath

Alternatively, you can put your craftiness to good use with DIY hangers. Work your magic with ribbons, wires, and strings. Keep an eye out for home fixtures like picture-hanging hooks that you can repurpose. Or, simply find spaces that you can decorate without nails, strings, hangers, and stickers. For instance, you can simply drape a garland on a rectangular table or spruce up a round coffee table with a wreath.

Don’t forget to think of storage, too! Look for durable accessories that keep your Christmas wreaths and garlands safe from damaging elements. The same goes for ornaments. Store them in proper greenery bags to maintain their condition for years to come.

Wreaths and Garlands for Every Occasion

To jumpstart your decorating, we’ve rounded up creative ideas to inspire you on when and how to use your wreaths and garlands, depending on the season or celebration.

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands

Complete your holiday scene with a classic green garland or wreath for Christmas. Shiny ornaments like golden ribbons or metallic Christmas balls would look great, especially as they amp up the sparkle of a wreath and Christmas garland with lights. Or, dial up on the flair with sparkly tinsel décor.

  • Treetopia All That Glitters Christmas wreath
    Dress up any drab wall with golden tinsel. Decorating theme and image by Design Fixation

Halloween Wreaths and Garlands

Whether you’re going for “Glam-oween” or pulling off an extra spooky theme, there’s a Treetopia wreath and garland for that. Have fun decorating our black wreaths for Halloween with creepy masks or dressing up your mantel with a chic Tuxedo Black garland. If your party has a whimsical motif, choose ones in vibrant colors.

  • Treetopia Tuxedo Black wreath with glam Halloween decorations
    Welcome your witch friends with wine and a wickedly chic wreath. Decorating theme and image by Hunted Interior

Garlands and Wreaths for Fall and Spring

Spruce up your home and celebrate the seasons of foliage and of blooms! Pick fresh, artificial, or DIY flowers to decorate your wreath or garland to create warm and welcoming entryways and interiors.

  • Treetopia Addison Spruce wreath decorated with flowers
    Serve up some flower power for spring! Decorating theme and image by Jennifer Perkins

Decorations for Other Holidays

If you’re celebrating other holidays throughout the year, who says you can’t use your wreath or artificial garland, too? Check out all the creative wreaths decorated by our friends for various celebrations:

  • Treetopia's Pretty in Pink wreath decorated for Valentine's Day
    Pile on the pink and red for Valentine's Day! Decorating theme and image by Jennifer Perkins

Decorations for a Cause

Another great use of colorful wreaths: dress them up for your cause. Whether it’s Breast Cancer Awareness, Pride Month, or anything else around the year, you can use them to make a statement.

  • Pretty in Pink wreath by Treetopia decorated for Breast Cancer Awareness
    Make a statement like this Breast Cancer Awareness wreath by A Kailo Chic Life.

Accents for Events and Everyday Décor

There’s no limit to the occasions—or the lack thereof—where your wreaths and garlands can play a role. They can be accents for anything, really—from milestone celebrations and themed parties to those occasions that are extra special to you.

  • Treetopia Green Christmas Wreath with school-themed ornaments
    To encourage your kids to study, give their study room a makeover with crafty school-themed ornaments like these by Jennifer Perkins.

Put a Ring or a String on It

Wreaths and garlands are versatile decorations. So, go ahead and decorate with a festive wreath or a lush garland whenever you like. Let your creativity flow with your choice of embellishments, according to your theme.

We hope that this post inspired you to update your home, office, or event with a colorful wreath or garland. Share this with your tribe, so they can put a decorative ring or string on their celebrations and everyday interiors, too!

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