Love a good deal? Here’s an early Christmas present: Treetopia’s Black-Tie Savings. For a limited time, get the Tuxedo Black® Christmas tree at a discounted price, starting at $99. Enjoy a premium black Christmas tree that will last for years to come.

Treetopia's Black-Tie Savings sale banner for Tuxedo Black Christmas tree

With a full profile composed of 100% classic needles and a dash of tinsel, the Tuxedo Black Christmas tree commands attention. This pre-lit black Christmas tree comes with clear lights, which shine against the dark foliage. It also has color-matched tree stand and light strings for a cohesive look from top to bottom.

Treetopia's Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree
Treetopia Tuxedo Black® Christmas Tree

Are black Christmas trees popular?

Using black holiday décor has gained popularity over the years. In fact, the Tuxedo Black Christmas tree is a Treetopia bestseller. See what customers have to say about this dashing centerpiece.

A decorated black Christmas tree displayed by the window.

I just set up my tree last night. It was extremely well packed and one of the easiest I’ve ever set up. I got the black tree to display my pewter ornament collection at Christmas. But I added some orange lights to it to use for fall. I love that it was so easy to shape the branches and didn’t take forever! I’m going to enjoy this tree for many years.

Peggy from Ohio
A black Christmas tree decorated with silver ornaments.

Love the elegance of our black tree. Decorated it with silver ornaments to give it a real tuxedo feel. Wish I would have ordered a taller version. Would definitely recommend this to any buyer.

Mom-E from Maryland
A black Christmas tree with lights and ornaments.

Such a beautiful tree! So many compliments!

Celena from California

For a comprehensive review of the Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree, watch this video from lifestyle vlogger, Leslie Joanna. She talks about the tree’s features, including color, branch texture, and lighting. She also talks about how it matches up to a similar tree from a big box store.

What color ornaments look good with black Christmas trees?

Enjoy more decorating flexibility because the versatile color pairs well with most hues. Play with different themes for all kinds of celebrations. Get inspired by these Tuxedo Black Christmas trees dressed up for Christmas, Halloween, and other occasions.

Gold and Pink

Take your holiday to the next level with a whole lotta flower power! This tree by Michel Boyd takes inspiration from Beyoncé’s Black is King. He used metallic gold ornaments to add an elegant touch. Meanwhile, pink accents bring a festive vibe. Woven baskets filled with more decorations surround the tree, but are great for holding your presents, too

Green and Purple

Set up out of this world Halloween décor with a tree transformed into Audrey III from Little Shop of Horrors. Twinkie Chan crafted Venus flytraps and painted them in varying shades of green and purple, which popped against the black foliage.


Welcome spring with artificial blooms on a black tree. Kiera of Las Vegas Makeup Girl decorates her showpiece with yellow sunflowers and a matching gold garland.

Red and White

If decorating according to season isn’t your thing, maybe your favorite movie or TV show will do the trick. Check out this Phantom of the Opera-inspired display by The Latina Next Door. A black tree with white Phantom masks and red ornaments captures the grim feel of the hit musical. Meanwhile, roses, feathers, and ribbons add a hint of romance.

Ebony Beauty: More Decorated Tuxedo Black Christmas Trees

If this post inspired you to decorate the Tuxedo Black® Christmas tree, share news of this deal with friends and family. Prices start at $99 for a limited time only. Let us know how you would decorate a pre-lit black Christmas tree in the comments below!

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