There was a time when the pineapple Christmas tree took over Instagram and Pinterest feeds. We’re bringing that trend back. Clad in sparkly ornaments and lights, it’s a cute and refreshing accessory that makes a sassy, tropical statement.

Want this unique holiday centerpiece for your own this summer? We’ve got you covered. In the tutorial below, Jennifer Perkins shares her take on this fruity design statement. A yellow-colored Treetopia Christmas tree and a few materials are all you need for your own Instagram-worthy summer display. 

Jen’s DIY Pineapple Christmas Tree for Summer

The weather is getting warmer, and summer is right around the corner. Margaritas and frozen tropical drinks are on the minds of many. I know they are on mine. Christmas trees are probably not the first thing that you think of. But, maybe they should be! Well, at least if that tree looks like a giant pineapple.

Treetopia yellow tree decorated as a pineapple tree
When fruit-shaped ornaments just won’t cut it, turn your tree into a giant pineapple instead!

Let me count the ways I love my yellow Christmas tree. There was that Christmas when she held all my vintage angels snugly. Then, on Valentine’s Day, yellow was the new pink. Last year, I decorated a traditional Cinco de Mayo tree. This year, I’m feeling piña colada vibes.

Here’s a guide on how to turn yours into a ripe pineapple Christmas tree for summer.

1. Gather the supplies.

  • Treetopia yellow Christmas tree
  • Black yarn
  • Black pompoms (or more black yarn for DIY pompoms)
  • Green foliage pick (shaped like a crown of pineapple leaves)
  • Black and brown craft paint

Tip: If you have a green tree, use thick black yarn and yellow pompoms for a giant unripe pineapple Christmas tree!

2. Wrap the tree with black sparkly eyelash yarn.

I made a crisscross pattern with the yarn to create the look of a pineapple. Try to make the diamond shapes around six to eight inches tall and 10 to 12 inches wide. 

Yellow tree from Treetopia decorated with black eyelash yarn and pompoms
A slim four-foot tree needs approximately 38 pompoms and 18 yards of yarn.

Tip: Use our Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator to estimate the quantity of materials you need. Just double the “yards of ribbon” since you’ll be wrapping the tree with yarn twice to make the crisscross patterns.

3. Add a sparkly black pompom inside each diamond shape.

You can use ready-made ones from the craft store or go the DIY route. If you don’t have a go-to step-by-step guide for making pompoms, watch this:

4. Create your pineapple Christmas tree topper.

For the tree topper, I bought a large green foliage pick at the craft store. I used some black and brown craft paint to darken the center, making the foliage pick look like pineapple leaves.

Pineapple Christmas tree topper on a Treetopia tree
Craft a crown of longer pineapple leaves to make a tree collar for your giant fruit!

The end result is so fun! Plus, talk about easy. 

Treetopia's take on the pineapple Christmas tree trend
Refresh your living room, dining area, or kids’ room with a pineapple tree.

Tip: If you have a red artificial tree, you can make a giant dragon fruit!

I think I’ll move this baby outside next to the pool. And, maybe sip a few cold drinks in the pineapple shade.

By Jennifer Perkins

Trees in bright shades like yellow make a statement no matter the season. Beyond summer, yellow (and orange) artificial trees are great accents for fall. They’re also shoe-ins for fun Halloween concepts. Likewise, they make stunning showpieces for the Christmas sea-sun


Cool Summer Ideas for Your Colored Christmas Tree

Aside from a pineapple Christmas tree, there’s a sea of ideas you can dive into. Whether you have a traditional or colored Christmas tree, give your summer décor a refreshing twist with these fun themes.

Vintage Vacation Vibes

Love summer road trips? Feed your wanderlust with a travel-themed tree. Pam of House of Hawthornes decorated her Pretty in Pink Christmas tree with pastel-hued campers, beach accessories, and cute vintage postcards. Alternatively, you can craft tree decorations from your favorite summer destination. Why not use mini floaties as ornaments? 

Setting Up Camp

Gather around a campfire-inspired centerpiece like Kristi of Chatfield Court. Woodsy ornaments and a white artificial tree would be perfect for this motif. For personalized decorations, engrave wooden signs and craft lanterns from mini mason jars. And, for your tree topper, use natural materials like dried twigs.

Dreaming of Palm Springs

Summer décor idea with orange Christmas tree from Treetopia
Photo by Smart Fun DIY

With her orange artificial Christmas tree, Jennifer of Smart Fun DIY paid tribute to a famous summer destination: Palm Springs. She was inspired by the orange orchards, palm trees, and modern architecture of the city. Then, the dinosaur toys and the tree garland with rainbow pride flags were added as finishing touches. 

Sun-sational Bohemian Tree

Traditional Christmas tree from Treetopia decorated with summer flowers

Another option is to dress up a traditional green Christmas tree like this tall Alexander fir for the season. Give it a boho-chic makeover with an assortment of summer flowers. For instance, if you have fresh or faux sunflowers, use them as tree picks or even a topper. 

Under the Sea

Get that ocean vibe with this idea from Courtney of Crafts by Courtney. Make ornaments using sand and shells. Instantly take your Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas tree from winter to summer with sea-inspired tree decorations. Starfish, shells, and Christmas balls wrapped in fishing nets are just a few ideas you can play with. 

Around the (Snow) Globe

Here’s another crafting project by Jennifer Perkins: DIY travel-themed snow globes. It’s such a nifty way to show off your favorite photos from past trips! Match your personalized ornaments with a tree garland and other trinkets from your travels. 

If you want more summer décor inspiration for your home, check out our other blogs below:

We hope this post inspires your crafting and decorating plans for this season of sunshine. Share these ideas with your friends and family who are planning a summer makeover, too. And, don’t think twice about showing off your own pineapple Christmas tree in the comments section below. Have a sweet summer! 


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