Just because you have small digs it doesn’t mean you can’t wow with your holiday décor. When done right, your Christmas decorating scheme can make your space cozy, cheery, and bright. That’s what the season is all about, right?

Tried and true christmas tree ideas for small spaces

Get the ball rolling with these decorating tips and Christmas trees for small spaces.

Choose a Tree that Fits

Pencil Christmas tree for small apartments
Jennifer Perkins decorates a tiny house with a pencil Christmas tree

Let’s face it. A full Christmas tree will cramp your style. Make sure your home is comfortable for everyone with fun and fabulous space-saving Christmas trees for small spaces. Furthermore, they won’t compromise your unique decorating theme.

Tip 1: It’s all about placement. The smaller the space, the more strategic the location. Consider a consider a slim, pencil, flatback, or corner Christmas tree.

#1 The Flatback Tree

This half tree has your back! That’s because while the one it has is flat, its front is every bit as lush and fun to decorate as a full tree.

The clincher? The flatback Christmas tree doesn’t need a stand but hangs on your wall, giving you more floor space for your pile of presents.

#2 The Corner Tree

You’ll want this beauty standing in your corner. This Christmas tree type is a quarter of a full one so it fits in nooks and crannies.

A corner Christmas tree is a quarter of a full one
In Your Corner Christmas Tree

Plus, fully-hinged branches and professionally strung lights make it every bit as eye-catching as a full Christmas tree.

#3 The Slim Tree

If you can spare a little more space, this type of tree is a great choice.

The slim Christmas tree isn’t as wide as a full tree. But, make no mistake. It’s foliage more than makes up for its narrow profile. The in and out branch arrangement makes it perfect for showing off ornaments.

#4 The Pencil Tree

This sleek pencil-shaped number gives any space a modern and chic vibe. Some pencil Christmas trees come pre-lit and in different colors, too.

Tip 2: Corner and flatback Christmas trees are perfect for small apartments, studios and lofts. A townhouse or more spacious apartment can accommodate a slim or pencil Christmas tree.

Ornaments Matter

You need to consider the size and weight of your ornaments, especially when you’re using a narrow tree. Large and heavy ornaments can cause your tree to bend to one side, if not topple over.

Colorful topper Christmas tree idea for small apartments
A colorful, large but light tree topper by Jennifer Perkins

Tip 1: Be careful with your choice of tree topper. A large one might draw attention from the other decorations. If an oversized tree topper is part of the plan, make sure it’s lightweight and anchored to the top of your tree.

white Pencil Christmas trees for small spaces
Crafts by Courtney created stunning ocean-inspired slim tree decor

Meaningful decorating theme. For instance, if you love the sea then go with a coastal motif using soft blues, pure whites, seashells, and corals.

A pencil christmas tree for a small house
Adorable pencil tree decor by Lizzy of The Connoisseur of Cute

Tip 3: Rule breaker? Choose a tree in your favorite hue and deck it out with ornaments in sassy colors.

a black and white pencil Christmas tree
Black and white ornaments match this room’s color scheme

Tip 4: Go monochromatic with colors that match your walls and furniture. It ties in the entire decorating scheme of the room while making your Christmas tree stand out.

Don’t Forget the Accents

Go beyond the artificial Christmas tree and add more decorative accents to your small home. However, don’t add large, clunky objects that will eat up precious space. Instead, use wreaths and garlands.

use garlands as christmas decorations for small spaces
Vanessa of This Joyful Life looped a garland around her banister

Tip 1: Decorate furniture pieces or fixtures like your dining table, curtain rod, or banister. Use a wreath as a centerpiece or wind garlands around railings. Be creative!

Use a wreath and christmas tree for small house
A tiny house wreath for a tiny home by Jennifer Perkins

Tip 2: Hang a wreath on your door or garlands from your ceiling. These help play up your holiday decorating theme.

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