valentine's day giveaway

Love can be shared a million different ways and the winners of Treetopia’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway prove that there is more than one way to have a happy Heart’s Day! We would like to congratulate our 5 winners, each receiving a $100 Treetopia Gift Card:

  • Ivonia Class
  • Marian Lehner
  • Tracy Willis
  • Janella Schenk
  • Linda Cross

We hope you share the love this Valentine’s Day and beyond! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and giveaways from Treetopia!


  1. Linda Cross Reply

    Made my day finding out I was one of the lucky 5 winners..

  2. Danielle Lee Minshall Reply

    I 💘 the Pink Tree’s!! I raise 2 granddaughters and they would be so thrilled with this!! Thank you for the awesome info!!

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