How to decorate your business for Christmas

‘Tis the season of giving, and with the frenzy of shoppers flocking to stores in search of the perfect present for their loved ones, you want to put your best foot forward to entice patrons. Decorating your store for the holidays is key to drawing in potential customers. It piques their curiosity to discover what you have for them. Delight and welcome clients this season with Treetopia’s handy guide to decorating your store for Christmas.

Find the Right Decorating Theme

Our fans tend to go overboard when decorating for the holidays, and we love it! But your decorating theme should first and foremost speak to your customer base. A bright and colorful theme may work well for an up-and-coming fashion startup, but could alienate patrons of high-end clothing brands. Similarly, a chic and stylish approach will look out of place for shops that cater to younger kids, so pick a decorating theme that reflects your brand and its customers. If you’re having a hard time deciding on a theme, visit our Design Studio to see over 30 decorating themes that may fit the look of your store.

Find the Perfect Tree

Once you decide on a theme, pick an artificial Christmas tree with a complementary style. Whether it’s a black tree for an elegant silver and gold color scheme, a hot pink tree for a fun and edgy ensemble, or a Candy Corn tree for a candyland-themed display, you can find the perfect centerpiece from our wide selection of colorful and green trees. If space is limited, consider a slim or pencil Christmas tree which are narrower than traditional trees, freeing up precious real estate for foot traffic and more merchandise.

Personalize your Ornaments

DIY Ice Cream Ornaments
DIY Ice Cream Ornaments by Jennifer Perkins on a Pretty in Pink Tree

Delight your customers by creating ornaments that fit your brand or the products you offer. From DIY sweet treats ornaments for an ice cream parlor to Star Wars figurines for a toy store—small, personalized touches can make the store experience more memorable for your visitors and may lead to repeat customers.

Complement with Vibrant Lights

Portland Pine with LED Color Changing lights

Match festive décor with vibrant lights to bring the excitement of the season into your space. We recommend Christmas trees with LED lights. LEDs are energy-efficient which can help avoid spikes in your electric bill. Plus, they glow brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you’ll need less of it. If you’re going for the max wow factor, our trees with matching colorful lights and foliage might suit your taste!

Create the Ambience

Coastal Christmas Wreath
Treetopia’s Snowy Spruce Christmas Tree decorated by Crafts by Courtney

Spread the holiday spirit to every corner of your store by decorating your windows with faux flocking and hanging a wreath on your door for a warm holiday welcome. Ask your staff to wear Santa hats or decorative holiday pins when they interact with customers. These small touches go a long way in creating a positive atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Stand out from the crowd and invite holiday shoppers by creating a festive display for your commercial space. Be sure to visit the Treetopia Blog for more Christmas tree guides throughout the year!

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