Learn how to bring out the full beauty of your Treetopia Christmas tree with Treetopia’s Design Council 2013. In this series, we invite expert design bloggers to decorate their favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and share the fabulous results with us. Be inspired and discover the fine art of Christmas tree decorating with these terrific tips and amazing advice straight from the pros.

For the next installment in our Design Council series, feast your eyes on this beautiful piece from Nicole Balch of Making It Lovely.

A glimpse at Nicole’s “I’ve Gone All Traditional On You” blog post shows how brilliant and glamorous a traditional Christmas tree can be. Thoughtful placement of shimmering metallic ball ornaments, sparkling stars, and icicle-shaped decorations gives her Oh Christmas Tree from Treetopia a gorgeous shine. Her design scheme also elegantly brings out the timeless grace of this super-realistic artificial tree. With her curved windows accentuating the shape of the tree, the overall look of the space is warm, cozy, and totally inviting.

Before launching Making It Lovely in 2007, Nicole applied her love for style and decorating as, among others, a muralist, a stationary designer, an online shop owner, and a web designer. The success and popularity of her blog came not only from her clever fashion and decorating articles, but also from her personal accounts of her life and family experiences. In 2009, her blog was named one of London Times Online’s “50 World’s Best Design Blogs.” Her work has been featured in numerous publications, and she has spoken at many prestigious design workshops and conferences. Despite these achievements, this talented wife and mother of two continues to pursue the many hopes and dreams she inscribed in her Lovely Life List. Get to know more of this charming designer with this Q&A:

How did you get your start?

I’ve been writing my blog since 2007, when my husband and I bought our first home. We had some out of state family whom we wanted to keep updated with our decorating and remodeling progress, but the blog quickly took off and I realized that a whole lot of other people were reading along too!

Favorite place to be for the holidays?

At home. Now that I have kids, I love gathering around the tree on Christmas morning in our jammies, with them eager to see what Santa brought.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

We have a lot of family to visit on Christmas and Christmas Eve, so a few years back, we started hosting a Christmas Eve brunch at our place. It helps us avoid having to leave one dinner early to attend another because we’re trying to see different sides of the family, and it’s a little more laid-back. It’s worked really well for us.

How do you describe your holiday decorating style?

I’ve gone with a ton of pink in the past, instead of traditional red. But this year, I’m embracing a traditional green tree and decorating a Victorian house. I feel like it’s less of a playful look, and a little more classic.

Favorite holiday food, recipe, or drink?

My husband’s family has a traditional meal on Christmas Eve of Swedish meatballs, creamed spinach, freshly baked bread, and garlic mashed potatoes. Everyone looks forward to it all year.

Best Holiday Indulgence?

I probably make hot chocolate far too often around the holidays. I make it with the good stuff though—solid chocolate—not the powdery mix. So good!

Best Holiday Gift Ever Received?
I was pretty excited the year I got Teddy Ruxpin.

Regifting – okay or not okay?

I don’t think it’s so bad. If there’s something that you truly think someone else would enjoy, and it wasn’t so great for you, why not pass it along? Now if you’re just trying to get rid of a dud, that’s another story.

What is your favorite piece of holiday décor and why?

I’m awfully fond of my many deer figures, particularly the giant brass set.

What are your favorite places to get holiday design inspiration?

I love all of the Christmas magazines that come out each year. I always get new ideas from them!

What is the most over-the-top holiday design you’ve seen?

I think some people might think it was my pink Christmas tree! We’re going with a green one this year for the first time in a long time.

Any holiday decorating tips you’d like to share?

I like to decorate with metallics a lot. Nothing too literal, but bringing in silver and gold to places in the house that are not usually so luxe feels special.

Mind sharing with us what you’ll be doing for your home this Christmas?

My family is still settling in, so decorating this year is going to be focused on making the new house feel cozy and warm: lots of soft textures to invite sitting and thoughtful touches throughout with a little sparkle.

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