Learn how to bring out the full beauty of your Treetopia Christmas tree with Treetopia’s Design Council 2013. In this series, we invite expert design bloggers to decorate their favorite Treetopia Christmas tree and share the fabulous results with us. Be inspired and discover the fine art of Christmas tree decorating with these terrific tips and amazing advice straight from the pros.

We kick off our series with the elegant work of Michael Wurm, Jr. from Inspired by Charm.

In his “Rockin’ Around The Vintage Christmas Tree” blog post, Michael gives a Treetopia All That Glitters Christmas tree a breathtaking stylish look. By using unique and adorable ornaments, such as sequined balls and beaded mercury glass décor, Michael dressed up our gold and platinum tree into a shining vision of vintage Christmas cheer. You can watch Michael in action as he brings his Christmas tree to life in this Youtube video.

After earning a degree in Hospitality Management and working in a hotel, Michael decided to move back home to Central, PA to pursue a dream career in design. Through his blog, Michael expresses his passion for style and decorating with pages filled with creative ideas for home décor, crafts, recipes, and party planning. His design philosophy revolves around his love for color, urban culture, small town charm, and combining the old with the new. He hopes to one day author a book and come up with his own line of home décor. Michael graciously offers us a better glimpse into his fascinating life and experiences in this Q&A:

Michael Wurm, Jr. of Inspired by Charm

How did you get your start?

I started my blog, Inspired by Charm in 2009, just a few months after I purchased a bed and breakfast in my hometown. I had recently begun following a few blogs and thought I would share my adventures in designing, cooking, entertaining, and DIY. Although I decided to close the B&B last year, I’m still sharing my ideas on IBC for living a decorated life.

What is your favorite place to be for the holidays?

My favorite place to be during the holidays is wherever my family is.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?

My favorite tradition for the holidays is our Christmas Eve get-together at my mom’s house. While our celebration has changed a bit since my brothers and I were small, it’s always one of the best nights of the year.

How do you describe your holiday decorating style?

I have a very eclectic design style and that comes through when I decorate for the holidays. I find comfort in mixing really new with really old. I like the clean lines and bold colors of contemporary design, but I’m also drawn to the story of antique pieces. A little of both creates an exciting, yet comforting combination.

What is your favorite holiday food, recipe, or drink?

My absolute favorite food for the holiday is cream wafer cookies. This year, I made them for fall with a candy corn twist. You can find the recipe here. To make them for the holiday season, do not add food coloring to the dough, then dye the frosting red and green.

Best Holiday Indulgence?

Kahlua and Cream. It’s the only time I will drink Half and Half without a care in the world.

Best Holiday Gift Ever Received?

I can’t say I have a best gift, but this year, my dad took our family to Las Vegas as an early Christmas present. It was an experience I won’t soon forget!

Regifting – okay or not okay?

I’d have to say no on regifting. Because I love buying gifts for people, regifting would take all the fun out of it.

What is your favorite piece of holiday décor and why?

My Christmas Tree. As an innkeeper, my holiday season was always crazy-busy. I typically didn’t get to decorate the way I’d like, but the one thing I always made time for was putting up my tree.

What are your favorite places to get holiday design inspiration?

I love looking through all of the holiday catalogs of my favorite home stores. I also follow so many amazing bloggers who have incredibly creative ideas. They always leave me in awe!

What is the most over-the-top holiday design you’ve seen?

I used to work in Philadelphia, and one of the hotels there made a life-size gingerbread house. Talk about impressive!

Any holiday decorating tips you’d like to share?

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or every day, I say decorate with the things you love. It’s your space. Don’t be afraid to use the pieces and colors that make you happy. Go to magazines, books, and your favorite blogs to get the basic design principles and then have fun putting things together for a look that is uniquely you!

Mind sharing with us what you’ll be doing for your home this Christmas?

I’d rather show you! Join me on inspiredbycharm.com over the next couple months and see every piece of holiday cheer I’m adding to my home this year.

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