Thinking of next Christmas already? We feel you. Level up your holiday decorations with these clearance sale deals from Treetopia. It’s never too early to get the artificial tree of your dreams at 60% off.

Christmas trees on clearance sale

The decorating fun doesn’t have to end with Christmas, either. Make the most out of your artificial tree by using it for other occasions throughout the year. To start, why not ring in 2022 with a unique holiday centerpiece? Read on for our bestselling artificial Christmas tree sale items, customer reviews, and decorating themes to inspire you.

Clearance Sale Christmas Trees Below $150

Now’s your chance to purchase a premium artificial tree for less. Add cheer to your spaces with these artificial Christmas trees on sale:

Mini Christmas Trees

Colorful rainbow tabletop trees
Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees $219 $99.99
Tabletop rainbow Christmas trees
Rainbow Unicorn Mini Trees $219 $99.99

Use our mini Christmas trees to start the New Year with a bang. They come in a set of seven (a lucky number to welcome 2022.) There’s one for every festive color of the rainbow. Each one is 12 inches high—perfect for your mantel or coffee table display. Take your pick from vibrant or pastel shades!

6 to 7 Feet Pencil Christmas Trees

If you have limited space at home, pencil trees are an excellent choice. Their narrow profiles make them an easy fit for tight corners or between furniture. These pre-lit Christmas trees on sale also come with a foot pedal for convenient set-up.

Red pencil Christmas tree
7′ Tango Red Lipstick Pencil Tree $299 $129.99
white pencil Christmas tree pre-lit
6′ Skim Milk White Pencil Tree $249 $119.99
Gold pencil Christmas Tree
7′ Struck Gold Pencil Christmas Tree $299 $139.99
Pencil Christmas tree with pink foliage
6′ Pink Pumps Pencil Tree $249 $129.99

4 to 6 Feet Full Christmas Trees

Wondering how to buy a full Christmas tree within your budget? Consider a smaller option in bright pink, orange, or pristine white. What they lack in height, they make up for in fullness. Plus, their brilliant hues liven up any room.

orange Christmas tree
5′ 100% Orange Christmas Tree $269 $119.99
White Christmas tree with tapered foliage
6′ Moonlight White Tree (Unlit) $269 $129.99
Pre-lit pink Christmas tree
5′ Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree $269 $109.99
Patterned Christmas tree with a rainbow design
4′ The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree (Unlit) $219 $99.99

Get inspired by these decorating ideas by Lori Goldman and All Things with Purpose.

Colorful tabletop Christmas trees decorated for a dinner party
Home and party stylist Lori Goldman used Mini Gumdrop Rainbow Trees for her Grinch-themed dinner party. She decorated them with chocolate squares and gummy candies. Cute stickers featuring characters from the children’s classic served as tree toppers.
Struck Gold Pencil Tree All Things with Purpose
Go batty over this gorgeous setup by Sarah of All Things with Purpose. She put a classy spin to a bats and skulls theme with the Struck Gold Pencil Tree. Halloween? Glam-oween is more like it!

Tip: Treetopia’s artificial Christmas trees on sale come in different shapes other than the traditional full silhouette. Slim, pencil, upside-down, and flatback are also available. Learn more about them in our Complete Guide to Artificial Christmas Tree Shapes.

Clearance Sale Christmas Trees Below $300

Looking for more options? Check out these artificial Christmas trees on clearance for even more amazing deals.

6 to 7 Feet White Christmas Trees

A white Christmas tree is one of the most versatile decorations. It’s a blank canvas ready for you to transform into a work of art. Whether it’s for Easter, Halloween, a birthday or anniversary party, all it takes is the right decorations for the occasion.

White Christmas tree with a full shape
6′ Hanukkah Tree $449 $229.99
Pre-lit white Christmas tree on clearance sale
6′ Polaris White Tree $549 $259.99

6 to 8 Feet Black Christmas Trees

Just like white, black is a neutral shade that pairs well with almost any color palette. A black Christmas tree is ideal for other celebrations, too. Choose from a various lighting, height, and shape options.

Black Christmas tree with a full profile
6′ Luxe – Black Beauty Tree $469 $209.99
Slim black Christmas tree
8′ Essentials – Black Tree $499 $229.99
Tuxedo Black Tree unlit
8′ Tuxedo Black® Christmas Tree (Unlit) $499 $199.99
Stiletto Black Pencil Christmas Tree
7′ Stiletto Black Pencil Tree $299 $139.99

6 to 8 Feet Silver Christmas Trees

Turn up the festive vibe of your Christmas or New Year’s bash with silver Christmas trees. Treetopia’s selection features flame-retardant tinsel needles, color-matched tree stands, and several lighting options. Stir up some excitement with a matching dress code for your celebration. What’s the attire? Glitter-glam, of course!

Silver Tinsel Tree unlit
8′ Silver Stardust Tinsel Tree® (Unlit) $499 $239.99
Pencil Christmas tree in silver
8′ Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree $399 $219.99
Slim silver Christmas tree
7′ Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree $449 $219.99
Black and silver ombre Christmas tree
6′ Silver Shadow Ombre Tree $499 $209.99

7 Feet Patterned Christmas Trees

Brighten up your home with our collection of Christmas trees in varied colors and patterns. Now’s your chance to get them at a lower price. Check out these clearance deals below $300.

Christmas tree with candy cane design
Candy Cane Christmas Tree $419 $229.99
White and pink ombre Christmas tree
Strawberry Milkshake Ombre Tree $549 $289.99
Patterned Christmas tree with a rainbow design
The Original Rainbow Christmas TreeTM $589 $239.99
Black blue Ombre Christmas tree with LED lights on clearance sale
Black Blue Ombre Tree $549 $224.99

Cop these decorating themes by Kelsey Klos, Leslie Joanna, Sunny Chic Home, and Melanie Raver.

White Christmas tree with multi-colored Christmas balls and care bear stuffed toys
With its pristine foliage, a white tree makes a good backdrop for your colorful decorations. Take it from Kelsey Klos who styled her Luxe – Mont Blanc tree with multi-colored Christmas balls. Care Bears stuffed toys and colorful gift boxes completed the whimsical theme.
Black Christmas tree with glittered ornaments
Why not decorate the Tuxedo Black Tree with silver ornaments like Leslie Joanna? To complement the shiny black foliage, she used matte Christmas balls in the same color.
Silver Christmas tree with blue ornaments
Tracy of Sunny Chic Home went for a cool color palette with blue ornaments on her Tinkerbell Silver Tree. She mixed and matched different shades for a monochromatic look. Meanwhile, silver Christmas balls reflected the lights for added shine.
Rainbow Christmas Tree decorated for a tea party
Use The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree for a kiddie party, Pride Month, and just because. For instance, interior designer Melanie Raver decorated hers for a tea party. She hung coffee cup and donut ornaments on the branches. Then, she added colorful balls and a kettle tree topper made from cardstock.

Clearance Sale Christmas Trees Below $450

Aiming for a holiday showstopper? Take your pick from our stunning collection of green and colorful Christmas trees.

7 to 8 Feet Pre-Lit Christmas Trees

Delight guests with colorful pre-lit Christmas trees. These come in multi-colored or clear LED lighting options. Their fully hinged branches ensure easy set-up. Plus, they also come with extra bulbs and fuses.

White Christmas tree with LED lights
8′ Luxe – Mont Blanc Tree $899 $429.99
Colorful lights on a Christmas tree
7′ Space Odyssey Tree $549 $309.99
Treetopia's Lipstick Red Tree
8′ Lipstick Red Tree $589 $239.99
Slim red Christmas tree on clearance sale
7′ Red Red Pine Tree $449 $239.99

6 to 9-foot Green Christmas Trees

Looking for something traditional? Our green Christmas tree clearance sale offers pre-lit and unlit options to suit your decorating needs. Choose one with Realistic Needles like the Cascade Mountain Spruce. The foliage is mostly made of injection-molded PE instead of traditional PVC. Keep it real-ish and fool anyone into thinking it’s a live Christmas tree—no green thumb required.

Green Christmas tree on clearance sale
8′ Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree $799 $409.99
Sparse green Christmas tree
7.5′ Cascade Mountain Spruce $749 $429.99

Make the holidays more colorful with these ideas from Emily Steffen, Evebydesigns, and Natalie Mayhew.

Green Christmas tree with blue pumpkin ornaments
Make your Alexander Fir Christmas tree the star of all seasonal celebrations. Be inspired by Emily Steffen who used hers to decorate for fall. She put a unique spin to a traditional autumn symbol by painting pumpkin ornaments blue. White and yellow fabric pumpkins placed around the tree were a pleasing contrast.
decorating green Christmas tree
Spruce up your space with a Balsam Spruce tree like Evelyn of Evebydesigns. She decorated a zesty holiday centerpiece with lemons and magnolias. Sounds like a refreshing idea for spring or Christmas in July celebrations!
Red Christmas tree with snowman tree topper and ornaments
Natalie Mayhew decorated her Lipstick Red Tree with white snowmen and coffee mug ornaments as a nod to her bar cart set-up. Flocked tree picks added contrast.

More Christmas Clearance Deals You Can’t Miss

Check out more of our artificial Christmas trees and holiday décor on sale. Choose from 8 to 12 feet tall trees with LED lights, tree storage bags, and colorful wreaths and garlands.

Green Christmas tree with color blast lights
15′ Balsam Spruce $2,199 $1,329.99
Black wreath and garland on clearance sale
Tuxedo Black Wreath $169 $59.99 & Garland $149 $69.88
White Christmas tree with LED lights on clearance sale
12′ Winter White Christmas Tree $1,199 $699.99
Standing Christmas tree storage bag on clearance sale
Take A Stand Tree Storage Bag $339 $179.99
Slim green Christmas tree with clear lights
10′ Addison Spruce Tree $1,299 $889.99
Unicorn Tree Decoration $199 $79.99

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without notice. Additional taxes, shipping, & handling fees may apply. Sale ends January 19, 2022.

Fan Favorites: Customer Reviews on Trees on Sale

Don’t just take our word for it. See what customers have to say about their Treetopia trees. Also, check out how they decorated the trees to get more inspiration.

Beat next year’s holiday rush by shopping the Treetopia clearance sale, leaving you with more time to plan and celebrate. We hope these decorating ideas inspired your self-expression. Share this post with those who want to get a head start on prepping for next year’s special occasions.

Treetopia Trivia

Here’s a question for you: What are the shapes of Treetopia Christmas trees on sale? Answer by commenting below.


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