The holidays are right around the corner. What’s a celebration without your main decoration? This post has all the answers you need to that burning question: What is the best artificial tree to buy? We put together a Christmas tree buying guide that lists down everything you need to know.

Did you know that a tree is the perfect decoration for any occasion? ‘Tis always the season.

1. Know When and Where to Get a Christmas Tree

The main perk of shopping in stores or Christmas tree outlets is that you get to see and feel the “chosen one.” You can test out any technologies that come with it, too. However, prepare yourself for a potentially crazy crowd and slim pickings.

Surfing the web for choices may not let you see your tree up close and personal. But, know that you have a wide variety at your fingertips.

Tip: Before you click that checkout button, make sure to read up on the online store’s warranties and return policies. These should cover most defects, if any. Except of course for that last-minute decision change.

Whether you choose to buy your artificial Christmas tree at the mall or online, get the best bang for your buck. Quality trees don’t come cheap. Consider that Christmas trees can be used to decorate for any occasion all throughout the year. You need something that’s built to last.

Here are the best times to shop for an artificial Christmas tree:

  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Post-Christmas Sales
  • Christmas in July Sales
  • Clearance Season

Or, cut right to the chase and check out our colorful and green artificial Christmas trees on sale.

2. Choose Your Christmas Tree According to Height

The next thing to consider is the height of your Christmas tree. They come in various sizes to suit the available space you have at home.

Under 5.5 Foot Trees

Christmas tree buying guide height - under 5.5 feet

Short on space and a tabletop tree doesn’t cut it? You might want to consider one that’s 4 feet in height. Trees 5.5 feet and below are ideal for apartments with a low ceiling height.

Image and pencil tree theme by Jennifer Perkins

6 to 6.5 Foot Trees

Christmas tree buying guide height - 6 to 6.5 feet

If you have a little more space to spare, then why not opt for a tree that’s 6 to 6.5 feet? It won’t take up as much space as an average-sized Christmas tree, but it sure looks like one.

Image and Nutcracker decorating theme by Kara of A Kailo Chic Life

7 to 7.5 Foot Trees

Christmas tree buying guide height - 7 - 7.5 feet

Got enough room in your living area? Then go for the most common height: 7 to 7.5 feet.

Image and tropical tree decorating theme by Lizzy of The Connoisseur of Cute

8 to 9 Foot Trees

Christmas tree buying guide height 8-9 feet

If you want things a little extra, try out an 8 to 9-footer. Make sure you have enough ceiling space for this height range.

Image and jewel tones decorating theme by Jennifer Perkins

10 Foot and Up Trees

Christmas tree buying guide height - 10 feet & up

Ready to go all out with a tree that’s fit for a mall display? Try one that measures 10 feet or more. Just make sure you have enough floor space and ceiling height.

Image and gold and green decorating theme by Amy of A Nest for All Seasons

Think about it. What’s the use of having a beautiful Christmas tree if you and your guests don’t have room to party?

3. Pick the Right Christmas Tree Shape for Your Space

Height isn’t the only thing that matters when you’re considering the size of your tree. Christmas tree shapes define the overall width of your holiday centerpiece. There are three basic profiles: pencil, slim, and full Christmas trees. Treetopia has a fourth shape made for tight living spaces: our flatback and corner trees.

Full Christmas Trees

Christmas tree buying guide shapes - full

The most popular shape of them all is the full Christmas tree. The traditional profile reminds you of the real tree you had as a kid. What you need to consider is your floor area and ceiling height. You need to have a lot of space to spare.

Shown here is the Alexander Fir Christmas Tree.

Slim Christmas Trees

Christmas tree buying guide shapes - slim

A slim Christmas tree is an ideal choice for folks who want something that looks like a full one, but lack room.

Shown here is the Snowy Spruce Flocked Tree.

Pencil Christmas Trees

Go Christmas tree shopping for a white pencil tree

The unique profile of a pencil Christmas tree makes it a good option whether you have a huge or small space. It’s a statement piece through and through. In fact, it looks amazing decorated, lit up, or not.

Shown here is the Skim Milk Pencil Christmas Tree.

Flatback & Corner Christmas Trees

Christmas tree buying guide shapes - flatback tree

Finally, we have the space-saving wonders of the Christmas tree universe: flatback and corner trees. As their names suggest, they’re either half a tree or shaped to fit neatly in any corner. These trees work well for dorm rooms and tiny flats. Set one against a wall and enjoy more room to stack your presents.

Shown here is the My Better Half Christmas Tree.

Upside Down Christmas Tree

Christmas tree buying guide shapes - upside down tree

Here’s something that deserves an extra special mention: the upside-down Christmas tree. Say hello to more floor space and fun, fun, fun!

Shown here is the Knocked Upside Down Tree.


The Complete Guide to Artificial Christmas Tree Shapes

4. Find What is the Best Christmas Tree, According to Foliage Type

So, you’ve made the decision to go for an artificial Christmas tree this year. This means you have more to choose from in terms of shape and color to express your unique style. Foliage should play a big role in your tree hunt. This Christmas tree buying guide explains what to look for.

  • Realistic PE Needles

PE Needles

Want a tree that looks like it belongs in a Christmas tree farm? Your best bet would be green foliage that’s made from PE (polyethelene) with just a small percentage of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). These will have guests saying, “This tree could have fooled me!” Check out our selection of Realistic Christmas Trees to see what we mean.

PVC Needles

One of the benefits of artificial Christmas trees is you can have one in any shade. Or, even one that has every hue of the rainbow. Colorful foliage is typically made from 100% PVC. It may not look as real as PE foliage but hey, realism isn’t the name of the game here. It’s COLOR. Oh, and did we forget to mention patterns? Go crazy for our colorful and patterned trees!

Tinsel Needles

If you want something that scores a 10 for shine, then cop a Christmas tree with foliage made from tinsel. It’s also a bonus when you’re going for that vintage vibe. Here’s a tip: choose a tinsel tree with needles that are flame-retardant like ours.

5. Decide Based on the Available Lighting Options

Next up on our Christmas tree buying guide is how to choose according to light type. The traditional or incandescent types of Christmas lights are clear, multicolor, and colorful. Then, there are LED lights, which come in clear, multicolor, and color-changing variants.

Traditional Christmas Tree Lights

  • How to choose a christmas tree with clear lights
    Clear Incandescent Lights

If you want an old-fashioned Christmas, then traditional clear lights are the way to go. You can also opt for the multicolor type to take all that green foliage up a notch with lights in different hues. Finally, colorful lights come in the same shade as your tree’s foliage for a consistent look. Some of our pre-lit colorful trees have light strings in the same color as the foliage and the lights. Pretty amazing, right?

LED Christmas Tree Lights

Color-changing LED lights on a green tree

The great thing about LED lighting is that it’s an energy saver. Plus, color-changing variants let you switch from clear lights to multicolored ones. It’s all in the settings.

Treetopia’s Color Blast technology lets you play around with speed and brightness using a nifty remote control. Pressed for time? Choose from any of the pre-set options.

6. Know What is the Best Christmas Tree to Buy, Based on Budget & Features

How different is a $350 tree from one priced at $89 or $600? Aside from the size and light options, various factors set them apart. Look at details like branch tip and light count, foliage quality, and special features.

For instance, if you’re dreaming of a magical tree that “sets itself up,” you might want to consider our Grow & Stow Christmas trees. This feature allows a tree to expand and compress with a remote control or foot pedal. A 7.5-foot Portland Pine with this tech originally costs $1,589.

If you’re decided on going colorful, we’ve got a tree-mendous variety from all colors of the spectrum. To narrow your options, we’ve grouped them into three levels of awesome: Essentials, Premium, and Luxe.

Treetopia Christmas Tree Buying Guide - Product Collections Essentials Premium Luxe

Essentials Collection

Essentials - Lavender Latte Christmas Tree
Essentials – Lavender Latte Tree
Essentials - Sunset Orange Christmas Tree
Essentials – Orange Tree
Essentials - Baby Blue Tree
Essentials – Baby Blue Tree
Essentials - Candy Apple Red Tree
Essentials – Candy Apple Red Tree
Treetopia Essentials - Cranberry Crush Christmas Tree
Essentials – Cranberry Crush Tree
Essentials - Black Tree
Essentials – Black Tree
Treetopia Essentials - Purple Groove
Essentials – Purple Groove Tree
Treetopia's Solid Gold Tree
Essentials – Solid Gold Tree

This wide assortment of slim trees is the perfect starter for your colorful tree journey. We recommend them for apartments with limited spaces and as a secondary tree.

All items from the Essentials line are LED-lit for your convenience. They come in a variety of charming pastels and vibrant shades. Heights from 4 to 8 feet available.

Premium Collection

Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree
Rainbow Unicorn Christmas Tree
Light blue Christmas tree
It’s Azure Thing Blue Christmas Tree
Gold Christmas tree with a pencil shape
Struck Gold Pencil Tree
100% Orange Christmas Tree
100% Orange Christmas Tree
Stiletto Black Pencil Christmas Tree
Stiletto Black Pencil Tree
Red Red Pine Christmas Tree
Red Red Pine Tree
Treetopia's Silver Stardust Christmas Tree
Silver Stardust Christmas Tree
Color Carnival Flocked Tree
Color Carnival Flocked Tree

If you’re looking for trees with more unique looks, shop from our Premium trees. These come in full, narrow, or pencil shapes and heights up to 12 feet to suit any space.

Pick unlit for flexibility in decorating or select from various lighting options, including the Color Blast Technology. It lets you switch from traditional steady glow to animated light shows for the holidays.

Luxe Collection

Luxe Pure Platinum Christmas Tree
Luxe Pure Platinum Tree
Luxe Black Beauty Christmas Tree
Luxe Black Beauty Tree
Luxe Mont Blanc Christmas Tree
Luxe Mont Blanc Tree
Luxe La Vie En Rose Pink Christmas Tree
Luxe La Vie En Rose Tree
Treetopia Branded Storage Bag
Treetopia Storage Bag

Pull out all the stops with a holiday centerpiece from our top-of-the-line collection. Luxe Christmas trees come pre-lit with full silhouettes and color-matched metal tree stands.

They’re equipped with Quick Set technology to make set-up a breeze. Tree storage bag included, too. These are trees fit for a holiday queen or king.

Banner for Treetopia's Colorful Tree Quiz
Take our quiz to find the right Christmas tree for you!

7. Color Christmas Your Way

Many of us grew up with a Christmas tree in classic green. Some of us want to keep with decorating tradition, which we think is wonderful. Just so you know, there’s a whole range of tree colors to match the one-of-a-kind decorating theme you have up your sleeve. This Christmas tree buying guide was designed to help you choose according to color.

Green for the Win

Balsam Spruce Tree with colorful LED lights

It’s that tree out of your favorite Christmas story. Or, a life-sized version of the one in your prized snow globe passed down from one generation to the next. Go for a Christmas tree in traditional green.

Pictured here is the Color Blast Balsam Spruce.

Positively Pink

Ombre Christmas tree with different shades of pink

Today, a pink Christmas tree screams more than girl power. It’s a fresh and fun way to decorate for any occasion. Use one to symbolize the good things in life. Most especially harmonious and affectionate relationships that matter. Pump it up with our pink Christmas tree selection.

Shown here is the Strawberry Milkshake Ombre Tree.

Wonderful in White

Moonlight White Christmas Tree

Want to fulfill the ultimate Christmas dream? Look no further than a white Christmas tree. Any color theme you choose in terms of ornaments will pop against this backdrop. It’s also a clean-looking choice for modern homes. Wake up to a white Christmas with one of our trees

Shown here is the Moonlight White Christmas Tree.

Shine in Silver

Treetopia Essentials - Silver Bells Tree

Pick a silver Christmas tree if you’re going for a retro or space-age vibe. Whether you leave it bare or jazz it up with decorations, it’s a stunner. It looks amazing in an area with a white and gray color palette. Add some decorating shimmer with a silver Christmas tree.

Shown here is the Treetopia Essentials – Silver Bells Tree.

Gold for Glam

Treetopia's Gold Rush Christmas Tree

The real party starts with a gold Christmas tree. Use it as a centerpiece for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or any event that calls for a whole lotta glam. Bring on the glitz with a gold Christmas tree.

Shown here is the Gold Rush Christmas Tree.

Yes, to Yellow or Orange

Treetopia's Little Miss Sunshine Yellow Tree

A sight for sore eyes, yellow and orange Christmas trees let the sunshine into any room. If you’re decorating for summer or fall, these are good options. Keep things bright and fun with a yellow or orange Christmas tree.

Shown here is the Essentials – Little Miss Sunshine Yellow tree.

Ring it In with Red

Lipstick Red Christmas Tree

A red Christmas tree is a strong design statement. Use one if you think your living area needs a burst of color. It adds instant pizzazz just like your favorite shade of red lipstick. Rev up your holidays with a red Christmas tree.

Shown here is the Lipstick Red Tree.

Dreamy in Blue or Purple

Essentials - True Blue Tree

Purple and blue Christmas trees are unusual and unique like you. These are brave color choices you won’t regret as they set a calm and cool mood to any room. Polish your decorating theme with blue and purple Christmas trees.

Shown here is the Essentials – True Blue Tree.

Back in Black

Luxe Black Beauty Christmas Tree

The opposite of white but similar in effect is the black Christmas tree—it’s every bit as striking and versatile. It’s a Halloween crowd pleaser, too. Make a bold statement with a black Christmas tree.

Shown here is the Luxe Black Beauty Tree.

Play with Patterns

The Original Rainbow Tree by Treetopia

Not satisfied with one color? Go for two or more with a patterned tree. Dress your tree like a candy cane, celebrate the 4th of July with a bang, or stand proud for Pride Month. You can’t go wrong with a patterned tree. Shake things up with a patterned Christmas tree.

Shown here is the The Original Rainbow Tree™.

8. Make Christmas Tree Care a Priority

No Christmas tree buying guide would be complete without tips on how to care for your holiday centerpiece. You bought the tree and decorated it for the holidays, now you need to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come.

How to clean an artificial Christmas tree with Colorful Megan
Image by Colorful Megan

We’re including a list of tree care how-tos in our Christmas tree buying guide to help you out. Click on each to learn more:

We hope our Christmas Tree Buying Guide makes choosing the right artificial tree so much easier. Share this post with people you think need a hand this holiday season. Have a happy and stress-free one ahead!


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    We hope this helps.


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      All of our trees come in sections and not individual branches. If you’re still curious about what we have to offer, you can view our trees at

      We wish you the best of luck in your hunt for the perfect tree!

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    • Hi Tammy! An Artificial Christmas Tree lasts a very long time with proper care and storage. Treetopia trees are backed by a 5-year foliage and 2-year light warranty, so you’re sure to enjoy your tree for many years! Check out how to take care of your Artificial Christmas tree here:

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