There’s so much to be thankful for this year, especially with pandemic restrictions slowly easing across the country. At Treetopia, we believe that it’s never too early to celebrate. In case you’ve haven’t heard of it, Christmas in July is another opportunity to enjoy the season of giving with family and friends. Decorate for the occasion and get the colorful tree of your dreams at our Christmas in July sale.

Christmas in July has been around as early as the first half of the 20th century. In 1933, the folks at the Keystone Camp for girls had a lightbulb moment. They gave their campers a Christmas celebration during summer, complete with a tree, fake snow, and gifts. In the Southern hemisphere, where winter happens mid-year, this has become a norm, especially in Australia.    

Whether it’s a winter or summer celebration, the holidays are incomplete without a Christmas tree. Our customers have spoken on what Treetopia trees they love most. Read on and score the best finds at our Christmas in July sale. We’re throwing in year-round decorating ideas to jumpstart your creativity, too.      

Bag a Colorful Tree at Our Christmas in July Sale

1. Tuxedo Black Christmas Tree

If you’re looking to impress your Christmas in July guests, then this full tree is your best bet. This ebony stunner comes in various heights of up to 9 feet tall. High on shine, it’s available in Clear and LED lighting options. A bit of tinsel mixed in with the black needles gives it added shimmer. Dramatic and elegant, this unique centerpiece will make this year’s celebration unforgettable. Use it to decorate for other occasions throughout the year, too.

  • black Christmas tree with a Valentine's Day decorating theme

A True Tux

At first, I was a bit skeptical about this tree. It was shiny compared to my other trees, and I thought that it might be too much. But, once I decorated it, I fell in love! Its rich color made all my ornaments stand out. The tree itself is full, leaving minimal gaps that are easily filled by fluffing the branches and adding decor. I’ve used the tree for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, and Mardi Gras and was impressed each time. This tree is a great value and worth the purchase.

Londonberry, MD

  • Image source: Modern Day Moguls

Take the Tuxedo Black Christmas tree from Christmas in July to different occasions throughout the year. Channel contemporary chic by decorating it with a beaded wooden garland and white ornaments like Modern Day Moguls. Jennifer Perkins’ plaid decorating theme on a black tree is an interesting alternative to traditional green. For Halloween, create a creepy and crafty scene with DIY haunted house ornaments like The Art Dream. Or go all out and pay tribute to Audrey II from the film Little Shop of Horrors like Twinkie Chan.

2. Pitch Black Pine Christmas Tree

This full black Christmas tree comes unlit, so you have more flexibility with your lighting options. From its topmost branch tip down to the color-matched tree stand, this centerpiece is perfect for showcasing ornaments in bright hues. Aside from the holidays, use it as Halloween décor.

  • Pitch Black Pine Christmas tree decorated with blue lights

Absolutely love! Can’t wait until next Christmas.

I was amazed by the fullness and realistic nature of the tree. The tree is so deep that placing ribbon on it made it look absolutely stunning! Ordered it after the initial tree purchased elsewhere came in and did not measure up. Ordering, shipping, and delivery came quick and easy. Be ready because this is a large tree and very full, so you will need a ladder and help decorating unless you have a lot of time on your hands to string the lights properly. If you’re looking for a Christmas tree that will make a beautiful and elegant statement, then this is the tree for you!

Christmas Decorating Enthusiast, GA

  • Pitch black pine tree decorated with a classic Halloween theme
    Image source: Oh Yeah Em

Choose the Pitch Black Pine tree if you want to make a statement. It’s a crowd favorite, especially for October the 31st. Whatever color palette you choose for your ornaments, they’ll stand out against the pitch-black foliage. Here, Oh Yeah Em and My Paper Crane went for the traditional Halloween combination of black and orange.

3. Winter White Christmas Tree

You’ve seen our top black Christmas trees, now it’s time to get an eyeful of everybody’s favorite white Treetopia centerpiece. It comes in various heights of up to 12 feet. If you’ve got the headspace, make it a Christmas in July to remember with one of the taller options. This full tree is packed with stunning white needles. Like the black counterpart, it acts as a blank canvas for whatever decorating theme you have up your sleeve. Let your imagination run free!

  • customer photo of Winter White Tree with multi lights

Totally Worth the Money

Totally love the tree! [It] looks great once it’s put together. Once you fluff the branches and turn the lights on, the tree is beautiful. It almost doesn’t need ornaments. But what’s a Christmas tree without ornaments? Definitely worth the price!

White Tree, NY

  • Image source: Rock Doll

There are so many occasions to celebrate, so why limit your tree decorating to December? Aside from Christmas in July, decorate for other holidays, too. Rock Doll styled her tree with pretty butterflies, colorful eggs, and cute bunny cottontails for Easter. See how gorgeous multicolored decorations look against white foliage on Anne Shen’s creation? Or go the minimalist but equally stunning route and hang a few metallic silver ball ornaments like the Celebration Stylist.

4. Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

One of our top products, this centerpiece features pink foliage with lights and a tree stand to match. Dress it up according to your personal style preference. It’s way more versatile than it seems. Be it funky or flirty, a full Christmas tree in this color is so much fun! Fully hinged branches and professionally hand-strung lights make setup a breeze, too. Don’t miss out on grabbing this pretty tree at the Treetopia Christmas in July sale.

  • Valentines Day theme on a Pretty in Pink Christmas tree

All my pink X-mas tree dreams came true!

I’ve been wanting a pink tree forever, and I finally took the plunge. I ended up putting it up for Valentine’s Day and my family already wants me to plan for an Easter tree. I could instantly tell the quality was a billion times better than the artificial trees I’ve purchased elsewhere. The branches are durable, and very little of it shed while I was setting it up. And if you have a lighted tree topper, there’s a cord at the very top of the tree to plug one in—ingenious! The tree is a soft pink, and the lights give it a beautiful bright pink glow. It came with a small handful of replacement light bulbs, not just two or three. All in all, this is a very pretty, and durable tree. I’m so happy with my purchase.

Miranda_L, Houston, TX

  • Image source: Matt Crump

Here’s a Christmas in July decorating idea: merge your two favorite seasons with a decorating theme inspired by ice cream like Matt Crump. He dressed it up with cones, pompom garlands, and a massive lighted star topper. If you have a little girl, why not doll up this tree for December with baby animal decorations like Lay Baby Lay. In fact, her theme easily doubles for a gender reveal or baptismal celebration. Who says you can’t take this pink tree to Halloween, too? Check out Slumbering Alligator’s witch potion-inspired tree with tentacles. It’s almost too adorable to be scary!

Get a Classic Green Tree at Our Christmas in July Sale

1. Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

Sometimes, only a classic green tree will do. If you’re one for nostalgia and reliving Christmases past, then the Balsam Spruce is for you. It has a full silhouette, and needles in varying shades of green, and fully hinged branches. The pre-lit ones are professionally hand-strung with lights that are operated by a foot pedal. Choose the Quick Set lighting option for a breezy setup. This technology features light strings that are automatically connected within the trunk upon setup. After stacking the sections, all it takes is a single plug to light up the tree.

  • Customer photo of a green Christmas tee

This tree is amazing!

This is the perfect tree, and the quality is amazing. I’m sure that it will last for multiple uses. It is also easy to set up and from the looks of it, easy to take down and put away. All the light bulbs are working. Overall, this is a great tree. I would highly recommend it.

Trin, Miami, FL

  • green tree decorated for Christmas in July
    Image source: Jennifer Perkins

Yes, it is an ideal choice for a classic Christmas setup. But the Balsam Spruce is versatile enough to deck out for other holidays throughout the year. It all depends on your unique decorating theme.

Pull out all the stops and decorate one using a summer picnic as inspiration. Jennifer Perkins did just that with her DIY fruit ornaments and colorful pool noodles. Don’t you think this idea is perfect for Christmas in July? Or turn up the nostalgia by decorating a Balsam Spruce with DIY decorations that do double-duty as toys like Oh Yay Studio. Finally, if you’re set on a classic and classy Christmas, take a page from Inspired by Charm’s woodland-inspired theme.

2. Luxe Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

The high level of realism makes it a cut above the Balsam Spruce. It’s composed mostly of premium PE (polyethylene) needles and PVC ones for fullness. We’re not kidding when we say that it mimics the appearance of a real Balsam fir tree—from the branches that slope upwards to the shape and shades of the tips. It features our Quick Set technology and is available at heights of up to 9 feet. Yes, it does come at a higher price point. And that’s why we recommend snagging it during our Christmas in July sale at a fraction of the price!

  • Customer photo of a Luxe Balsam Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

A Straighforward and Sweet Recommendation

This tree is beautiful. It’s well-made, full, and sturdy.

Tina, Manchester, MH

A little boy looking at the 9 foot Luxe Balsam Spruce
Image source: Sarah Wright Olsen

Like Sarah Wright Olsen, decorate an artificial tree that looks almost real. The Luxe Balsam Spruce lets you relive your childhood and share a slice of it with the kids. Unearth your vintage Christmas treasures. Pull out your collection of DIY holiday family projects. Deck out your tree while listening to classic tunes and sipping eggnog. It’s a meaningful way to celebrate. The great thing is when Christmas in July is over, you have December to create another unique experience for your tribe.

Common Christmas in July Questions Answered

Before we say goodbye, here are answers to questions Treetopia customers ask about this holiday and our Christmas in July sale.

When is Christmas in July 2021?

There isn’t a definite date for the holiday though some celebrate it on July 25. It’s all up to you what day you want to celebrate. Hey, what’s to stop you from making it a month-long party? If you have as much fun as we think you will, maybe you’ll love it enough to make it a yearly thing.  

How do I celebrate Christmas in July?

You could prepare like you do for Christmas in December. Another idea is to incorporate summer in your celebrations—you get the best of both seasons. We came up with a guide on epic Christmas in July party ideas to get you started.

How do I decorate for Christmas in July?

There are countless ways to decorate for this holiday. To cut a long story short, read our post on Christmas in July decorating ideas for your summer tree.  

When is the Treetopia Christmas in July Sale?

This year’s Treetopia Christmas in July sale is ongoing. Make sure to visit our website and check out all the artificial Christmas trees on sale at up to 50% off.

Have an extra merry one—this July!  

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