On a scale of 1 to “100% Me,” how imaginative are you when you decorate your Christmas tree? We love getting a sneak peek of just how unique everyone is through their product reviews. Even more so when they share photos of Treetopia’s traditional and colorful Christmas trees. Also, add wreaths and garlands to that list. There’s nothing quite like seeing them decorated in creative and original ways.

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Product Reviews of Treetopia’s Colorful Christmas Trees

Treetopia trees come in different hues and patterns, some with the latest technology for easy set-up. Plus, many of them have matching lights, light strings, and tree stands for a cohesive holiday look. Best of all, there’s a tree-mendous variety to match every personality. Check out how our customers display self-expression in their artificial Christmas tree reviews.

Keep scrolling for product reviews of colorful trees to help you decide. They’re good style inspiration too, no matter the season.

White Christmas Trees

Start fresh with a white Christmas tree that’s the perfect canvas to any decorating style. This centerpiece pairs well with all the colors. Infuse it with your personal twist for a hue-nique holiday.

For instance, give it a splash of color with pastel ornaments. Or make a statement with a towering 10-foot option. Use minimal ornaments and let the pre-lit branches work its magic.

Treetopia Essentials – All Snowed In White Tree

White Christmas tree with pastel ornaments from a product review page

This tree was the perfect tree for my pastel rainbow-themed tattoo studio! The tree was easy to put up and take down by myself. I’m sure it would go even more smoothly with 2 people!

Stabby Gabby from Minneapolis, MN

Winter White Christmas Tree

Picture of a white Christmas tree with lights from a product review

We got the 10-foot white Xmas tree and it is absolutely gorgeous. I get so many compliments and [they say] that it should be in a magazine. Well worth the money.

Merry Christmas, MN

Silver Christmas Trees

Let a silver holiday centerpiece take you back to retro times. With its shining branches, this jaw-dropping tree adds sparkle to any room. Also, it’s a versatile choice that takes the spotlight in most decorating themes.

For example, go for a whimsical spin with a winter wonderland theme. Use white, feathery ornaments to replicate pure and downy snow.

Silver Stardust Tinsel Christmas Tree

Winter wonderland theme on a Silver Christmas tree from a product review page

Much more beautiful in person! Exactly what I want.

Faye from Texas

Gold Christmas Trees

What’s not to love about a gold Christmas tree? It’s sparkly, stunning, and suitable for anyone who’s game for glitzy décor. Moreover, Treetopia’s gold Christmas come in full, slim, and pencil shapes to suit your needs.

Dress up a gold tree with shimmering ornaments. Another option is to keep it casual with DIY decorations. Think beyond Christmas. Transition it into a glam New Year’s Eve or a bountiful autumn display. Here are more product reviews to get you started:

Treetopia Essentials – Solid Gold Tree

Fall-themed ornaments on a gold Christmas tree taken from a product review site

A lot of fluffing is required. Plugging in the cords for each section is a little bit difficult because the outlet is zip tied to the center pole at an odd angle. This tree looks stunning whether it’s lit or not. There are tons of lights on the tree. Once it’s decorated it’s a showstopper! For the price you can’t beat it. Similar trees we saw are three times the price.

JC from FL

Gold Rush Christmas Tree

Picture of gold Christmas tree beside the stairs from a customer product review

This tree perfectly fit my small space both in width and height. I appreciate the shimmer and richness in color. It is lightweight and a breeze to assemble. [Plus,] it added the right contrast to make my ornaments pop. [I’m more] than pleased.

Londonberry from Upper Marlboro, MD

Yellow & Orange Christmas Trees

With its sunny foliage, a tree in either of these colors makes a lively addition to your display. Furthermore, it’s a welcoming sight that adds cheer to any space.

Choose from a variety of heights from 4 feet up to 8 feet tall. But, no matter what size, a yellow or orange tree will make your holidays merry and warm. Take a look at these product reviews raving about their rich color:

Treetopia Essentials – Little Miss Sunshine Yellow Tree

Product review photo featuring blue and red ribbons on a yellow Christmas tree

The color really looked good in my home. The lights really made it stand out even more. Overall, it’s a beautiful tree.

Sunshine from Vallejo, CA

Treetopia Essentials – Sunset Orange Tree

Pre-lit Orange Christmas tree in the living room from a customer's product review

Got our tree and [it] was packed very well and was extremely easy to set-up! Great rich color, and the quality is excellent. Very happy with it!!

Karen from Palm Springs, CA

Red Christmas Trees

Why not give this classic holiday color a twist? Try an artificial Christmas tree with foliage in this fiery hue.

For instance, decorate your red tree with similar colors or complement it with lighter shades. Either way, this head-turner will be the center of attention. Let these product reviews do the talking:

Lipstick Red Christmas Tree

Product review of a red Christmas tree with gold ornaments

The red lights on the red tree are beautiful. It is sturdy and easy to set up and the tree height includes the sturdy red matching stand that comes with it. I am very happy with it. The color makes me happy and think of Christmas. Even my skeptic partner likes it!!! It is beautiful! I got the 6-foot tree lipstick red with red lights! I decorated with gold!

Cheryl from Whitefish, Montana

Treetopia Essentials – Candy Apple Red Tree

Customer photo and product review of slim red Christmas tree with silver and white ornaments

Purchased for the holidays and fits my color scheme. I just put the tree up and I’m in love with how it turned out.

E~Style from Frankfort, IL

Pink Christmas Trees

A tree in this versatile color can be sophisticated, sweet, or funky. If you’re out to make a holiday style statement, then a pink Christmas tree is your best bet.

Pick from a range of shades like pastel, hot pink, and ombré. These trees come with color-matched light strings and tree stand for a stylish and coordinated look.

Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree

Product review of a pre-lit pink tree with warm white lights

First of all, this tree is beyond perfect. I got this for my daughter and [myself] as our ‘girls only’ tree. We now have 3 Christmas trees!!

Michelle N from Florida

Blue & Purple Christmas Trees

Give your space a cool and calm vibe with blue and purple trees. Whether you like a bold or pastel shade, these trees stand out with their unique hue.

They are also playful additions to your holiday decorating theme. For instance, decorate a blue tree in white, silver, and clear ornaments for a frosty feel. Another option is to deck a purple centerpiece with gold ornaments. Level up the wow factor with this posh color combination.

Treetopia Essentials – True Blue Tree

Slim blue Christmas tree in the living room taken from a customer product review

I am so happy with my purchase! Very easy to set up! My doggie, Zuky, loves looking at it!

Dar from Baltimore, MD

It’s Azure Thing Blue Christmas Tree

Full-shaped  blue Christmas tree from a product review

I bought it for Christmas, but I think I will be keeping it up all year. Looks very beautiful and elegant in my formal living room.

Yappy from Pennsylvania

Treetopia Essentials – Purple Groove Tree

A slim purple Christmas tree with gold ornaments from a product review page

My fave color is purple, and I could not resist getting this tree! It came out better than I could have expected. Very easy to assemble. My daughter loves it. Worth every dollar!

Nicole from DC

Patterned Trees

If one color is not enough, try patterned Christmas trees. Choose from spiral or ombré designs for something even more special this holiday.

Keep ornaments minimal and let the multicolor needles do the talking. But that’s not to say you can’t go all out. If anything, the unique design invites you to be more creative with your decorating theme. Check out these product reviews to inspire you:

The Original Rainbow Christmas Tree

Customer photo and product review of a rainbow Christmas tree

Shipment and delivery occurred very quickly! Easy to assemble. Took several hours to initially fluff out and shape the tree but it was time well spent. The colors are very vibrant and beautiful! I decided to put it on a revolving base and decorate it monochromatically by color sections. [Then,] I used a color-changing star on top. [It] is the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever had, and I can’t take my eyes off of it—I may just leave it up all year. Thank you, Treetopia!

Rick from Colorado

Candy Cane Christmas Tree

Christmas tree with candy cane design from a product review

I bought this tree because it was unique and fun. A bit difficult to get the swirling shape, took about 5 hours to get it right, but we did. Got it for Christmas but will keep it up for Valentine’s and probably for a while longer.

Yappy from Pennsylvania

Black Christmas Trees

Chic and striking, a black Christmas tree is a showstopper like no other. Much like the fashionable little black dress, this centerpiece can take any space from drab to dramatic.

One popular black tree decorating idea is to combine metallic and matte ornaments. Or soften up the strong color with pastel hues. Want something more elegant? Use classic gold décor.

Treetopia Essentials – Black Tree

Product review of a black Christmas tree with gold ornaments

I bought this tree because it’s black and it fits into the 2020 theme but ended up loving it. It’s beautiful.

2020 tree from NY

Product Reviews of Treetopia’s Green Christmas Trees

If a traditional Christmas is more your cup of tea, then choose from our selection of green trees. Treetopia offers them in different levels of realism, lighting, and assembly options. They also come in different shapes and heights to suit the size of your space. We also have a selection of flocked Christmas trees.

Spice yours up with unique decorations or stick to a traditional theme. Whatever you choose, a green tree is the symbol of the holiday spirit. Let these customer photos and product reviews inspire you.

Full Christmas Trees

A tree with a full profile is a foolproof choice for those who have room to spare. What’s more, the foliage is dense with a gradual slope like real evergreens.

The silhouette is ideal for those who like to pile on the décor. There’s much more room for creative play in comparison to narrow shape options. A full tree lets you ring in the holidays with classic Christmas cheer.

Balsam Spruce Christmas Tree

Full-shaped green Christmas Christmas tree in the living room taken from product reviews page

This tree is amazing!!! After years of buying lousy trees, I finally found this beauty. It’s so full and lush, it took a little [ruching] but it looks incredible!

Penguin from Chicago

Frosty Flocked Christmas Tree

Customer photo of flocked tree with lights for a product review

The picture does not do justice for this Christmas tree. [And] the price is amazing for the product that was delivered. Completely full with no empty gaps, beautifully frosted with no shedding snow. Beautifully elegant led lighting. Strong branches throughout with a great top tip that will hold any tree topper. So happy with this purchase.

Stu Bailey from Brooklyn, NY

Slim & Pencil Christmas Trees

When you’re short on space, here’s the sharp solution. A slim or pencil Christmas tree serves as a festive focal point in smaller rooms. Their slender shape fits almost anywhere.

On top of fitting in tight spots, a pencil tree can be decorated in many ways. For example, hang various ornaments of assorted sizes on its branches. They’re sturdy enough to hold your décor. Pick a theme and go all-out with your decorating or keep it bare. Another option is to deck it in lights from top to bottom.

No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree

Narrow pencil Christmas tree in the living room from a product review page

I am very happy with the No. 2 Pencil Tree. It fits perfectly in my small space; it allows me to have it by my fireplace but still open my front door. I also like how dramatic it looks, I have the 7 1/2 ft. tree and with a star on top it almost touches my ceiling. Because of its height it sort of feels like a large tree but fits in a small space. I am very pleased with the tree and was so pleased that I bought a second one for my mother! She really likes it, too!

Very pleased from Portland, Oregon

Treetopia’s Wreaths and Garlands

Our unique wreaths and garlands complete your holiday scene. Choose from chic and versatile arrangements that are ready for the red carpet. The faux foliage items make great additions to your decorating themes.

Sleek colors like black and silver add a touch of glam to your parties. Meanwhile, green ones complement a classic Christmas setting. Softer hues like pink and white are also available. Take them from Christmas to Valentine’s Day. Get ideas from these product reviews and customer photos.

Tinkerbell Silver Wreath

Brown door with pre-lit silver wreath

Such a beautiful accent to our home. Added a couple bulbs for decoration but it didn’t really need them. Love the battery pack as opposed to an awkward cord.

Mom-E from Upper Marlboro, MD

Pretty in Pink Garland

Pink garland with ribbon

After I decided on the Pretty in Pink tree, I noticed that there was a matching garland and wreath! The tree looks lovely in our living room, but the garland really ties the whole look together. Just like the tree, the garland is a softer color of pink without the lights on, but with turns a hot shade of pink. I personally love this effect as I don’t keep the lights on all the time, so it looks softer during the day and when I turn on the lights at night, it really brightens up the room! Overall, I would buy this product again and may consider buying a second in the future if I ever have more space to set it up!

Shelby from Washington, DC

Tuxedo Black Wreath and Garland

Mantel with black garland

Great quality. [And] great addition to the black 9-ft. tree. Garland went great on the fireplace mantel and staircase railing. Decorated with white lights and silver accents.

Jen from Boston, KY

Christmas is upon us! Don’t get caught in the middle of holiday shopping rush. Grab an artificial Christmas tree now to avoid shipping delays and select your favorites before they run out of stock.

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We hope these Treetopia product reviews help you find the perfect tree for HUE. If you’re still unsure, take our Colorful Tree Finder Quiz to find out what Christmas trees fit you to a tee.

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  1. Susan D Thompson Reply

    I was very disappointed with my tree, it is completely different than what I ordered

    • We’re sorry to hear about this Susan. We’d love to help you sort this out. Please call us at 877-SO-TREETOPIA (877-768-7338) or email helpme@treetopia.com for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi, Sauce! It makes us smile to know you’re having a blast with your purple tree. It looks gorgeous! Thanks for making us part of your home for the holidays.

      • I was disappointed with my tree. The colors were great but the size for the price was bad. I paid over 200 for a 5ft tree that stands only about 4 ft. The last ft is a single branch. Anyone who’s orders order bigger so you dont end up with a tree your kids can reach the top on. And mine are 3 and 5 years old

        • Treetopia Reply

          Sorry for the inconvenience, Candie. Please email us at helpme@treetopia.com with your concern, Order ID, Full Name, and the Email Address associated with your order so we can better assist you. You may also call us 877-SO-TREETOPIA (877-768-7338) from Monday through Friday 6:00AM – 6:00PM and Saturday 8:00AM – 5:00PM PT.

  2. This is the third tree I’ve ordered from Treetopia, and once again I’m AMAZED!!!! I ordered the upside down tree and it is the most beautiful tree EVER. My family & friends cannot get enough of this tree, it’s big and full…Each time I order from treetopia I’m always pleased. How can I post a picture & review? I just love this tree and wanna show it to everyone.

  3. I had a white tree from Treetopia for many years but it finally died. I ordered another 10 foot white tree from you for this year. I finally opened the boxes today to put up my new tree. WOW!!!! It’s even prettier than my previous tree. I just wanted you to know how happy I am. This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I can’t wait to put the decorations on it. Thank you for my new beautiful tree.

    • Treetopia Reply

      Hi Lou,
      We’re thrilled you love your new tree! We hope you also share your thoughts through a product review. Happy holidays!


    I was very disappointed with my tree, it is completely different than what I ordered.
    did not have the grow feature at all when we called said sorry not on that tree.
    we can get a tree with that for 500.00 more also paid for express shipping that we lost.
    also wanted to charge 17.99 to ship back the web site is not good warning dont get taken.

    • Treetopia Reply

      We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, Christina. Please email us your concern at helpme@treetopia.com, along with your Order ID, Email Address, and Full Name associated with the order for us to assist you further. You may also call us 877-SO-TREETOPIA (877-768-7338) from Monday through Friday 6:00AM – 6:00PM and Saturday 8:00AM – 5:00PM PT.

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