On a scale of 1 to “100% You,” how imaginative are you when you decorate your Christmas tree? We love getting a sneak peek of just how unique everyone is through their product reviews. Even more so when they share photos of our Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands decorated in creative and original ways.

Check out how our customers are all about self-expression in their celebrations with reviews of our crowd favorites. Here’s hoping these help you make a decision and give you style inspiration—whatever the season!

Product Reviews of Treetopia’s Colorful Christmas Trees

All That Glitters Christmas Tree

Treetopia customer review on All That Glitters tree

I have been eyeing this beautiful tree for an entire year before finally deciding to purchase. It’s definitely a champagne color, which is so pretty and definitely great because it’s not too gold/yellowy. It’s a perfect size for my dining room. Easy to put together, but you do need to take the time to properly fluff (which I enjoy!) as you’ll notice cords/etc. if not. I would buy this again and again + definitely loved my experience with Treetopia!

Kate from Fairfield, CA
Product review of Treetopia All That Glitters Christmas tree

It sparkles. It’s seriously stunning. What’s not to love about a gold Christmas tree? It’s perfect for anyone who’s game for glitzy décor.


Decorating Tip: Dress it up with shimmering ornaments. Another option is to keep it casual with DIY decorations. Kate from Fairfield, CA accented the glittery branches and lights with metallic embellishments. Think beyond Christmas and transition it into a glam New Year’s Eve or bewitching Halloween tree showpiece.

Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree

Product review on Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree by Treetopia

I had been looking for a silver tinsel tree for some time and finally found it on Treetopia!!!! I was so excited when the tree arrived that I put it up before Thanksgiving!!!! Even after Christmas was over, I still did not want to take it down!! The tree is so festive and reminds me of Christmas of long ago spent with my grandparents. You will LOVE this tree!!!

Shopper Karen from Water Valley, MS
Product review of Treetopia Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree

Let this silver tinsel tree take you back! This jaw-dropping Christmas centerpiece adds sparkle to any room with its shining branches. Also, it’s a versatile choice that fits in with most decorating themes.


Decorating tip: Give it a whimsical spin with a variety of brightly painted ornaments, picks, and ribbons. Or, make a statement with bold monochromatic themes. Also, get crafty with character ornaments like Shopper Karen from Water Valley, MS.

Treetopia Basics – Yellow Tree

Customer review on Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree

This yellow tree gives me just joy and keeps me smiling so much, I am Leaving it up all year!!

Dorothy Fitzgerald from Buffalo, NY
Product review of Treetopia Basics – Yellow Tree

With its sunny foliage, a yellow or orange tree makes a lively addition to your holiday decorating scheme. Furthermore, it’s a welcoming sight that adds cheer to any space.


Decorating tip: Add cheer to small spaces with a 4-feet tree. Or, choose one that’s 6 or 7.5-feet to brighten up a larger room. Get inspired by the warm and merry setup by Dorothy Fitzgerald from Buffalo, NY.

Product Reviews of Treetopia’s Green Christmas Trees

No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree

Treetopia review on No. 2 Pencil Christmas tree

Perfect size tree to downsize and take up a smaller footprint. Still large enough to fill with ornaments. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

JanieMc from Gainesville, FL

Mia Pencil Tree

Mia Pencil Tree by Treetopia review

I have always had a slim tree but decided to go with a pencil. It is definitely very skinny. It has very realistic needles. It was easy to set up. I keep it in the stand in a tree bag so I don’t have to take it down and put it back up every year. After I had it decorated my husband asked me [if] there was a tree under there. I might have gotten carried away.”

Sophie from Baton Rouge, LA
Customer review on Treetopia Mia Pencil Tree

Elegant, perfect pencil tree. Perfect for our condo – we have tall ceilings but limited space – this tree was perfect for our Christmas statement – lots of snowflakes in Florida!

Snowflakes Christmas from Fort Myers, FL
Product review of Treetopia No. 2 Pencil Christmas tree

When you’re short on space, here’s the sharp solution. A pencil Christmas tree serves as a festive focal point in smaller apartments, offices, and other settings. Also, the slender shape won’t cramp any space, or your style.


Decorating tip: On top of fitting in tight spots, you can decorate it in many ways. Hang various ornaments of assorted sizes on its lush needles and sturdy branches. Pick a theme and go all-out with your decorating! Or, Keep it bare. Another option is to light it up from top to bottom.

Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree

Product review on Snowy Spruce Flocked Christmas Tree by Treetopia

Beautiful tree. Very heavily flocked. Great price for a beautiful tree. Have received many compliments already!

Julie from Tennessee

Want a frosty Christmas? Transform your home into a winter wonderland with this holiday centerpiece. Just look at that thick flocking!


Decorating tip: Complement the snowy branches with striking colors like candy cane red or emerald green. In contrast, metallic or pastel hues add a touch of elegance. Or, play with prints and patterns!

Product Reviews of Treetopia’s Wreaths and Garlands

Tuxedo Black Wreath and Garland

Customer review on Treetopia Tuxedo Black garland

Great quality. Great addition to the black 9 ft. tree. Garland went great on the fireplace mantel and staircase railing. Decorated with white lights and silver accents.

Jen from Boston, KY
Product review on Treetopia Tuxedo Black wreath

I bought this along with the Tuxedo Christmas Tree. It’s absolutely gorgeous! Very simple to add decorations to it and it’s just stunning. The only flaw: The electrical cord. Battery operated lights would be better. Once I got it, I realized that I should have gotten the unlit version and added my own battery operated lights. However, I love this wreath and look forward to using it for years to come.

Tamara Blanton from Houston, TX

Color Burst Rainbow Wreath

Customer review on Color Burst Rainbow wreath by Treetopia

We bought the tree 2 years ago and this year bought the matching wreath… We put some lights in it… WOW!

Shawn Ashmore from Merritt, British Columbia
Color Burst Rainbow wreath by Treetopia review

Bought this when it was on sale to hang up during my neighborhood’s Pride festival. So cute and happy!

Jennifer McCain from Spokane, WA
Product review of Treetopia Tuxedo Black wreath and garland

Our unique wreaths and garlands complete your holiday scene. Choose from chic and versatile arrangements that are ready for the red carpet. Or, pick ones with an explosion of color that scream individuality.


Decorating tip: Wreaths and garlands make great additions to your decorating themes. Sleek colors like black, gold, or silver add a touch of glam to your parties. On the other hand, green ones complement a classic Christmas setting. Choose ones in vibrant colors like the rainbow wreath for unique décor all throughout the year, including Pride Month or Mardi Gras. Decorate them with accents like big bows or leave them bare for that effortless vibe.

Keep watching this page for more product reviews and photos to help inspire your special occasions with one-of-a-kind decorations!

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