Crafting isn’t always about saving money. It’s so much fun and gives you a sense of satisfaction that  shopping can’t match. Here are fabulous DIY Easter egg decorating ideas by some of our favorite bloggers. They’re beautiful, simple to make, and best of all, make perfect accents for this spring holiday.

Five easter egg decorating ideas you can make on your own

These DIY eggs don’t require dye or food coloring. So, as the Easter Bunny may say: “Hop to it!” with these five egg-citing Easter decorations.

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Diorama

An easter egg decorating idea that uses yarn
Photo and easter egg ornament by Jennifer Perkins

Speaking of the Easter Bunny, this particular cottontail enjoys nestling inside Easter eggs over hiding some in the garden. This adorable diorama was created by Jennifer Perkins. It features a baby blue pom-pom bunny inside a large, yarn-covered paper mache egg. Find out how to make this pastel-hued ornament to hang on your Easter Egg tree in her step-by-step guide.

You heard us right. We said Easter egg tree. Check out these posts for decorating inspiration:

Washi Tape Eggs

Easter eggs decorating with washi tape
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Foy

Washi tape is a favorite among crafters because it’s readily available, simple to use, and comes in many cute patterns and colors. Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed made these stylish Easter eggs by cutting washi tape in different shapes and applying the pieces to hard-boiled eggs. Make sure the eggs are dry and at room temperature so the tape adheres.

Photo Print Eggs

Eggs decorated with family photos
Photo courtesy of Victoria Hudgins

Your family and friends will laugh their heads off when they see these unique Easter eggs. Victoria Hudgins of A Subtle Revelry created these eggs by printing out photos on a sheet of tissue paper taped onto normal inkjet paper. These portrait-printed eggs also make great mementos if made with white artificial eggs. See Victoria’s blog for full instructions.

Scrap Fabric Easter Eggs

Easter eggs decorated with Liberty print fabric
Photo courtesy of Amanda Tuckerman

This fabric-covered Easter egg decorating project is easy to make. And, nobody makes them prettier than Amanda Tuckerman of Macaroon Kids. With a few foam or plastic eggs, some Modge Podge, and strips of scrap cotton cloth, you can make attractive decorative eggs that you can display in your home long after Easter Sunday. See more photos and instructions on Amanda’s blog.

Sharpie Doodle Easter Eggs

Hand-drawn easter eggs
Photo courtesy of Alisa Burke

Not a big fan of using scissors or glue? Alisa Burke has the easter egg decorating idea that’s perfect for you. She drew the beautiful graphic designs on these plastic eggs with Sharpie markers and highlighters. Plastic eggs are great because you can fill them with goodies. Mix and match the decorated halves to make them funky and playful. Check out her blog to learn how to make them.

Which of these Easter egg decorating ideas is your favorite? Share your creations with us by posting your photos or ideas in the comments section!

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