Colored sand is a versatile material that’s great for arts, crafts, or just playing around with. Easily available at hobby shops, colored sand can also be used in a myriad of ways to spruce up your home. In this edition of Treetopia Loves, we bring you seven easy-to-do colored sand crafts for you to try.

Colored Sand Bowl + Vintage Sand Wall Art

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

Our very own Jennifer Perkins created a pair of colored sand crafts that are infused with her signature funky style. Armed with some Tacky glue, sand, and a plastic wrap covered bowl, she created a sturdy container perfect for storing craft supplies. For her vintage mushroom art, she drew over a small canvas using a regular pen and painted over it with Fast Grab Tacky glue before covering it with colored sand.

You can find the full instructions for the sand bowl here and the vintage wall art here. If you want to make your own colored sand at home, Jennifer has an easy tutorial you can find here.

Aztec Floral Centerpiece

Photo courtesy of The Ruffled Blog

Summer is the best time to surround your home with vibrant colors and fresh flowers, and the Ruffled Blog hit the nail on the head with their DIY Aztec Floral Centerpiece. All you need are a knife, a couple of vases, a handful of flowers, and a selection of brightly colored sand to create this unique and colorful project. Check out this page for step-by-step instructions.

Mini Zen Garden

Photo courtesy of Allison Murray

Allison Murray of Dream A Little Bigger crafted this little desktop sanctuary from purple colored sand, a clear glass dish, and a tiny succulent. Then, she spent a leisurely hour doodling on the sand – something we can’t wait to try! Pantyhose or cheap tights can be cut at the ends and filled with potting soil for the plant, but Allison says this is optional. For detailed directions, visit her blog here.

Ombre Votive Holder

Photo courtesy of Jen Carreiro

Jen Carreiro of Something Turquoise shows us how to color regular play sand to create the wonderful ombre effect seen in this DIY votive holder. We love the sense of calmness the various pink shades brings, but you can create anything from a playful yellow motif to a chic grayscale by switching up the food coloring. Learn more by visiting this page.

Glitter and Sand Ornament

Photo courtesy of Kristen Mason

This delightful DIY colored sand ornament makes a beautiful addition to fun or playful Christmas trees. Orange, blue, and silver colored sand, a bulb ornament, glitter, and some industrial-strength glue was all Kristen Mason of Busy Kids, Happy Mom needed to create this one-of-a-kind glitter and sand art accent. Learn how Kristen made it by visiting her post here!

Felted Hearts Display

Photo courtesy of According to Matt

This fabulous display of colors and felted hearts was crafted from used jars and bottles, a set of brightly colored sand, and a few craft store items. Matt and company sewed the felted hearts from scratch, but you can purchase them easily from craft stores. You can try going in a completely different direction by using seasonal items – we’re thinking peppermint lollies for Christmas and stuffed critters for Halloween. Visit According to Matt for the complete how-to of this colored sand craft here.

From a therapeutic mini zen garden to a delightful felted hearts display, add a dash of cheer to your home with these colored sand crafts. Which colored sand craft idea are you excited to try? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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