Chalkboard collage 2
Chalkboard paint has quickly become a favorite among crafters and DIYers because of its versatility and ease of use. Applied on a hard surface, it leaves a smooth, matte surface on which you can write or draw on with chalk. From covering up entire walls and furniture to embellishing small jars or Christmas tree ornaments, there are tons of ways you can use chalkboard paint. We’ll show you how some of our favorite bloggers used chalkboard paint to create simple craft projects that are as practical as they are pretty.

Chalkboard Play Stand

Cardboard stand decorated with chalkboard paint and a snow cone banner
Photo courtesy of Jennifer Perkins

Chalkboards and children are a natural combination. Our Brand Ambassador, Jennifer Perkins, built this adorable pretend snow cone stand out of a large cardboard box and chalkboard paint. Make one for your kids, nieces, or nephews, and let your pint-sized entrepreneurs decorate it to their hearts’ content. Try using this idea to create fun play centers, colorful outdoor displays, or a party photo booth. For more details and an instructional video, visit Jennifer’s page here.

Chalkboard Cookie Tins

Cookie tin with decorated chalkboard paint lid
Photo courtesy of Lynette Rice

Empty cookie tins make great gift containers for baked treats during Christmas and other occasions. Make your gift presentation extra special by spraying the top of the lid with chalkboard paint, as Lynette Rice of Cleverly Simple did on the photo above. The writing surface allows you to add a cute design or a personal message for your recipient. Find out how Lynette prepared her festive gift tins by visiting this blog page.

Chalkboard Storage Jars

Large glass storage jars with chalkboard paint labels
Photo courtesy of Anne Leyland

Keep your kitchen organized by adding chalkboard paint labels to glass jars to identify its contents. Chalk writing readily wipes off, so it’s easy to re-label your jars when needed. In this photo, Emily Anne Leyland of Art-n-Sewl used handmade paper stencils to create chalkboard labels of various shapes and designs. Check online for free templates you can use, and drop by her page for more inspiration.

Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Clear wine glasses with chalkboard paint bases
Photo courtesy of Deb Thompson

Wine charms are a convenient way for guests to keep track of their drink, but these accessories can sometimes snap off and get lost. Take a tip from Deb Thompson of Just Short of Crazy and dip the foot of your wine glasses into a container of chalkboard paint. After the paint dries, you’ll have a set of dramatic wine glasses that your guests will have fun decorating and personalizing. For a detailed tutorial, visit Deb’s page here.

Chalkboard Gift Mug

White coffee mug decorated with porcelain chalkboard paint
Photo courtesy of Amanda Wright

You’ll love how chalkboard paint can turn an ordinary mug into a stylish gift that people will actually want to use every day. For this project, Amanda Wright of Wit and Whistle advises using chalkboard paint that’s specifically made for porcelain. This type of chalk paint requires a bit of baking in the oven to set properly, but the results are worth it. Check out Amanda’s blog page for more photos and instructions.

Chalkboard Ball Ornaments

Plastic Christmas ball ornament decorated with chalkboard paint
Photo courtesy of Ashley Griffith

With chalkboard paint, you can transform clear, plastic Christmas balls into fun ornaments you can use for Christmas, Halloween, and other holidays. Ashley Griffith of Hello Nature coated these chalkboard ornaments in black, but you can always customize your Christmas balls by choosing from a wide variety of chalk paint colors. Instead of ordinary chalk, use bistro chalk markers to decorate your ornaments for a neat and clean look. For step-by-step directions, drop by Ashley’s page here.

Try out these DIY chalkboard paint crafts and we’re sure you’ll agree that chalk paint is pure decorating delight in a can. If you have your own cool and creative chalkboard decorating ideas, share them with us in the comments section!

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