I just couldn’t bring myself to hide the awesomeness of my hot pink Christmas tree in the attic after Christmas. So, I transformed it into a Valentine’s Day tree.

A hot pink Valentine's Day love tree topper
Love is in the air!

Nothing says love like a 7 feet tall hot pink tree. Pack away your Christmas decorations, BUT don’t keep your red and pink ornaments too far out of reach.

A wreath and small pink Valentine's day tree
Put your red and pink ornaments to good use.

Valentine’s Day Tree Ornament Ideas

Decorating a Valentine’s Day tree is as easy as blowing a kiss. It’s all about the color theme and the occasional heart. Here are a few ideas for Valentine Tree decorations:

  • Dollar store decorations
  • Red and pink floral picks
  • Craft store valentine decorations
  • Red and pink Christmas ornaments
Hot pink Valentine's Day tree with pink, red, and silver decorations
A Christmas tree for the season of love.

Fluff and Filler

icicle and horse-shaped Valentine's day tree ornaments
Fluff those branches!

Just like decorating one for Christmas tree, the first thing I did was make sure my branches were fluffed. The next thing I did was wrap red tinsel around the center of my Valentine’s Day tree. Once the stage was set in red and pink, my theme was clear.

Recycle Christmas

Hot Pink Valentine's Day tree with a DIY garland that spells Be Mine
Be Mine!

I knew a Valentine’s Day tree was coming, as I packed away my Christmas decorations for the year. That being said, I set aside all my red and pink ornaments. After my tinsel was in place, I hung my ornaments on the tree. You can see my red and pink Chromatic Icefall Ornaments making an appearance.

Valentine Touches

A love tree topper for the day of hearts
A few finishing touches make the tree!

A quick run to the craft store, dollar store, or in my case, the Valentine boxes in your attic, will supply you with the finishing touches for your Valentine’s Day tree. I swagged felt banners on the tree, converted sentimental shelf sitters into tree toppers, and wrapped the entire tree with heart shaped craft wire.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to extend the decorative life of your Christmas tree a little bit longer. I’m already thinking of Easter ideas so I can keep my pink tree up all spring.