Living in a small place? No problem! Check out Treetopia’s three-step guide to maximizing your space

If you’re living in or moving to a small studio unit and you’re trying to determine how to make a decent living space out of that small area, worry no more! Treetopia is giving you the three basic ideas on how to make the most out of your small space.

Maximizing small spaces

Lighten Up

Considering the lighting in your home may be a common rule, but it really does play a major role in giving an illusion that a room is larger. How exactly can you do this? With these simple steps:

Let natural light into your home

Let Natural Light In

If you have a large window, allow light to freely flow through it in the daytime. However, if it is too hot outside, you may also use sheer drapes or vertical or horizontal blinds to lessen the heat but still allow natural light to fill your home.

Window blinds in your space

Paint Your Walls with Light Colors

Light colors do wonders when it comes to distributing the light, hence, it also gives an illusion of a larger dimension. Choose either neutral colors or cool hues for your walls and ceiling to help distribute the light. If you like to combine light shades with darker colors, you may do so by designing a horizontal stripe pattern to make the room seem wider.

Wall with a striped pattern of light and dark colors

Use Mirrors

A popular and effective way of giving an illusion of depth is by using mirrors to trick the eyes. You may line up sets of mirrors on your wall, strategically display large mirrors, or turn an entire section of the wall into a mirror. This especially complements with lighting because, if natural light makes the room feel airy and gives an illusion of space, mirrors reflect that light and multiply that effect.

Mirrors give an illusion of depth

Divide and Conquer

It’s only natural for you to want clear divisions between and among your rooms, but with a limited space, you will have to get creative in doing this.

Invest in Built-in Storage

One way to provide a solution for your room divisions it to invest in strategically placed, custom-made built-in storage. If you’re good with your hands then you can build your own, however if that is a problem, you can always hire a professional. Having built-in storage facilities clearly identifies the areas for each room without adding large furniture that takes up space.

Built-in storage efficiently divides a room

Try Moveable Walls

You don’t need to have thin custom walls installed just to divide or cover some of the rooms. You can use “moveable walls” to achieve the same effect. If you’re wondering what moveable walls are, they are simple drapes or foldable dividers that can be bought from any home store. With these walls, it is easier for you to close off a section of your home when you need some privacy, or open it up and reveal it as a larger room when you have company.

Drapes as moveable walls

Get Smart

With your small living space as an investment, you have to stay on top of things and employ smarter designs to maximize your available space and make your stay satisfying. It’s no longer just a matter of cleaning up your clutter anymore, although that also makes a huge impact. It’s about finding smarter solutions.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

One way to keep your stuff organized without adding storage facilities is by using multipurpose furniture.  If you can’t find or afford a ready-made one just yet or don’t want to spend money to have one customized, you can always repurpose some old furniture. You can check out some of our suggestions on our home improvements post.

Multipurpose furniture

Learn to Life Hack

You’ve probably read some cool ideas or “life hacks” on how to make things easier for everyone. You can also employ this when figuring out how to maximize your space. Finding smart solutions, like ways to keep the wires of your gadgets organized or what items can be repurposed, is also a way to go. Here’s one homeowner who definitely did some serious life hacking:

Installed hooks on walls as life hacks

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