Let’s talk teal pumpkins. Unless you have been living under a Halloween rock, you have probably seen teal pumpkins at the store. Most stores that carry pumpkins have them. Do you know what they are for? Teal pumpkins let kids with food allergies and their parents know that this house has something safe for them.

Teal Pumpkin Wreath Hero Banner

This practice all started with the Teal Pumpkin Project by F.A.R.E. It is a great movement and something near and dear to my heart as the mom of a kid with severe food allergies. Every year not only do I have a teal pumpkin on my doorstep with plenty of safe treats I also go that extra teal pumpkin decorating mile – because of course, I do.

teal pumpkin accents on a black tree

Last year I decorated an entire teal pumpkin-themed Halloween tree using one of my black Treetopia Christmas trees.

The black background was the perfect backdrop for all those teal pumpkins and ornaments. I thought this year I would try to re-create the same magic using a Treetopia Tuxedo Black Wreath.

It’s sassy, it’s classy, it’s a sequin-tastic teal pumpkin Halloween wreath. Oh, and it involves thrift store shopping so yeah!

Gorgeous jacket used to make a teal pumpkin wreath

It all started with a sequined jacket from the thrift store. The teal sequins in this vintage black jacket somehow said teal pumpkins to me, and I was right.

teal pumpkin stiched with embroidery floss

I wanted the center to be a large piece of the jacket to really showcase all the sparkle action. The back panel of the jacket was stretched in a large embroidery hoop and then attached to the back of the wreath using hot glue. Look at all that beading and detail.

Teal Pumpkin detail

Small accent pumpkins were added to one side for good measure. The pumpkins were made with circles of the jacket stuffed with batting and then cinched into ribbing with embroidery floss. I also added gold stems.

Teal Pumkin Wreath

It’s a more uptown chic spin on the teal pumpkin. A little less obvious than a plain pumpkin, but with a whole lot of sparkle.

This Halloween, be sure to get a teal pumpkin (or decorate a teal pumpkin tree or wreath) and have plenty of allergen-free treats (better yet stickers, pencils, or bubbles) for the kids. This mom of a little one with food allergies will thank you!

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