Black Friday may offer some of the year’s best discounts, but some aspects of this annual event can discourage even the most determined bargain hunter. If you’re not keen on toughing it out in a crowded mall, don’t worry; you can still score a lot of great deals on Cyber Monday just by going online.

In addition to the Cyber Monday tips we’ve mentioned before, here are more suggestions to help you make the most of your online shopping spree.

Essential Do’s

1. Stick to your list. Making a shopping list will help save you precious time and money. Aside from reminding you of the items you need to prioritize, it also keeps you from blowing your budget on pricey impulse buys.

2. Research and compare. Going into Cyber Monday shopping blind is a big no-no. Learn the estimated retail prices of the items you plan to buy a week before Black Friday weekend so you can spot the best deals. Visit comparative shopping sites to find the best price among several online vendors.

3. Stay safe. Guard your personal and financial information by only shopping on secure sites. You’ll know if a site is protected if the address bar features a green or yellow padlock symbol, or if its URL starts with “https” and not just “http”.

4. Know what’s worth shopping for.

According to, a popular comparison shopping website, Cyber Monday is the best time to buy soft goods like clothes and shoes. Expect many clothing retailers to offer high value coupons and deep discounts, with free shipping to boot.

You should also keep an eye out for fantastic bargains on toys, beauty products, and hotel packages.

Definite Don’ts

1. Don’t get fooled. Smart shoppers know better than to be swayed by deals that seem too good to be true. Avoid shopping from unfamiliar sites, and be wary of emails requesting you to reconfirm personal information or orders.

2. Don’t be late. Most of the best priced items are likely to be in limited supply, so start shopping early. Late morning and early evening are peak shopping hours, so adjust your schedule accordingly.

3. Don’t feel pressured. Don’t skip work or ignore appointments just to shop. Many stores begin their Cyber Monday sale a day before and some even extend it by two or more days.

4. Don’t focus on tech. If possible, avoid gadgets and electronics on Cyber Monday. To get maximum savings on Android phones, tablets, cameras, or big-ticket TVs, try shopping on Thanksgiving Day.

Likewise, Black Friday is the best time for laptops, high-end headphones, and iPhones. Should you decide to do your shopping on Black Friday, here are some more useful tips to make the most of your spree.

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