You may be on our own but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Valentine’s Day. Here are some home decorating tips to make your home ooze a romantic atmosphere.

Valentine’s Day is an occasion met with a full spectrum of emotions: from excitement to hatred and simply not caring. While many single people tend to express dislike for this day, the truth is, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to enjoy Valentine’s Day and neither should you feel sorry for yourself. This day is an occasion to celebrate love and every kind of relationship founded on love, not just romantic ones. One of the ways you can have your own celebration is by sprucing up your home décor to give your guests a warm, fuzzy feeling when they step inside your abode. Here are some simple Valentine décor to consider:

Reds and Pinks

They say red is the color of love, so if there’s any color combination that’s spot on for Valentine’s it’s the full spectrum of red and pink. Bring out or buy a red carpet, hang pink curtains, and protect your dining table with red and pink place mats. You can also add some white accents to soften the effect.

The Single’s Guide to Decorating for Valentine’s: Red and Pinks
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Light & Flowery Centerpiece

Roses are officially the flower of Valentine’s Day, so it would be nice to add some to your home. However, instead of just placing the whole bouquet in a vase and displaying it as it is, why not cut the stems a little and arrange them in a special heart-shaped vase? If you don’t have one, you can also cut off most of the roses’ stems and have the buds float on a shallow basin, along with some floating candles. If you don’t want to risk burning the buds, you can place the candles in a special candle holder with heart designs or make one using plaster of Paris or a tin can, if you have the tools for the latter.

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Looking through the Eyes of Love

You can also decorate your front door for Valentine’s Day by hanging a unique, vintage, heart-shaped, hollow frame of your liking and placing it around your door scope a la the apartment in the TV sitcom, Friends.

Single's guide to decorating for Valentine's

Chime in the Day of Love

If your home is constantly visited by a friendly breeze, you can add a wind chime by your window to hear its harmonious tinkling as it dances with the cool breeze that embraces your home. There’s always the easy way of purchasing a wind chime from a local shop or you can make one using metal or wood and some durable nylon strings.

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Wreaths and Things

If you want to go the extra mile, you can hang some Valentine’s wreaths and other ornaments in your home. There are many designs available in the market if you want to purchase wreaths, although you can also string together your own wreath from fresh or artificial flowers. Many ornaments are also available in stores but if you like working with your hands, you can craft your own designs, too.

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Dedicated Room

If you feel that having an entire Valentine-themed home décor is a bit too much, you can simply concentrate all your decorations in one room. You can work on a specific theme such as “A Rock Star Valentine’s” for metallic or modern décor or “A Royal Valentine’s” for elegant décor. Spritz a cinnamon-, vanilla-, or lavender-scented room spray, or light scented candles or incense for a complete sensory experience.

Valentine Decorating Tips for Singles
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Being single on Valentine’s Day is not as distressing as some might think. It’s just the universe’s way of giving singles the opportunity to experience this day in a different way. So enjoy this opportunity to meet more people who will surely touch your life in one way or another. Your gorgeously decorated home can even be the perfect venue for a memorable Valentine’s party. If you’re already thinking about hosting a party, keep coming back to our blog because Treetopia will soon be giving out some tips on how to host an exceptional Valentine’s Day party.

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