I have a big tattoo of a hot pink deer smack in the middle of my left forearm. Some people might say deers are brown. Those same people might also say Christmas trees are green. I say that your tattoos and trees can be any color your little heart desires. Even ombre or rainbow!
Choosing the right color tree for the right room and then of course the right decorations makes all the difference. Just as if you were choosing the perfect throw pillows to match your sofa you should take the same care in choosing a Christmas tree. Match your tree to your decor and you can’t go wrong. Consider further incorporating your tree into the decor with custom ornaments. As with most things, it is all about the details.

My living room is pretty brass-tastical. I have a brass Milo Baughman etagere, a mirrored Ello credenza and a giant gold toned arm lamp in place of a chandelier. A metallic tree seemed like the obvious choice for this room. There was already a lot going on in this room decor wise so I opted to keep my tree monochromatic with more metallic ornaments. Gold, silver and brass trimmings only augment the beauty of my Treetopia Toasted Champagne Tree. Never one to go without kitsch I added my collection of vintage angels as the finishing touch.
In my formal living room I have my Treetopia Some Like It Hot Tree. This pink beauty is the first thing you see when you walk in my front door and the tree you can see when you drive by at night. I chose the Some Like It Hot Pink Tree because the pink is the exact shade in a pair of colorful patterned upholstered chairs I have in this room. The colors of the ornaments and the rest of the decorations just fell into place. I love the retro vibe of a Chromatic Icefall Ornament set, plus the silver reflected the chrome in my vintage etagere also in this room. I took match-matchy to the next level using the same fabric from the chairs to create custom ornaments and also wrap faux gifts under the tree.
Choosing your tree color is obvious when you just take a minute to think about the room where your tree is going to live. Let the decor in your room be your shopping guide.

If you are having trouble choosing between a green and a colorful tree, check out my tips from a previous post.

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