Adding a Christmas tree is a natural choice for welcoming the holiday season into your home. However, ranging from traditional to colorful and small to large, Christmas trees are anything but natural in the world of home furniture. Whether you plan on putting your Christmas tree in your family room, front room, or dining area, here are five things you should consider before choosing its final place.

A Christmas tree height of 7 feet in a corner of a dining room
Photo and décor by Inspired by Charm

Avoid natural traffic ways

First, it is essential to identify and avoid the natural traffic ways when deciding the perfect place for your tree to reside. Busy hallways, corridors, and entryways are not ideal places for your holiday centerpiece, as it can be disruptive to everyday tasks. Also, place your tree in a spot where guests and family members won’t unintentionally knock ornaments off or topple the tree altogether.

Avoid direct heat and sunlight

Next, it is always important to keep Christmas trees away from direct heat and sunlight. Heating elements, like a fireplace or radiator, can cause irreparable damage to your trees. Although Treetopia’s needles are made from fire retardant materials, keeping trees away from open fire can avoid any unexpected incidents. Also, keeping your Christmas trees away from direct sunlight is essential to keeping it pristine. UV rays from the sun can cause fading, which diminishes the natural effect of lush greens and browns found on traditional artificial trees. It is also possible to lose the vibrancy and brightness of trees that are not-so-traditional in color like yellow, red, and purple.

White artificial Christmas tree with lights by Treetopia

Find space with the best vantage points

Now, there is no point in buying a tree when you can’t enjoy its magnificence every chance you get, so it is essential that you pick a spot where it’s most viewable. To see a tree from the front windows as you are coming home from a productive day at work would be a welcome sight. What a fantastic feeling it would be to walk down the stairs and have your tree greet you with a “good morning.” Wherever you decide to place your tree, make sure you can see it from multiple points.

Make sure seating and furniture face the tree

It is just wonderful to sit down for a morning cup of joe while taking a peak at the red, gold, and silver ornaments hanging from your well decorated tree. Nothing brings the warmth more than seeing clear lights reflected on family picture frames on a wintery Christmas night. It is always ideal to have seating and furniture face toward the tree. This keeps the ambience of your home more natural, despite the festivities happening all around.

Yours is the best choice

The perfect place for your Christmas tree is always the place where your family shares a hot cup of cocoa, opens presents, and enjoys laughs on Christmas day. This could be your living room, den, or even your dining area. Just be sure to place your tree where there’s adequate space and lighting, and where it won’t disrupt your home’s natural flow of foot traffic. Well-chosen placement will ensure that you have the pleasure of safely enjoying your tree all the way through Christmas morning and beyond.

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