Office workers, corporate execs, freelancers, and entrepreneurs – they all can’t wait to take some well-deserved time off this Christmas. If you have a special man or woman in your life who is as busy as bee, here are some gift ideas your hard-working significant other will adore.

1. Electronic Accessories

For Him:

A professional can amass a lot of documents, presentations, reports, and other digital files on a regular basis, and he will want some place to safely keep all that important stuff.

Red external hard drive
Photo from Best Buy

A 1 terabyte external hard drive, such as this WD My Passport Ultra from Best Buy, is a versatile device that is compatible with most desktop and laptop computers. A 16 gigabyte USB flash drive is a good, affordable alternative and is easier to carry around.

For Her:

Being a professional means doing a lot reading to keep up with the latest news, trends, and ideas. If your accomplished better half is poring over printed books, newspapers and magazines, then now is the best time to introduce her to e-readers.

pippalou morgue

E-readers are inexpensive, light, and easy on the eyes compared to tablet computers. Complement her reading device with e-books and electronic magazine subscriptions that promote personal and professional growth.

2. Morning Motivation

For Him:

The Nanda Home Clocky Alarm Clock is a great gift for busy bodies who have trouble waking up in the morning.

Alarm clock with wheels
Photo from Nanda Home

When this clock goes off, it rolls off your night table, and keeps on moving around the room while sounding its alarm. A person has no choice but to get out of bed to chase and shut off this clever and persistent clock.

For Her:

She needs her coffee, and she needs it right now! This Black and Decker Brew n’ Go Coffeemaker from Walmart brews her favorite blend directly into its 15 ounce thermal mug.

Personal-sized coffeemaker
Photo from walmart

This stainless steel mug fits into most car cup holders so she can enjoy her coffee even while traveling. Its permanent filter does away with paper filters making her morning coffee ritual faster and more convenient.

3. Fun and Relaxation

For Him:

A nice foot massage is exactly what he needs after a long day at work. The Sharper Image MSG-F110 Foot Massager provides deep kneading action that stimulates the acupressure points of the feet for a totally relaxing massage experience.

Foot massager with infra red heating lamps
Photo from The Sharper Image

Tap the convenient toe controls and this massager adds infra-red heat to soothe tender tootsies.

For Her:

These earphones are specially-designed for women and are perfect for winding down with some tunes.

Earphones disguised as a colorful necklace
Photo from Handy Candy

Disguised as colorful necklaces, the Handycandy Ladybuds and DuneTunes provide crisp stereo sound and complement her fashionable outfit at the same time. These fun and chic earphones come with an inline microphone and a 26-inch cord extender.

Remember, the best gifts don’t have to be grand or extravagant. Give a bit of thought to the personality and needs of your hardworking sweetie, and he or she will love your quaint and quirky Christmas present no matter how simple it may be.


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