Make a sparkling statement with Christmas décor made from tinsel. In fact, take it up a notch with a silver artificial Christmas tree that shines from top to bottom. It’s a brilliant alternative to traditional green Christmas trees. Plus, there are many spectacular ways to decorate a silver Christmas tree.

In this guide, we cover the varieties and shapes available, the backstory of silver tinsel trees, and decorating options to spark your creativity. 

silver artificial Christmas trees

A Spectacular Selection of Silver Trees

Treetopia offers a variety of silver Christmas trees that shine from the topmost branch down to the bottom of matching silver-gray tree stands. Choose from traditional tinsel trees to “Space Age” trees in dark shades mixed with silver. Pick a tabletop or skinny tree for compact spaces. Or, select from lush, full trees for standard-sized or large areas.

Browse different lighting options that suit your style. For instance, our pre-lit tinsel trees allow you to showcase your ornaments with extra dazzle.

Treetopia's Silver Stardust Christmas Tree
Silver Stardust Christmas Tree
silver christmas tree
Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree
Treetopia Essentials - Silver Bells Tree
Essentials – Silver Bells Tree
Picture of a silver pencil Christmas tree
Shimmering Silver Pencil Tree
a fake Christmas tree with a black and silver ombre pattern
Silver Shadow Ombre Tree
Sparse tree with tinsel foliage
Timeless Tinsel Tree

What does silver mean?

Closeup photo of silver tinsel

In the periodic table of chemical elements, silver is represented by the symbol “Ag,” which is short for the Latin name “argentum.” Naturally occurring and rare, silver has been considered a precious metal for centuries.

As a color, it was—and still is—associated with prestige and sophistication. In the past, silver’s lustrous appearance made it an ideal material for coins. Up to now, it’s still used to create fine jewelry. Later on, it became widely used in the industrial setting for its sleek and modern feel.

When were silver Christmas trees popular?

Closeup image of a silver Christmas tree showing its shiny tinsel foliage and twinkly lights

Silver Christmas trees have a colorful history. It all started with tinsel. Back in the 17th century, Christmas trees in Nuremberg, Germany were decorated with real candles. Then, thin strands of silver were used to reflect the lights, according to BBC

However, silver tarnished quickly, not to mention pricey. Eventually, manufacturers experimented with other metals to achieve the same effect. 

It wasn’t until centuries later when Christmas trees were made from tinsel. According to a story on The Washington Post, a toy sales executive got inspired by a tree made with aluminum foil. In Christmas of 1959, the company he worked for started selling silver trees made of aluminum needles. Since space exploration began around that time, aluminum trees became known as “Space Age trees.”

Over the years, the popularity of aluminum trees died down but recently made a comeback using PVC or modern-day tinsel (plastic strips with a shiny finish) instead of metals. Nowadays, a silver tree is a sought-after vintage Christmas accessory. It’s a stunning piece of décor that never fails to steal the show season after season.

What colors go with silver?

Silver is considered a neutral color, so there are a number of complementary hues to play with. Here are some of the gorgeous color combinations to try:

Color combinations as ideas for decorating a silver Christmas tree

How do you decorate a silver Christmas tree?

Both matte and metallic finishes work on a silver tree. It fits into many decorating themes—from vintage looks to modern styles. Check out these colorful ideas for decorating a silver Christmas tree.

Timeless Tinsel

Decorating a silver tinsel Christmas tree with white and silver ornaments

Here’s a favorite color combination among decorating enthusiasts: silver and white. Bring winter into your home and create a frosty wonderland using icicle-shaped ornaments and shiny tree toppers.

Mod Christmas decor idea
Mod Theme by Aww Sam

If you’re aiming to dazzle, pile on the metallic tones. Decorate a silver Christmas tree with silver, gold, or bronze ornaments for an elegant display. Sam of Aww Sam threw in some peach and blush accents to complement the soft hues of her colorful closet.

Cool as Ice

Decorating a silver tinsel Christmas tree with blue ornaments for the bedroom
Chic and Cozy Bedroom Décor by Sunny Chic Home

Blue is another hue that complements silver needles. Amp up the shine with a tinsel tree. Decorate it with reflective Christmas balls painted royal blue and teal. Add blue tinsel and metallic tree picks as accents. Take it from Tracy of Sunny Chic Home and choose a pre-lit Christmas tree to add warmth to your icy color palette. 

Tip: All pre-lit colorful Christmas trees from Treetopia come with a plug near the top.  

Shining the Spotlight on Santa

Santa Claus ornaments and other DIY decorations as crafty ideas for decorating a silver Christmas tree
Santa Claus-Themed Silver Tree by Jennifer Perkins

Why not go over the top when decorating a silver tinsel Christmas tree? Jennifer Perkins studded hers with Santa Claus figurines. Mix and match decorations to make the tree complement your room décor.

Cassie of ColorfullyCassie showcased her black Santa collection with this shimmering tree. She added red, pink, and gold Christmas ornaments as accents and topped it off with a sparkly silver bouquet.

Ribbons and Rainbows

A silver artificial tree decorated with a rainbow theme and topped with a glittering silver star
Shiny and Colorful Décor by Baubles to Bubbles

Go beyond one or two hues on top of silver for your color palette. Why not wrap your tree in rainbows like Olivia of Baubles to Bubbles did? Look for a striped multicolor ribbon and matching ornaments. For your finishing touch, top it with a glittering star.

Here’s another take on decorating a silver tinsel Christmas tree with a rainbow of color. Jenna of the_littlest_pan mixed heirloom ornaments and retro Christmas figurines in bright tones.

Tip: Check out our Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator to estimate how many ornaments and ribbons you’ll need to prepare. The numbers will depend on your tree’s height and shape and your decorating preferences. 

Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator
Click the image to calculate how much ornaments, ribbon, and tree picks you need.

Sparkle and Sass

Add pretty pops of color to a silver and black tree. This sparkly theme by @amypeters will convince you to think pink. Complete the look with beautiful lighted ornaments beside your holiday centerpiece.

Tip: Want to pile on the lights on your silver unlit Christmas tree? Use our Christmas Tree Lights Calculator to estimate how many extra light strings you’ll need.

Christmas Tree Lights Calculator
Click to calculate the number of bulbs you need.

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

A shimmering pre-lit silver Christmas tree by Treetopia

A silver tree shines on its own. If the space you’re decorating has a lot of vintage frills and colors to begin with, choose an unlit tree to balance the overall look. Or, choose a pre-lit Christmas tree with clear lights like the Tinkerbell Silver Christmas tree to enhance the shine of tinsel.

How to Decorate a Silver Christmas Tree for Other Occasions

Make any day or celebration special with extra shimmer! Keep your silver tree up all year round and simply change up the ornaments to match the celebration. Here are some ideas from our creative friends.

Bling in the New Year

Silver New Year-themed tree with colorful banners and fireworks-inspired ornaments
New Year Décor by Jennifer Perkins

Replicate a fireworks display with your silver tree décor to welcome the New Year with a blast of sparkle and colors. It makes for an inspiring backdrop, especially when you’re having a vision board party

Shine for Valentine’s Day

Unique red and pink ornaments on a silver Valentine's Day tree
Valentine’s Day Décor by Jennifer Perkins

Design a Valentine’s Day-themed tree that will make your heart skip a beat! Red and pink are foolproof combinations for this romantic holiday. If you want to go the edgier route, pair red hearts with sleek black ribbon.

Add Sweets and Sparkles for Christmas in July

Whimsical and summer-inspired ideas for decorating a silver Christmas tree
Ice Cream Theme by Inspired by Charm

Sundae cone-shaped ornaments take center stage in many summer-themed or Christmas in July trees. Tie the sweet look together with a thick candy-colored ribbon. Think cute and whimsical!

Light Up Other Holidays

Silver tree as a dazzling centerpiece for year-round celebrations like National Donut Day
Donut Day Décor by Jennifer Perkins

Decorate a silver Christmas tree for special occasions like birthdays. Use mini balloons to make it party-ready. Roll out the stars and red, blue, and white stripes for the Fourth of July. Have fun crafting themed ornaments for other random celebrations you love, too. Here’s one by Jennifer Perkins for National Donut Day.

Howl & Glow on Halloween

Black and silver ombre Christmas tree with Halloween ornaments
Mad Scientist Tree by Crafty Lumberjacks
Black and silver ombre tree decorated for Halloween
Horror Movie Tree by Crafty Lumberjacks

Transform your silver tree into a Halloween masterpiece! Craft ornaments according to your theme, and make sure the fun doesn’t stop there. Besides the creepy ornaments and tree topper, don’t forget to decorate the foot of your tree and area surrounding it. Your silver tree also serves as a backdrop for the perfect photo op.

Who says witches need to stick to black? Cook up a unique take on Halloween decorating with a silver tree. Gold ornaments and plenty of pumpkins surround this fab centerpiece by @halloweenhomemaker.

Whether it’s for the holidays or year-round celebrations, silver Christmas trees let your unique personality shine. Keep it bare and go for that vintage vibe or doll it up with all your prized ornaments. No matter what your style, just glow with it!

So how are you styling your silver Christmas tree? Sound off on the comments below and share these ideas with anyone who loves to shine, too!

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