There’s something about a white Christmas tree that stirs the imagination. We asked our friends to decorate a one of their choice for our White Tree Mystery Campaign. The decorated trees were then featured in each blogger’s site, along with a fun guessing game for their followers.

Check out these decorating possibilities for white Christmas trees dreamed up by these talented creatives.

Sky of 80 MPH Mom

white christmas tree with a red and teal motif
Photo Courtesy of 80 MPH Mom

Sky of Eighty MPH Mom chose a red, teal, and white motif for her mystery Christmas tree. The handbag aficionado and mother of two decorated her tree with matte red and teal balls, glittered snowflakes, “Joy” script ornaments, sparkling ribbons, including a ribbon tree topper. It was the darling of her academic library. Any guesses on what tree Sky picked? It’s the Sparkling White Christmas Tree

Donni of The Magic Onions

felted ornaments on a white christmas tre
Photo Courtesy of The Magic Onions

Donni, entrepreneur and founder of The Magic Onions, infused her tree with an extra burst of Christmas magic. She decorated it with needle felted owls, birds, toadstools, flowers, acorns, and woodland ornaments, These colorful handmade decorations really stood out against the white background. The texture of the felt went well with her tree’s flocked foliage. Check out her blog post to learn more.

Do you know which tree Donnie decorated? It’s the Frozen Fir flocked Christmas tree.

Sarah of One Savvy Mom

snowman white christmas tree
Photo Courtesy of One Savvy Mom

Sarah’s whimsical Snowman Christmas tree had us charmed the moment we saw it. We especially loved the gentlemanly top hat and the sparkling snowflake ornaments sprinkled around her snowman’s sleek body. Sarah, the founder and editor of One Savvy Mom, crafted most of the decorations on this extra slim white tree!

Do you already know which tree this savvy mom decorated? It’s the Skim Milk White pencil tree.

Molly of Awfully Big Adventure

colorful ornaments on a white christmas tree
Photo Courtesy of Awfully Big Adventure

Molly of Awfully Big Adventure decorated her first ever white Christmas tree with an eclectic combination of ornaments—from fresh rosemary sprigs and natural pine cones to a wooden bead garland and dainty cowboy hat topper in gold. Her living room centerpiece with hand-me-down ornaments proves that it only takes a little creativity to turn a white tree into something magical!

Any clue which Christmas tree she decorated? It’s the Basics – White Tree.

A big thank you to all our blogger partners who participated in the Mystery White Christmas Tree Giveaway. For the best artificial white Christmas trees, be sure to visit Treetopia and create your own magical centerpiece.

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