It’s the most frightfully fun time of the year! Many choose to dress up their homes with creepy ornaments for this season. On the other hand, if you like to walk on the glam side, who says you can’t celebrate with sophisticated Halloween tree decorations?

Photo of a Halloween tree decoration idea featuring a pretty pink artificial tree, pumpkins, and other fall decor
Photo and Décor by Ann Shen

In this post, we show you the classy-sassy side of October the 31st. Whatever look you’re going for this Halloween, it all starts with the tree. Treetopia offers a variety of green or colorful ones to suit your decorating style. Select from stunning black and orange Halloween centerpieces that come in various shapes and sizes.

Think beyond Halloween and Christmas. Check out all our green and colorful artificial Christmas trees to jazz up your celebrations all year round. Go with a color, silhouette, and lighting option that suits your unique vision.

By all means decorate with the traditional icons of the season. Check out the Halloween tree decoration ideas below to put an elegant spin on the classics:

1. Be Bold with Black and White Halloween Decor

Paint your pumpkins black and white like these ornaments by Heather Thoming of Whipperberry. She decorated her white artificial tree with these striped gourds and other black and white Halloween décor like fox masks and black feathers. Try adding accents like copper-colored apothecary jars for more visual interest.

Wrap your black tree in a white garland. This is already a stunning statement in itself. Then, add crystal balls or neutral-toned glass ornaments. Take it from @vickiehowell and top it with a skeleton striking a yoga pose.

2. Make a Fall-oween Tree

Fall-themed Halloween tree by Craft-o-Maniac
Photo and Décor by Craft-o-Maniac

Worried about losing your white Halloween tree in a white room? No problem. Make it pop with decorations in vibrant fall hues. Draw eyes with a tree topper made from a bouquet of autumn leaves and miniature pumpkins like this stunner by Jennie Larsen of Craft-o-Maniac. Use small ornaments, so they don’t steal the show.

Another way to get the fall vibe going is with big Halloween tree decorations in earth tones. Fotini Roman of Farmhouse Chic Blog brought out mini brown brooms for her pre-lit tree. Take cues from her design and stick to a muted palette by using black and white Halloween décor or accents.

3. Play Up the Pumpkin Color Palette

Traditional Christmas tree with classic Halloween decorations by 100 Directions
Photo and Décor by 100 Directions

Nothing says Halloween quite like pumpkin orange, which is usually paired with black. Jen Goode of 100 Directions used this classic color palette to decorate her green artificial Christmas tree. She also surrounded it with jack-o-lanterns to complete the look.

Complement the orange and black palette with jewel tones like emerald and teal. Check out these DIY Halloween tree decorations by Miranda of Spooky Little Halloween. She crafted ornaments with bolts as a nod to Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein. For her garland, she transformed book pages into a paper chain.

You don’t have to stick to matte shades either. Add some shimmer to your Halloween tree with bronze-colored ornaments and throw in dark orange tinsel for extra shine.

4. Choose Chic and Rustic Over Creepy Halloween Tree Decorations

Who needs frightening ghouls and ghosts to set an eerie scene? Elevate this look with vintage banners and Halloween icons like the moons on @mckenzieryan‘s classic green tree and garland.

Gather around a campfire-themed Christmas tree and exchange ghost stories. Draw inspiration from forest flora and fauna to create rustic ornaments for your tree. Don’t forget the s’mores like the tree picks on this design by @chatfieldcourt.

5. Give Halloween a Glow-over with Gold

All you need are two kinds of decorations to make a pre-lit gold Christmas tree Halloween-ready: white mesh fabric and bat cutouts. Let this enchanting tree and table setting by Sarah Lemp of @purposeblog inspire you.

Halloween tree decorations on twin ombre centerpieces
Photo and décor by Jennifer Perkins

6. Pick Pink and Polished Decorations

Who says pink can’t be a Halloween hue? This bewitching tree by Ann Shen begs to differ. Cast a magical spell on your pink Christmas tree and transform it into a “Glam-oween” statement piece.

Give your living room a charming makeover by pairing bubble gum pink hues with black and white Halloween decor. Jennifer Perkins mixed playful stripe patterns with the pastel-colored foliage. This is proof that sophistication and fun can go hand-in-hand.

7. Show Off Your Sophisticated Skulls

Contrary to popular belief, skulls and skeletons don’t have to be ghastly. Spray on silver or gold paint to take them from dreadful to dazzling. The fabulous Andrew and Dennis of Crafty Lumberjacks studded their psychic-themed purple tree with stars, mini Ouija boards, and tarot cards.

Here, Natalie Shaw of Doodlecraft paired somber skulls with metallic ornaments. Gold tassels and pumpkins, and a raven tree topper make this a scene straight out of classic horror tale. If you have a bright tree like this blue one, tone things down with decorations in dark neutrals like a garland made from black net fabric.

Papel picado Halloween decorations
Photo and Décor by Lia Griffith

Another way to incorporate skulls into your sophisticated design is by going with a Day of the Dead theme. Lia Griffith used white frosted paper to cut out the skull patterns, as well as the traditional Dia de los Muertos papel picado banners. Complete the Mexican motif with colorful faux flowers and a tree topper that would make Frida Kahlo proud.

8. Get Ready, it’s Showtime!

A big part of this holiday is playing dress up. Match your party décor to your Halloween costumes. Pick your favorite television series, movie, or play as a theme. For instance, this elegant tree by Yami of The Latina Next Door is inspired by the Phantom of the Opera.

A tree in honor of your favorite television show would perfect for Halloween, especially if you’re hosting a costume party. Get inspired by this Game of Thrones-inspired tree by Jennifer Perkins. There’s no getting over one of the most sensational series in recent history!

Bonus tip: Pair your Halloween tree with a wreath, garland, or both! Here are a few creative ideas to try:

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Which of these Halloween tree decoration ideas is your favorite? Sound off on the comments section below. If friends or family are planning a sophisticated Halloween makeover, share these tips to give them a hand.

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