The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house, yet one where comfort is essential. With smart decorating and the right fixtures, you can transform this personal space to give it a roomier look and feel. Learn how to maximize every inch of space with these small bathroom design ideas.

Optimize Shower Space

Maximize your small bathroom space with a corner shower stall; it takes up minimal floor area and adds legroom for storage and other fixtures. Another way to optimize shower space is to use sliding doors or remove doors altogether!

Save Space with Sleek Sinks

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A wall-mounted sink opens up floor space underneath. Utilize this extra room with a laundry hamper or a wired basket for cleaning supplies.

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This cylindrical sink frees up counter space that would have been completely taken up by a flat, rectangular sink. This design allows you to set down items like toiletries and dรฉcor without making it look cramped.

Expand the Bathroom with Mirrors

Using a mirror is a classic interior design technique that gives the illusion of extra space. Place a large mirror along one side of the wall and watch as it doubles the size of the room. Additionally, mirrors reflect artificial and natural light, so your bathroom appears brighter and less confined.

Create More Room with Compact Toilet Options

The hidden tank of a wall-mounted toilet allows you to open up a lot of floor area. Another great example of a space-saving toilet is a hatbox. This sleek and minimalist option eliminates the need for an exterior tank, greatly reducing the footprint of the toilet.

Get Smart with Shelves

The great thing about floating shelves is you can add them to your bathroom without having to remodel. Similar to these shelves from Blue Shades Interior, opt to install them on top of your toilet tank to add more storage to your bathroom without eating up any horizontal space.

Eliminate Clutter

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Eliminating clutter doesnโ€™t just relieve you of an eyesore; it also improves the ergonomics of your bathroom. Determine which items you regularly use and organize them for easy access. Then, put non-essentials in storage, and instantly feel the added arm and legroom. This doesn’t just apply to your bathroom, either. Check out our post on space-saving solutions for your bedroom for more ideas.

Make the most out of your available space with these small bathroom design ideas from Treetopia.

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