Spine-chilling horror movies have been around since the first, Le Manoir du Diable, was produced in 1896. The silver screen has spawned many iconic villains since then, each one as hair-raising as the last.

Horror movies and villains by state

Since the spooky season is approaching, it got us thinking about the best horror movies set in each state. Which is the most liked horror movie? Who is the best horror movie villain? To find answers, we bravely explored the deepest, darkest places of the Internet for the scariest horror films by state. Check out which ones made it to the top.

Tip: For horror movie lovers who live and breathe fear, why stop at watching? Take your fan status to the next level and decorate your home as tribute to your favorite thriller. Keep reading for chilling decorating ideas.

What’s the most popular horror movie?

Map of top horror film set in each state

No surprises, but Texas’s fan-favorite movie is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. With the state’s name in the title, it has to be, right? And you must be wondering, “Is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre based on a true story?” Contrary to popular belief, it’s not. Gunnar Hansen, the actor who played Leatherface, tells Esquire that the events in the movie didn’t really happen. His character is loosely inspired by a notorious killer in the 1950s, but that’s about it.

Alaska’s favorite is 30 Days of Night, which is no shocker. The plot really drives the stake home as it plays out during Alaska’s month-long period of darkness. Let’s hope real-life vampires don’t come out and ravage residents this year!

Georgia is staying true to country music with Deliverance as its top horror movie. If you’re ever in Georgia and see a young boy with a banjo, run the opposite way just in case!

Who is the most famous horror villain?

Map of most popular horror movies villain by state

Villains take horror movies from scary to downright chilling. Ghosts, aliens, monsters, vampires, and psychopaths star in these fan-favorite horror movies. So keep your screams coming with the most popular horror villains by state.

Regionally, human baddies dominate the West, South, and Northeast regions of America. Meanwhile, in the Northwest, aliens and ghosts tie for the most popular movie villain. That said, fans say human psychopaths are the most terrifying of all. They took first place in a whopping 18 states.

Graphic of most popular horror movies villain types

Coming in second, we have spooky ghosts in seven states. Evil extraterrestrials, demons, monsters, vampires, and zombies are tied for third place in five states. Coming in dead last in just one state are sharks. Yes, Jaws is a horror film.

So there you have it. Out of all these horror movies, humans are the most feared villains. If there’s a horror film with the state’s name in the title, you can be sure it’s the fan-favorite—looking at you Texas and Idaho!

Chilling Halloween Trees Inspired by Horror Movies

We at Treetopia are big fans of Halloween. In fact, we have a tree collection to prove it.

And if you’re looking for Halloween décor ideas inspied by horror movies, we’ve got those too. Check out these fa-boo-lous trees from talented creators.

Treasure Trove: Classic Horror Movies Tree

Like the Crafty Lumberjacks, pay tribute to your old school favorites. They decorated an ombré Christmas tree with ornaments inspired by an abandoned movie theatre.

Genius props include a skull usher and rats, tickets for garlands, and a film projector tree topper. Of course, DVDs of classic horror movies as decorations deserve star credits. Can you spot The Body Snatcher, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and The Mummy?

Cutting Edge: Slasher Film-inspired Tree

Here’s some inspiration from a fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th. Ashlyn Tejada decorated a black tree using her favorite slasher movies as inspiration.

Those scary good ornaments? She made them herself! The leather mask, striped shirt with bloody knives, and a hat make her tree drop dead gorgeous.

Need more visual inspiration? Here’s the trailer of the 2003 film, Freddy vs. Jason.

Bestseller Turned Blockbuster: Horror Book Adaptations for the Silver Screen

It’s no secret that some of the most popular horror movies today are based on books. Whichever medium you like better, these stories make hauntingly good inspiration for Halloween trees. Here are some examples:

Sleepy Hollow Tree

Headless Horseman Halloween tree
The Halloween Collector’s Sleepy Hollow Tree

Try not to lose your head over it, but this Halloween display is the stuff of (beautiful) nightmares. Skeleton ornaments? Check. Spiders, cobwebs, and pumpkins? You got it. But it’s the headless horseman that takes it to the next level. A table centerpiece complements the hand-painted tree ornaments. The mural in the back ties everything together.

If you want to replicate this scene, take notes from the Sleepy Hollow (1999) trailer, too.

Bram Stoker’s Dracula Tree

This gothic tree by Monstergaard Manor is inspired by Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The black bats, cape, and coffins make it eerie. Meanwhile, the purple rosettes and the tree’s red lights and foliage give it a hint of romance.

Get a quick refresher on this cult classic by watching the trailer of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992).

Frankenstein Tree

Turn your foyer into a Halloween attraction with a Frankenstein-inspired tree. Spooky Little Halloween decorated her pencil Christmas tree with bolted Christmas ornaments. To complete the look, she wrapped paper chain garlands around the tree and used a lightning bolt tree topper.

Revisit the misunderstood monster’s story in this 1994 trailer of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.

Creepy but Cute: Kid-friendly Horror

This is one for the kids! Let them enjoy a Halloween tree inspired by The Little Shop of Horrors. Use vibrant colors and make ornaments that aren’t just creepy. They’re cute, too!

Twinkie Chan brightened her dark tree with purple and green ornaments. She used paper mache for the Audrey heads and added faux green vines for garlands. Overall, it’s creepy Halloween décor, but even younger kids will like it.

If all this horror movie talk got you psyched for more creepy content, then why not discover your inner monster? Take our Halloween Monsters Quiz to find out which scary creature screams “you.”

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What horror movie is your favorite? Whether it’s a classic or not, wishing you a happy—and haunted—Halloween! All treats and no tricks from us at Treetopia.

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