Many people consider Christmas to be the most wonderful time of the year. But, it’s September through November that excite those of us who love crisp weather and pumpkin spice splendor. The fall months inspire us to decorate orange, yellow, and even red or brown Christmas trees with as much creativity as our imagination allows.

how to decorate fall christmas trees

Fall has an incredible variety of themes to choose from. September ushers in the season with Back to School. October is for Halloween and all things fun and creepy. November is the perfect time to show our gratitude for a good year. To help you celebrate, we put together decorating ideas from our friends to inspire your fall Christmas trees!

Skipping into September

Crisp breezes and the scent of leaves herald in the fall season. For many of us, that means an end to the carefree, lazy days of summer. It’s a return to the structure and consistency of a new school year. It’s also a time for roaring fireplaces, burning cinnamon aromas, and pumpkin recipes.

Decorate orange, yellow, or red Christmas trees with one of these themes, and give it your own twist!

1. Back to School Classics

back to school pencil tree fall decorating ideas
Image and décor by Jennifer Perkins

Start with a tree in your preferred fall color then spice it up with school art! Crayons, markers, paintbrushes, chalkboards, and refrigerator magnets make fun ornaments. This will get the whole family excited about going back to school.

Pantone’s Galaxy Blue and Chili Pepper are a deep, rich blue and a spicy red, respectively. They are perfect for ringing in September, as your little ones prepare for school.

Back to school wreath fall decorating idea
Image and wreath décor by Jennifer Perkins

Or, decorate a wreath with an educational theme like Jennifer Perkins. Fun fall decorations will get your kids in the mood for the Back to School rush!

2. Bring on the Fall Festivities!

three fall Christmas trees
Image and décor by Jennifer Perkins

If no one in your house is prepping for their next year of education, welcome the season with a vignette of fall Christmas trees. The season lets you blend rich reds with browns, yellows, and oranges. Set your home up for a beautiful display of autumn shades.

Decorate your trees with ornaments in Pantone’s Biking Red, a deep hue reminiscent of maroon. Offset this shade with trim in a pastel color like Crème de Pêche. Then, group them together like Jennifer Perkins did.

From Apples to Zombies in October

October is a unique month for decorating. This goes for creepy horror-themed goodies, classic cinnamon broomsticks, and apple pies.

Check out these imaginative and thrilling Christmas tree decorating themes to inspire you!

1. DIY Halloween Fun

It doesn’t matter if you want to go wild with your Halloween decor or keep things eerie. The choice is yours and there are so many DIY ideas out there that you won’t run out of options!

candy corn tree fall decorating ideas
Image and décor by Jennifer Perkins

From creepy ghosts and skulls to DIY candy corn trees, there’s an adventure waiting when you start decorating for Halloween!

balloons and disco balls fall tree decor
Image and décor by Kara Whitten

Use a fun orange tree as the perfect background for ornaments in pinks and yellows like Kara of A Kailo Chic Life. Her tree is a fun take on a Halloween theme enhanced with disco. Even the little ones will love it.

DIY fall tree ornaments for Halloween
DIY Ornaments by our crafty friends

If ghoulish ghosts and creepy clowns are more to your taste, you might like some of these DIY projects. Learn how to make eye-popping skulls, creepy film-inspired ornaments, and more for your Halloween tree.

2. Spicing Up October with Variety

Fall tree decor on an orange Christmas tree
Image and fall tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

Fall is the time of year when spices go into recipes. Their scent fills up homes in the form of candles and air fresheners. Doesn’t walking into stores selling cinnamon broomsticks thrill your senses? Use these same scents in their tangible forms to decorate your fall Christmas trees and get that “spicy” effect.

Pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon are go-to spices for fall. Use them as Christmas tree ornaments or spray your room with their fragrance.

ornaments for fall tree decorating ideas
Image and DIY decorations by Jennifer Perkins

Check out this classic October theme by Jennifer Perkins. She decorated an orange Christmas tree with a mix of fall-inspired acorn, leaves, and pine cone ornaments. She used sections from her collection of vintage afghans as decorations by placing them in embroidery hoops. Her tip: “Put your afghan into the hoops before cutting to avoid unraveling.” Don’t you smell fall’s crisp fresh air when you look at her tree?

Create the cinnamon effect with a mix of ornaments in a deep brown like Rocky Road and a brown-red like Sugar Almond. Add apple red and pumpkin orange shades and you have a tree that makes your senses scream, “Fall!”

Thankful for November

The tail end of fall takes us into the month where we give thanks for our blessings. Here are ideas for imaginative and colorful fall Christmas trees that express gratitude:

1. Grateful for Fall

cheerful accents as fall decorating ideas
Image and fall tree décor by Kara Whitten

When you love fall, let it show in your tree decor. Kara of A Kailo Chic Life explains how to let your passion for the season guide you in decorating your tree.

2. Thankful for Your Favorite Things

Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree decorated Jennifer Perkins for Fall
Image and tree décor by Jennifer Perkins

You can go the traditional cornucopia route and decorate your tree as you would a fall harvest meal. Or, enhance your fall Christmas tree with things that make you happy or grateful.

DIY ornaments on the Treetopia Basics Yellow Tree decorated Jennifer Perkins for Fall
Image and DIY decorations by Jennifer Perkins

This decorating theme by Jennifer Perkins is an example of how to spice up a yellow tree with feel-good things. She decorated her tree with flowers, succulents, yarn wrapped pumpkins, mesh, and garlands.

If fall is your favorite time of year to decorate then share this post with others who do, too. Do you have a special tree decorating theme for fall? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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