Treetopia’s Rolling Tree Storage Bag

“Where do you put it all?” is one of the number one questions I get asked after every holiday. Well, it all goes in my attic; I have all the holidays separated by color and section. Ornaments can go in bins, I have cases for my wreaths, but my trees often just sit in the attic covered with sheets. Now that I have upgraded to Treetopia trees I want to protect these beautiful babies with something more solid than an old sheet. This is when I got my first tree bag.

Red, sturdy, spacious, and has wheels: no, it’s not an SUV. It’s Treetopia’s Rolling Tree Storage Bag.

Tree bags are awesome. They are giant, sturdy, on wheels, have handles, and even have compression straps inside the bag to make sure your tree is snug as a bug. What is not to love? Sure, keeping the cardboard boxes the trees came in is great for a few years, but I speak from experience when I say they eventually start to break down. These bags will withstand a lot more than cardboard.

Moment of Truth: Will it fit??

There is a certain system for getting your tree in the bag just right, which the instructions clearly illustrate. First you take off your decorations (duh), disassemble, and then compress your sections. One side of the bag is larger than the other. You put your largest tree section in the bag first. Next, you put the second tree section in on the opposite side. Last, you put in the top section and tree stand. Fasten the seat belts and head for the attic, garage or closet.

Not even close! There was still enough room to fit in several tabletop trees!

My bag was actually large enough that I snuck in several smaller tabletop trees along with my large tree. The bag is long but narrow so my husband and I were able to get it up into our attic. The nice thing about these bags is that they can lay flat or stand upright to free up valuable real estate in the attic for more holiday decorations!

Is it just me or does our attic seem more spacious?

I’m a believer in the tree bag and you should be, too. Now I just need 3 more!

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