Let’s admit it. Picking out and decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most exciting highlights of the season. It’s a great chance to get creative and inject your signature style into every detail. However, before you jump into buying that tree you’ve been eyeing, consider this. Make sure it fits where you’re planning to put it. Here’s our Christmas tree height guide for picking the perfect size for your spaces.

What Christmas Tree Height Works Where

The All-around: 4 to 5 feet Christmas trees

An orange Christmas tree height of 4 feet
Tabletop orange tree decorated by Jennifer Perkins

Christmas trees with a height range of four to five feet are perfect accents for areas with limited space. This size is a popular choice for dorm rooms and studio apartments. They can be easily placed on top of a coffee table, a kitchen countertop, or tucked into a corner. Get creative your tree’s lights and ornaments, and also the platform where it stands. Set it up on top of wooden crates, buckets, a wicker basket, books, or vintage candy tins for a charming display.

A Christmas tree height of 5 feet with a toddler
A toddler’s room decorated with a 5 feet pink tree

If you already have a Christmas tree and want miniature versions for other areas, then this size is perfect. Add this to a guest bedroom, cozy reading nook, or even your porch or patio. Put one tree in the kids’ room and add to the fun by letting them decorate it. This height range is versatile enough to be used all year round to liven up halls and entryways.

These Christmas tree sizes are also great for places other than home. It’s because they’re easy to lug around.  Deck one out for your camper or your boat. Place one in your office pantry or cubicle to bring holiday cheer to your co-workers. The possibilities are fun and endless! Despite their small size, four to five feet trees create a big design impact in small spaces. If you want more tips on decorating smaller areas for Christmas check out our post here.

The Best of Both Worlds: 6 to 6.5 feet trees

A Christmas tree height of 6.5 feet in a living room
A living room corner decked out with a 6.5 feet All That Glitters Christmas tree

Six to 6.5 feet trees are ideal for small homes and apartments with low to medium ceilings of seven to eight feet. They are just a bit shorter than the average indoor Christmas tree, but they own the look of a full one.

White pencil Christmas tree height of 6 feet in a dining room
This white pencil tree was tucked into a small corner of a dining area.

For tighter spaces where you can’t accommodate the width of a full tree, a slim or pencil one does the trick. For instance, Treetopia’s Skim Milk White Pencil Tree has a maximum width of 18 inches and literally fits in small corners. No major furniture rearrangement required with this space-saving solution!

The Average Joe: 7 to 7.5 feet trees

A 7 feet tree in a corner of a dining room
A 7 feet navy blue tree in the dining room.

Seven feet is the average height of a Christmas tree. It’s the most popular choice for medium-sized homes. This is ideal for spaces with standard ceilings of eight to 10 feet. Choose this as your main tree in your living room, foyer, and bedroom. Or, anywhere you want to enjoy a full Christmas tree in all its glory.

the 7 feet winter white with color blast lights
Our 7 feet Color Blast Winter White is a full and fun option.

Since this is the Christmas tree size that most people choose, narrow shape options are usually available. Check out full, slim, pencil, and flatback and corner tree options to see what works best for your space. A slim tree has lush foliage but a thinner profile than a full one. A pencil tree has the narrowest shape and fits into tight corners. Learn more about the pencil, slim, and full profiles in our post on Christmas tree shapes.

On the other hand, flatback and corner trees are flat on one side and full on the other. Easily lean one against the wall to create an illusion of a full tree that takes up only half the space. 

The Big League: 8 to 9 feet trees

A Christmas tree height of 9 feet in a high-ceiling living room
Trees 8 to 9 feet in height are perfect for maximizing high or vaulted ceilings like the Tuxedo Black Tree.

This particular Christmas tree height is ideal for larger spaces with higher than usual ceilings of about 10 to 11 feet. Don’t be shy. Make this tree your main attraction if you have a vaulted ceiling or extra vertical space available. Place it outdoors on your porch or patio as your statement holiday décor. The grander, the better!

A Christmas tree height of 9 feet in between the foyer and dining room
A 9 feet Addison Spruce placed in between the foyer and the dining room where it can be seen from the street.

Of Epic Proportions: 10 to 12 feet trees

A pencil Christmas tree height of 10 feet in a high-ceiling living room
A 10 feet pencil tree with a narrow profile

Create an awesome holiday display with 10 to 12 feet Christmas trees. This height range works for two-story foyers or living rooms, or even for outdoor spaces with high ceilings. Use trees in this size to create a major festive statement in public areas such as the office, commercial centers, churches, and more. Keep in mind that you’ll need a step ladder to decorate a tree as large as this.

Measure the Height and Width of Your Space

Measuring tape on wood

Before choosing your tree, we recommend measuring your tree topper, as well as the platform, if any. If you’re not sure what accessories you’ll be using, estimate their sizes and use these as your guide when choosing your Christmas tree height.

We want to make sure you get the right Christmas tree size for your holiday space. So, we came up with a step-by-step guide just for you:

1. Prepare Your Measuring Tools

Get your measurements right, especially when buying a Christmas tree online. It’s as simple as preparing the following:

  • A step ladder
  • Measuring tape
  • Pen and paper

2. Use the ladder to help you reach your ceiling

Measure the distance from the ceiling down to the floor. Subtract five inches from this number. This will be the maximum height limit of your tree, including all the accessories such as the topper and the stand.

3. Get the total width of the space

Measure the width of the floor area that you plan to allot for the tree. Subtract a foot from this number.

4. Measure the available length

In that same space you allotted, measure the length of the floor area. Again, subtract a foot from this number.

5. Calculate the total square footage

Multiply the width with the length of the floor area to get the total square footage that you have available for your tree.

6. Keep these important measurements top of mind

  • Ceiling clearance – There should be a minimum of six inches between the ceiling and the highest point of the tree topper. Give your tree some space to breathe.
  • Your area’s maximum vertical height
  • Height of tree topper plus the height of tree stand plus the height of the Christmas tree you’re planning to buy. Does it fit within your maximum height available?
  • Tree width – The widest point of the tree is a good guide in choosing whether to go for a full, slim, pencil, or a flatback profile. Make sure that this number does not exceed the total square footage allowance that you have available for your tree.

Share our Christmas tree size guide with friends and family to help them land the colorful or classic green artificial Christmas tree of their dreams. Happy shopping!

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