Get your creative juices pumping by transforming common thrift shop items into awesome Christmas décor.

You don’t need expensive items to make your home gorgeous. Use thrift store-bought items to reinvent what you currently have in your storage. Check out some of these ideas.


There will always be used books in thrift shops, but not all of them are still in good shape. Get the shop owner to give you a bargain on the less readable books, and turn them into Christmas ornaments either by folding (origami) or by cutting them up.

Frames and Mirrors

Some other things you can use are old but lovely frames and mirrors. Instead of directly hanging your ornaments on the walls, separately, you can place small hooks and attach the ornaments to the frames and edges of the mirror, or create a new Christmas décor by putting together the ornaments you have and using the frames and mirrors as your canvas. You can also etch the mirror yourself according to your desired design.

Garlands and Feather Boas

There’s probably a garland or two you can cut up and use as base for your other ornaments and Christmas arrangements, but you can also use boas to achieve a fashionable Christmas look. You read that correctly: feather boas. If you find a white feather boa, simply add a few lights and white ornaments to get the white Christmas thing going!

Old Light Fixtures

If you find an old, nice light fixture that doesn’t work anymore, worry not. You can use that as Christmas décor instead. Just take out the bulb and wiring, and clean the frame and you’re halfway done. Then decide whether you’d like it to be a holder for ornaments or your new Christmas lantern. If it’s the latter, you can just stick a large Christmas candle in place of the light bulb, throw in non-flammable snow foam all around it to stabilize the candle and to add that Christmas vibe to the set-up.

Dishes and Glassware

You’ll most likely find dishes and glassware in thrift stores so this bit is easy to make if you wish to do it. You can use the plates as décor by designing them with etching cream or, if you have a really sharp porcelain or glass cutters, you can cut them up to your favorite Christmas shape, drill a small hole at the top and insert a string so you can hang them.

Another option is to etch the beautiful plain glassware with your favorite Christmas-themed design and just use them as they are normally used.

Clothing and Fabric

This part is a bit more exciting but it will also require some time, concentration and creativity from you. When you visit thrift shops, there will definitely be old clothes waiting to be reused. Instead of letting them collect more dust, take them home and cut them up to be your current ornaments’ “clothes.” You can use knitted sweaters and socks to wrap your Christmas balls in. Old jeans and colorful shirts add new flavor to your aging ornaments and that lovely little girls’ skirt may just be a fashionable skirt for your tree.

You can even combine these cut-up pieces to turn your Christmas ball into a Santa Claus ball!

Do you have other ideas your fellow readers can use? Please share them with us.

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