It’s the most wonderful time of the year and we’re here to prove why winter is the best season. There are plenty of unique experiences to look forward to—from waking up to a bed of snow on your lawn to enjoying a cup of cocoa by the fireplace. Read on for some winter trivia and a list of reasons to love the chilly season.

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When does winter start?

Winter solstice marks the beginning of the season. It usually falls on December 21 or 22. However, most people welcome the coldest season of the year as soon as the last week of November or at the start of December. And when does winter end? It usually draws to a close around the last week of February. Sometimes, it’s also at the beginning of March as temperatures start to drop.

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To you, what marks the first day of winter? Is it hearing Christmas carols at grocery stores? Seeing people in thicker coats out on the street? Or getting a hot beverage in red cups? Are you one of those people who put up a Christmas tree in November and bring the winter vibe indoors as early as possible?

Whatever it is, we’re sure that it brings a certain thrill that’s just unique compared to the other seasons. Below, we count down the reasons why winter is the best season:

1. It’s the best time to shop

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It’s no secret that the best deals of the year drop during winter. Grab holiday deals, clearance items on sale, New Year special offers, and more.

As holidays fast approach, big businesses and mom-and-pop shops hold their biggest sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For instance, check out Treetopia’s holiday deals and score the best prices on unique artificial Christmas trees.

Around this time, Christmas markets also pop up in winter festivals in major cities and small towns. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and look for unique items that you won’t find in online shops or malls otherwise.

2. Lots of winter holiday parties to attend (or host!)

As the end of the year approaches, there are plenty of winter holidays to look forward to. Let your hair down and pop that champagne bottle. Or showcase your hosting skills and throw the party of the year.

Whatever occasion you choose to celebrate, there’s a perfect Treetopia tree just for you. Check our pre-lit Hanukkah Tree with color-changing bulbs that stay clear, blue, or alternate between the two. Decorate with a tinsel tree, wreath, and garland that transition from Christmas to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Or consider a classic holiday centerpiece with a twist like the Color Blast Balsam Spruce Tree. It’s the traditional Christmas tree you’ve come to love but with LED lights in every color of the rainbow.

3. There’s no better time to give back

White Christmas tree with gifts and baby to show how gift giving is one of the reasons why winter is the best season
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No matter the season, there’s always a reason to spread joy in our own little ways. More so upon the arrival of the winter festivities (and year-end bonuses for some). For those who can, giving gifts is a great way to show you care. Whether you’re wrapping up presents for your loved ones or collecting donations for charity, there’s something about the holidays that make it the perfect season for giving back.

4. Reunions with family and friends

With everything that’s been going on, it’s easy to forget how a simple dinner with your loved ones can help you put things back in perspective. Now, more than ever, people are eager to head back to their hometowns and make up for lost time since the pandemic happened in 2020. You bet a lot are excited to bring back or make new winter traditions as a family.

Some have photo ops wearing matching ugly Christmas sweaters. Others go caroling around their neighborhood or open gifts around their tree on Christmas morning. It’s the perfect time to recharge and reconnect with your roots before facing another exciting new year. That’s more than enough reasons why winter is the best season!

5. Feast on yummy holiday eats

Many cherished holiday moments are centered on food, from eggnog to snickerdoodles to hot roasts. With winter comes unique flavors and a single bite of beloved holiday dishes can instantly put anyone in a cheerful spirit.

No matter where you’re from, food plays an important role in creating the perfect holiday experience. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that certain dishes and recipes have become beloved Christmas staples across the country. Occasionally, it’s fun to bring a new twist to your dinners, too. How about preparing a movie-themed spread this year?

6. Lots of winter activities to choose from

Spend your free time experiencing every winter event possible! From skiing in the slopes to ice skating at the park or even diving into subzero waters for charity, you won’t run out of fun winter outdoor activities to do. There’s only around three months a year to enjoy these, so better make the most of it.

Don’t feel like going outside? Stay cozy with holiday movies instead! Watch holiday rom-coms, tearjerkers, or family-friendly films. Or simply watch hockey. There’s plenty of choices to keep you entertained throughout the season.

7. One of our favorites: Putting up Christmas décor

Psychologists say that people who put up Christmas decorations early are happier. Deborah Serani, a psychologist and senior professor, confirms that the activity of Christmas decorating spikes the feel-good hormone dopamine. It’s a delightful way to keep the Ghost of Christmas Past away!

Keep up the merrymaking in your home with wonderful trees and Christmas décor. Aside from your holiday centerpiece, hang colorful wreaths and garlands to brighten your spaces. Don’t forget to string up lights for some sparkle. Feeling crafty? Make DIY holiday decorations with the help of our guide. Making them from scratch is a fun way to own the holidays.

Whether you’re spending winter with your family or with friends in the city, there are lots of reasons to love the season of Jack Frost. What else do you love about winter? Sound off in the comments! And share this post with your loved ones to start your winter activities right away.

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