It’s that time of the year to look for inspiration for sensational Christmas decorations. Do you want a change from last year’s traditional green and red theme? Consider a gold or silver metallic Christmas tree. Then take it to a new level with some chic decorations.

Glam Christmas decor for your metallic Christmas tree

Conceptualizing your glam Christmas décor is a breeze with these essential tips and decorating themes from the pros at Treetopia.

Pick a Metallic Tree That Matches Your Unique Personality

What’s your personal preference? Gold or silver? If you’re unsure, check out your wardrobe, accessories, and home furnishings. Let these make the decision for you.

  • gold metallic Christmas tree
    Gold Tinsel Christmas Tree

Think about where you’re going to put your tree, and whether the room’s color palette goes better with gold or silver. A gold metallic tree looks best in a roomful of warm tones like orange or pink. Or, deep tones like burgundy or dark blue. A silver one goes well with a room done up in neutrals like white, gray, or black.

silver glam christmas tree
Image and tree décor by Olivia of Baubles to Bubbles

Here’s one color tip that rules all. Ultimately, you are your own color wheel. If these color matches aren’t your thing then go with what speaks to your inner glam. It’s your Christmas so play by your rules.

Come Up with a Dream Theme and Make it Real with Ornaments

rustic glam Christmas decor on a gold tinsel Christmas tree
Rustic glam décor on a gold Christmas tree by Faith of Design Fixation

If you’re into the woodsy look, decorate a gold tinsel Christmas tree with rustic glam décor like Faith of Design Fixation. She used twigs and pinecones along with white snowflakes as decorations. The result? A shimmery and sophisticated take on a winter forest scene.

A silver metallic tree for a glam Christmas
Tracy of SunnyChicHome’s shining creation

Another decorating theme to try is something right out of a favorite fairy tale “The Snow Queen.” A silver Christmas tree fits the bill. Dress it up in blue, iridescent, and metallic ornaments. Tracy of SunnyChicHome pulls this look off with her showstopper of a tree. Look at how it sparkles in the dark.

Draw inspiration from your favorite things in the world. This will inject your personal style into your glam Christmas decor. Remember that you have a metallic Christmas tree to use as a canvas for instant pizzazz.

Don’t Forget the Trim and Accents

Wait a minute. It’s not over until you’ve added your finishing touches. A tree skirt, topper, and trimmings should be part of your glam Christmas package. Take a page out of Jennifer Perkins’ decorating theme for the Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel tree.

Vintage glam Christmas decor on a gold tinsel Christmas tree
Jennifer Perkins’ vintage glam tree.

Ribbons, garlands, and all that jazz are no exception. A tree topper, for instance, is like the cherry on top of your ice cream sundae. It can take the glam factor even higher for a metallic Christmas tree.

Whether they’re store-bought or a DIY creation, these accents make a big difference.

Let Your Metallic Christmas Tree Shine on its Own

A gold or silver artificial Christmas tree can do without the decorations. This is especially true for pre-lit ones you can find at Treetopia. Turn on the lights, and a star is born. If you’re pressed for time, then this option is your answer. You don’t have to worry about compromising your glam Christmas décor.

Ever heard of an ombre Christmas tree? It’s truly one-of-a-kind with color gradients of black and gold or silver. Dressed up or not, it’s a head-turner.

Here’s hoping this post helps your silver or gold tree shine even more for the holidays. Share it to spread some metallic holiday love. Have a glam Christmas!

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